Logs for October 2009

372 logs posted for October 2009.

Date Time Title Participants
10/01 01:00 Hundreds of Hundreds Scotch, and Shard
Early Morning A Car Ride Adam and Christina
Early Morning Taking Liz For A Ride Alec and Elisabeth
Morning Junkie Meet Killer Diogenes, Lola and cameo by Elisabeth
Afternoon Retribution Is Not The Answer Abby and Magnes
Afternoon Did You Keep the Cuffs? Isis and Mack
Afternoon Autumn and Ashes Colette and Ygraine
Afternoon A Case Of Unmistaken Identity Cat, Helena and Hokuto
Afternoon Finding Munin Cat, Helena and Hokuto
Late Afternoon A Little Less PTSD Abby and Joseph
Early Evening Logan's Run Adam and Ash
Night I'm Just The One That Makes You Think Of The One Leonard and Teo
Night Back To Formalities Adam and Sabrina
Late Night Moonlight Hokuto and Tzigane
Late Night Could've Gone Better Deckard, Eileen, Lola and Magnes
Late Night The Earth Says To The Sky Eileen and Peter
Late Night Play Doctor Tomorrow Abby and Deckard
10/02 Early Morning Early Morning Confusion Adelaide, Devi, Kurt, Odessa and Wendy
Morning Terrible Mother, Errant Daughter Eileen and Mu-Qian
Morning Coming Out Of The Evo Closet Aude and Tracy
Morning Things Forsaken Deckard and Joseph
Morning I'm Telling Your Mom On You Elisabeth and Felix's Parents
Midday A Better Fit Kase and Logan
Afternoon Weighty Matters Magnes and Ygraine
Afternoon They're Going About It The Wrong Way Minea and Viviane
Late Afternoon A Game Of Smiles Nathan and Tracy
Evening On Being Late Colette and Ygraine
Evening Call 9-1-1 Jet and Len
Evening To Possess A Cowboy Jet, Len and Minea
Evening Ethics Of Drug Addiction Andrew, Kurt, Lola, Peyton and Wendy
Night Ink, Shadow, and Light Cardinal, Colette and Devi
Night In The Dark With A Girl Claire and Magnes
10/03 Sunrise Tisiphone Hana, Pratt and Teo
Morning No Names No Dates Andrew and Lola
Morning What You Have To Tell Yourself Joseph and Raquelle
Morning Trying To Think Straight Claire and Magnes
Morning And She Laughed Like A Hyena Cassidy and Coren
Midday Going To Ground Darla and Joseph
Afternoon Liberty, Fraternity After Flammability Carolina, Doyle, Jericho and Kaylee
Evening The British are Coming Kurt and Ygraine
Evening Just A Bunch Of Girls Cardinal, Claire, Elisabeth, Mack and Xiulan
Evening Who's Got The Button? Abby, Joseph and Leonard
Night Knives and Chemicals Adam, Ash and Logan
Night A Different Light Deckard, Felix and Teo
Night Under The Bed Eileen and Gabriel
10/04 Morning A Step in the Right Direction Eileen and Gabriel
Morning How Do You Survive The Guilt? Elisabeth and Felix
Afternoon Not As Awkward As You'd Expect Brian, Katherine and Veronica
Evening Again Bebe and Felix
Evening Rain and Speculation Kurt and Brooke
Evening Saving the Future Andrew, Abby, Buck, Delilah and Cardinal
Evening But We Remain, Touching A Wound Sal and Teo
Evening Conversation en Français Anton, Minea and Peyton
Night Michael's Landing Felix and Teo
10/05 Morning Logan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Adam, Ash, and Logan
Morning Questions and Coffee Kurt and Brooke
Morning Getting a Phone Number Andrew and Lola
Afternoon Mission Update Adam and Nicolas
Afternoon An Unlikely Visitor Diogenes and Lola
Afternoon Inverted Gillian and Hokuto
Late Afternoon Little Deaths and Bad Days Logan and Toru
Sunset Subject Numbers Cardinal and Jenn
Evening One Of Those Faces Delilah, Helena, and Kurt
Evening Dead Air, Not Clemency Leonard and Teo
Night Homeland Robots Have Hearts Minea and Scotch
Late Night Temperature Danko and Tracy
10/06 Morning Fire Recovery Alec and Elisabeth
Morning Got You Now, You Wascally Motherfucker Elisabeth and Tracy
Morning Someone To Be Proud Of Brooke and Kurt
Morning Goatee's Gone Len and Minea
Midmorning Midmorning Meeting Of The Minds Abby, Claire, Elisabeth and Maria
Afternoon Phone Calls From The Edge Adam, Cardinal, and Lola
