Logs for October 2008

198 logs posted for October 2008.

Date Title Participants
10/01 Speculation Claudine and Peter
Like A Party Game? Cat and Helena
Life Is But A Walking Shadow Eve and ????
Changing Faces Bryan, Peter, and Sylar
All You Have to Do Is Ask Bob and Peter
10/02 Favors Brett and Colette
Unmistakable Identity Alexander and Peter
Keeping The Faith Alexander and Helena
Truth in the Reflection Jessica and Peter
10/03 Cruel To Be Kind Gwendolyn, Niki, Jessica, and Peter
A Meeting Of Minds Claudine, Gwendolyn, Niki, and Peter
Mind's Eye Claudine, Niki, Jessica, and Gina
10/04 Death and the Maiden Helena and Kazimir
A Corpse of Interest Judah and Zachery
I Know What I Saw Cameron, Eve and Helena
Dangerous Waters Judah
To Fool an Inquisition Amato, Kazimir, Munin and Tamara
10/05 Brainwashed Is As Brainwashed Does Claude and Helena
Pigeons in the Park Claudine, Isabelle and Munin
Nice to Meet You, Again Matt and Peter
A Poisoned Morsel Sylar and Tamara
10/06 Fear No Evil Gillian, Mack, Samir, Simon and Trask
It's Only A Flesh Wound Helena and Trask
Damaged Goods Eve and Sylar
A Sylar On The Roof Alexander, Helena, and Sylar
10/07 Holding Hands Sylar and Gillian
The Cliff Notes Version Judah
Evil Preppy Young Republican Claire, Hana, and Helena
Open Door Policy Bryan, Niki, and Peter
Just a Handshake Amato and Gillian
Quiet as the... Odessa and Sylar
The Power of a Name Amato and Kazimir
Bloody Hands, Clean Feet Bryan and Odessa
10/08 A Possible Lead Amato, Felix, Judah and Kaydence Lee
302 Briarwood Terrace Amato, Felix, Kaydence Lee, Kazimir and Munin
Guilt and Innocence Amato and Kazimir
Horn Rimmed Glasses Magic Eight Ball Alexander, Bennet, Eve and Helena
Classified Trust Issues Bryan, Claudine, Niki and Odessa
Vertigo Bombshells Bryan and Odessa
New York's Full Of Weirdos Claude and Sylar
10/09 Two of a Kind Niki and Peter
Matthew 21:22 Amato and Kaydence Lee
Antivirus Gillian, Simon, and Trask
10/10 Accelerant Cat, Gillian, Helena, and Peter
Keep You Away? Cat and Danielle
When Gillian Met Gabriel Gillian and Sylar
It Is What It Is Cat, Danielle, Helena, and Peter
10/12 Now an Errand Girl Claudine and Sabra
Big Rumble in Little Harlem Simon and Teo
St. Luke Blues Felix and Judah
Puzzles and Pretty Girls Niki and Sylar
Agent Claudine and Peter
Personal Taxi Cab Gillian and Kent
10/13 A Teaspoon And An Open Mind Gwendolyn and Niki
Natural History Meets Evolution Eve and Teo
Her Eyes Are Shining Danielle and Zoe
It's All Relative Bryan, Gwendolyn, Odessa and Sabra
10/14 The Best Suggestion Bryan and Sabra
Not Ever Colette, Felix and Judah
Simon and Sissy-Poo Mallory and Simon
She's Got A Cat Danielle, Kain, and Zoe
Unlikely Housemates Alexander, Helena, and Teo
10/15 One Must Ask Odessa and Sabra
An Old Friend Paul and Simon
As Safe A Place As Any Felix and Munin
And Jesus Brought A Soapbox Alexander, Brian, Diego, Helena, Isabelle, Mallory, and Teo
Are You...? Kent and Tamara
10/16 Out of the Jaws of Death Kazimir
Assignment Peter and Sabra
Harlem Hoops Simon, Mallory, and Teo
The Way to Dusty Death Cameron and Kazimir
We're Going To Give Them Miracles Alexander, Anselm, Cat, Eve, Helena, Jennifer, and Teo
SNAFU Alexander, Anselm, Brian, Cat, Eve, Helena and Teo
Not So Special Delivery Simon and Magnes
Lucidity Kazimir and Tamara
Then Pharaoh Called Amato, Felix, Judah and Kaydence Lee
So Little Time Helena and Peter
10/17 Bedside Manner Amato and Kazimir
Two For Tea Gwendolyn and Sabra
Reality Check-In Alexander, Helena, and Teo
Business as Usual Claudine and Peter
10/18 Schism Peter and Peter?
