Logs for November 2020

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69 logs posted for November 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
11/01 Morning To See Me Castle and Chess
Afternoon Aspect Ratio Elisabeth, Elliot, Geneva, Lance, Royce and Wright in absentia
Evening One Migraine Later Asi, Faulkner, Kaylee, Isabelle, Nicole, Nova, Yi-Min, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
11/02 Morning Someone Who Understands Caderina and Emily
Evening You, Me, KC? Ace and Odessa
11/03 Dawn Running Up That Hill Eve Distant Shores
Afternoon So You Got A Second Chance Faulkner and Seren
11/04 Early Evening Four Days Castle and Chess
11/05 Morning Strike the Shackles Chess and Eve
Afternoon Electrophysiology Nicole and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
Evening Career Night Delilah, Elisabeth, Finn, Joel, Kaylee, Peyton, Richard, Wright and more
Late Evening Could Do About Anything Aman and Odessa
Late Evening Change of Strategy Ace and Zachery
Late Night Guiding Star Aman and Odessa
11/06 Wee Hours Blinding Light Ace and Odessa
Morning Waking Up is Hard to Do Nicole and Zachery
11/07 Morning Negative Emotional Feedback Odessa and Richard
Night Like Batman Aman and Richard
11/08 Wee Hours Metastasis, Part I Gillian Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Metastasis, Part II Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Metastasis, Part III Aman and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Metastasis, Part IV Abby Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Metastasis, Part V Eizen and Kimiko Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Cancel This Fucking Day Abby, Elisabeth, and Richard Like Pygmalion
Wee Hours Saint Abigail Richard and… Distant Shores
Wee Hours Faces in the Fog Kay Onryō
Early Morning Waiting For News Aman, Asi, Brynn, Castle, Jac, Richard, and Toussaint Like Pygmalion
Early Morning Disorderly Emily and Zachery
Early Morning It's Got Me Thinking Castle, Kaylee, and Toussaint
Morning Visit From A Not-Daughter Emily and Nicole
Late Morning Metastasis, Part VI Harris, Strickland, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Signs of a Greater Issue Aman and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon I Know I'm One Kay and… Like Pygmalion
Evening Rest Easier Aman and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Night Keys to the City Kay Like Pygmalion
11/09 Morning Oversight Bright, Reeves, Richard, and Sera Distant Shores
11/11 Morning Trust and Falling Emily and Huruma
Evening Where There's Smoke Kain and Ling Like Pygmalion
11/12 Morning Take Us Back Dana, Richard and Robyn Distant Shores
Noon Brain Pains Dumortier and Zachery
11/13 Evening What Do We Do Now? Abby, Asi, Bright, Brynn, Castle, Daphne, Faulkner, Gabriella, Gillian, Jac, Kay, Kaylee, Nicole, Nova, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Late Evening Out of the Cage Ace, Gabriella, Gideon, Marie, Odessa, Richard, Robyn, and Tibby
Night Prompt Corner Ace, Gideon, Odessa, and Redd
11/14 Morning Uninvited Aman, Castle, and Faulkner
11/17 Afternoon From A to X Chel, Jac, and Pride Like Pygmalion
11/18 Morning Bloodborne Faulkner and Pride Like Pygmalion
Early Evening Building a Fantasy Ace and Odessa
11/20 Early Evening And So It Goes Seren
Evening Sake Session Asi, Chess, and Yi-Min
Night Out of the Way and Hard to Reach Angel, Cooper, Devon. Elliot, Seren and Ourania When Dreams Do Show
Late Night What Did I Say?! Cooper and Ellen
Late Night Surface Tension Ace and Odessa
Late Night Rue Times Two Elliot and Rue When Dreams Do Show
Through a Looking Glass Darkly
11/21 Morning Dream a Little Dream of Me Cooper, Devon, Elliot, Pride, and Seren When Dreams Do Show
Late Afternoon Signed in Blood Asi, Kaylee, and Pride Like Pygmalion
11/22 Midday An Unexpected Conversation Chess and Kaylee
Late Afternoon The Offer to Help Rue and Seren
Evening Synchronicity Castle and Chess
11/24 Evening Safe Ace and Odessa
Evening Sensations Elliot and Rue Through a Looking Glass Darkly
11/26 Late Afternoon Season of Thanks/Season of Grief Asi, Avi, Devon, Elliot, Francis, Huruma, Marthe, Megan, Rue, Scott, and Wright
Night Kansas City Confidential Ace ???
11/27 Morning The Real Ones Asi and Devon
Night Ere I Forget Corbin, Finch, Megan, and Nick When Dreams Do Show
11/30 Morning Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Finch and Nova
Late Morning Sandman, Part I Archer and Iov Like Pygmalion
Noon The Other Rue Devon and Elliot Through a Looking Glass Darkly
From To Title Participants Storyline
10/20 01/21 Help Me Cope Emily and Everleigh
11/09 01/20 I'm Not Here Kay and Kravid Like Pygmalion
11/25 11/28 Thanksgiving Vacation Ace, Jac, and Odessa
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