Afternoon He's Just A Stranger Aaron and Jet
Late Afternoon His Plan Abby and Deckard
Late Afternoon Out of the Gallows Felix and Joseph
Late Afternoon For Yourself... Doyle, Kaylee and Peter
Evening Imagine All The People Danko and Sonny
Evening Late Lunch in the Park Jet and Kurt
Evening Everything's Peachy Aaron and Gillian
Evening In Pursuit Of Liberty Adam, Cardinal, Claire, Delilah, Doc, Helena, Magnes, Nicolas, Peyton, Risa, Shard, White
Evening Friends and Enemies Doc, Kris, Risa and White
Evening If I Hold You Instead Gillian and Aaron
Late Evening No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem Elisabeth and Len
Late Night Waterlogged Cardinal, Claire, and Shard
10/07 After Midnight A Touch Shard and Stef
Morning Duty and Conscience Kain and Lola
Early Afternoon I Want to Ride My... Kurt and Brooke
Early Afternoon In Every Conflict You Find Them Elisabeth and Magnes
Afternoon Up For It Deckard and Helena
Afternoon Muffins, Coffee, and the Evolved Jet and Adelaide
Afternoon "That Was Dumb." Len and Tracy
Late Afternoon Absit Omen Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Peter and Raith
Early Evening One Wears Black to Funerals Abby, Buck, Katherine, Raquelle and Veronica
Early Evening The Return Of John Doe Adam, Cassidy and Coren
Early Evening I'll Try My Best Cat and Magnes
Early Evening Birthday Dee-Lite Brian, Cat, Delilah, Helena, Joseph, Magnes, and Scotch
Early Evening Second Thoughts, Second Impressions Kain and Logan
Evening With A Bang, And A Whimper Minea and Teo
Evening Hybrid Deckard and Teo
Late Evening Puck'd Up Jet and Len
Late Night Behind Closed Eyes, Part I Bill and The Nightmare Man
Late Night Behind Closed Eyes, Part II Danko and The Nightmare Man
Late Night Traitor Anton
10/08 Morning Tantrum Caliban and Logan
Morning You Should Know Gabriel and Odessa
Morning The Job Market Cardinal, Jet, and Lola
Early Afternoon Marco... Polo! Cardinal and Elisabeth
13:03 An Allergy To Adam Monroe? Cat, Doyle, and Kaylee
Afternoon After Bear Season Veronica
Afternoon Slapping For The Greater Good Cat, Else, Gillian and Meredith
Afternoon Cups and Consequences Elisabeth and Hokuto
Evening The Glenn Beck Program Glenn Beck and Magnes
Evening Trust Falls Anton, Helena, and Teo
Evening Nuclear Trashcan Anton and Cardinal
Late Evening A Dollar Saved Eileen, Peter and Raith
Late Night If You Can Paint a Seahorse Joseph and Robin
10/09 Early Morning Opposites Do Not Attract Aude and Elisabeth
09:12 What's The Vanguard Up To, Monsieur? Anton and Cat
Morning They're Playing Our Song Diogenes and Lola
Afternoon Working Within The Rubble Elisabeth and Katherine
Afternoon The Lambs Belinda, Harlow and Peyton
13:38 I'm Not Here For The Book Abby and Cat
Late Afternoon The Watery Grave Carrie and Len with Elisabeth
Late Afternoon He Said, She Said Aude, Tamsine and Tommy
Early Evening Political Smiles Raphael and Tracy
Early Evening Thunderstruck Kain, Logan and Nicole
Evening Zero Sum R.Ajas and T.Monk
Evening Lessons Andrew and Adam
Evening There's An App For That Cardinal and Ethan
Night Mutual Exploitation, A Beautiful Thing Joseph and Teo
Night Vostro Leonard and Teo
Late Night An Early Christmas Adam and Brian
10/10 Early Morning Goodwill Towards... Elle and Peter
Early Morning A Spy From The French Government Cardinal and Cat
Noon Tried To Call Claire and Magnes
Afternoon Seeing By The Fireflies Colette and Molly
Afternoon No Need For Forgiveness Helena and Joseph
Late Afternoon A Common Enemy Liu, Hao-Tung and Zhao
Late Afternoon Deserving Eileen and Gabriel
Late Afternoon Brownies for Comfort Len and Tamsine
Evening Retribution Ash
Evening Just Cards Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Not A Social Visit Abby, Cardinal, and Kaylee
Night Everyone Except Abby and Deckard
10/11 Dawn Today I'm The Bug Elisabeth and Vincent