Don't Go Sharing Your Emotions Claude and Helena
We'll Be Okay Colette, Felix, Judah and Tamara
Phase Two Ethan and Kazimir
Cruelty in Kindness Amato, Ethan and Munin
An Informal Request Richard and Sabra
Fiat Lux Alexander and Teo
Not A Pizza Person Brian, Huruma, Josh and Magnes
10/19 Mind The Gap adam, Alexander, Eve, Helena, Huruma, Teo, and Trask
Confessional Colette
Honey and Vinegar Sylar and Zachery
Sparring and Pizza Diego and Isabelle
Why Not? Odessa and Richard
10/20 Things Left Unasked Niki and Peter
Lunchtime In Little Italy Brian, Helena, Magnes, and Romero
There Are Better Ways To Get Into A Girl's Pants Alexander, Helena, and Romero
Concerning Miss Childs Amato and Ethan
Everyone Likes Freedom Gillian and Kent
What Do You Want? Colette and Felix
Bang, Not A Whimper Cat, Gillian, Kazimir, Kent, and Peter
Pinch Kaydence and Matt
The Edge of Reason Simon and Teo
Side Jobs Abby, Helena and Kain
Christmas Comes Early Abby, Alexander, and Helena
10/21 You Should Have Told Me Cat and Danielle
A Work in Progress Ethan and Munin
Normal Is As Normal Does Gillian and Sylar
Running Into Neighbors Colette and Gillian
Prescription Jazz Bryan, Odessa and Peter
Failure to Share Ethan, Josh, and Krystal
10/22 Waste Not Sylar and Zachery
Where The Wild Things Are Helena and Huruma
Fui Quod Sis Peter
Being Matt Parkman Kaydence, Matt and Peter
Unusual Pizza Delivery Krystal, Magnes and Simon
Vanity Fair Amato, Ethan and Madeline
Laundry Day Munin and Sylar
Runaway Orange Colette and Mallory
Normality Colette, Felix and Tamara
When You Least Expect It Kaito and Peter
The Midas Touch Peter
Me, Myself, and I Brian and Peter
That The Best You Got? Brian, Heather, and Trask
10/23 Forget Me Not Simon and Krystal
All That Glimmers Is Gold Colette and Munin
Paper Frogs Like Cottage Cheese dixon and Zoe
Alea Iacta Est, Part 1 adam and Kazimir
Alea Iacta Est, Part 2 Amato, Elias, Ethan, Kazimir, Munin, Sierra, and…
Join PARIAH, See The World Helena and Jennifer
Sloth Amato, Elias, Felix, Munin and Sylar
You Can Tell Me Anything Sylar and Munin
Trust The Midas Touch Abby, Alexander, Cat, Daniel, Helena, and Teo
Cages and Cobbler Odessa
10/24 Of Stars, Strays and Quadruplets Brian, Josh, Tamara and Ygraine
Mallory and McLovin Mallory and Simon
Nothing to Say Diego, Hana/Wireless, and Mallory
Black Holes And Revelations Helena and Trask
One Plus One Colette and Jennifer
Proposition Bennet, Hana and Helena
Pestilence Kazimir and Tamara
Like Father, Like Son Angela, Nathan, Peter
Recon at the Wench Heather and Trask
10/25 Changes Are Coming Helena and Peter
Reach Out And Touch Someone Hana and Helena
Girl Talk Abby, Cat and Helena
One Person At A Time Brian, Colette and Ygraine
Through a Mirror Darkly Colette, Felix, Tamara and Ygraine
Latin Lesson Amato, Ethan and Sylar
Ghosts Colette and Tamara
Trolls and Bridges Deckard, dixon and Kain
Casual Solace Eve and Teo
10/26 Our Right To Resist Helena, Mallory and Samir
Not Quite Clandestine Deckard and Felix
Rooftop Rendezvous Alexander, Cat and Helena
Cherry Cobbler Brian, Niki and Peter
Library Conversations Jennifer, Heather and Mallory
Petty Bribery Deckard, Felix and Mischa
What Do You Do With A Drunken Alex Abby, Alexander, Helena, and Teo
Sister Colette and Tamara
Everyone Is Here Ethan, Sierra and Wu-Long
10/27 We'll Be Seeing You Diego, Hana, and Helena
Uh-uh! Odessa and Peter
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Simon and Teo
Unsafe Madeline and Munin
Being Different Colette and Felix
Take No Prisoners Abby, Alexander, Teo, and Trask
I'm Here to Protect You Ethan, Wu-Long, and Gillian
10/28 Fingerpainted Memories Colette, Felix and Tamara
We Are PARIAH Amato, Ethan, and Gillian
Stranger Than... Bryan and Odessa
Hindsight Is 20/20 Cat and Danielle
Creepy McCreepster Mallory and Simon
Masquerade Ball I adam, Deckard, Huruma, Kain, Kaydence and Ygraine and Zoe
Masquerade Ball II Alexander, Angela, Anselm, Josh, Paul, Sierra, Simon, Wu-Long and Zoe
Masquerade Ball III Brian, dixon, Eve, Gladstone, Heather, Kazimir, Linderman and Zoe
Where The Pieces Fit Gillian, Sylar
10/29 Dayhawks Abby, Heather and Teo
Angels and Monsters Amato, Ethan, Munin and Wu-Long
From The Ashes Abby, Alexander, Cat, Claire, Erim, Helena, Jennifer, Karl, Melinda, Trask, Teo, and West
Hunter and Hunted Sylar and Felix
Guardian Angel Colette, Felix and Tamara
Between Devils Ethan and Sylar
Have Faith Ethan and Munin
Honeysuckle Deckard and Pam
10/30 Tu Fui Ego Eris Kazimir and Sylar
Strings Attached Gillian and Sylar
Vessel Amato and Kazimir
New Shoes Matt, Felix
Presidential Debate Mitchell, Petrelli and Rickham
An Uncertain Future Brian, Felix, Heather, Teo, Ygraine
A Dead Horse Alexander, Cat, Helena, and Teo
If You Had Been There Helena and Peter
Home Colette and Judah
Friendship Versus Survival Value Odessa and Sylar
10/31 Be Creative Deckard, Ethan, Sylar and Wu-Long
Pronouns Deckard and Felix
Reading Into Recovery Bryan and Elle
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss Alexander, Helena, and Teo
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