Early Morning Saggy Tits Deckard and Scotch
Morning An Inevitable Destination Joseph
Noon-ish Always With The Inappropriate Laughter Abby and Elisabeth
Afternoon Because You're Not Worth It Abby and Logan
Afternoon Of The Emperor Alia and Hokuto
Afternoon Give A Foot, Take A Mile Felix and Peter
Early Evening Peacocks and Percocet Logan and Wendy
Evening The Rainmakers Gillian, Helena, and McRae
Night Lup-O, Slush-O Eileen, Ethan and Raith
Night A Tea Party Brian and Diogenes
10/12 Dawn The Rest of the Story Elisabeth and Vincent
Morning Everything Is Always Alright For Jay Jay and Maxwell
Afternoon I Will Tremble A Prayer Elisabeth and Len
Afternoon Like A Magic Trick Bill, Danko, Doc, Helena, Wendy
Afternoon Black And White And Red All Over Helena v2 and Scotch
Afternoon Regime Cat and Jenn
Afternoon Where Is Helena Dean? Cat and Marilena
Afternoon Learning Curve Magnes and Vincent
Afternoon Go Fish Canfield, Shard and Stef
Afternoon Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology Bella, Kayla and Teo
Afternoon In the Back of a Van Brian and Peyton
Late Afternoon Before He Could Talk Linderman and Nathan
Late Afternoon Seeing Through Donovan and Elisabeth
Early Evening A More Honest World Cardinal and Gillian
Early Evening Above The Law Elisabeth and Logan
Early Evening Can You Erase The Past Few Days Too? Len and Xiulan
Evening Trip To The Mall Claire and Magnes
Evening He's A Sucker For Candy Bill and Candy
Evening Displacement Abby, Cat, Deckard and Marilena
Evening The Homeland Security Waltz Elisabeth and Len
Late Evening Orange Juice and TheraFlu Brian, Katherine and Veronica
10/13 Early Morning The Hate I Hate Believing Bill, Helena and Wendy
Morning Call Her Felicia Brian, Candy, Cat and Peyton
Early Afternoon Free Hokuto and Zachery
Afternoon Sharing The Plan Cat, Delilah, and Scotch
Afternoon You Had Hope Cat and Marilena
Afternoon No Easy Answers Elisabeth and Mack
Afternoon Move On Gillian and Peter
Evening Moral Compass Gabriel and Magnes
Evening Rollercoasters and Joy Kurt and Odessa
Evening Hold Back The Night Jericho and Peyton
Night Running in the Family Colette and Nicole
Night Feels Like Betrayal Cardinal, Kain and Lola
Night Six Letters, Unexpectedly from a Concealed Position Eileen, Ethan, Feng and Raith
Late Night Norman and the Colossus Doc, Risa and White
Late Night Friends With Lots of Benefits Shard and Robin
Late Night All Saints Gabriel, Kazimir, and Peter
10/14 Morning With A Map Colette and Nicole
Afternoon Catching Up Over Sushi Katherine and Thalia
Afternoon Nothing Personal Bella and Teo
Late Afternoon Brain Strain Brennan and Jay
Late Afternoon Between You and Me Caliban and Elisabeth
Late Afternoon A Mother's Love Angela, Kaylee and Peter
Early Evening I Got This Friend... Brennan and Kurt
Evening Eating Crow For Dinner Jet and Len
Evening The Rules of the Game Ash, Cardinal, and Jet
Late Evening Meeting At Greasy Spoon Kurt and Sparrow
Night Not Yoda Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Pull and Push Eileen and Gabriel
10/15 Morning Pushy Boys Len and Odessa
Morning Mary-Lou Slugger Cardinal, Kain and Lola
Noon The Irishman's Test Bill, Candy, and Helena
Afternoon All You Need Is Love Deckard and Joseph
Late Afternoon A Bloody Line Ash, Chester, Juliette, Ling, Magnes, Michael, Ruth, Sparrow, Tris
10/16 Early Morning Case Closed Coren and Elisabeth
Morning Are You That Sparrow Redhouse? Cat and Sparrow
Morning Single, Seeking Assistance Abby and Tracy
Morning A Bank Vault Candy and Cat
Early Afternoon Deal Jet and Len
Late Afternoon Wetwork Aviators, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Khalid, Raith and the Irishman
Evening Deeper Still Elisabeth and Vincent
Evening Stood Up Craig and Viviane
Evening Knock Down, Drag Out Shard and White
Late Evening The Shipment Aaron, Andrew, Canfield, Cardinal, Claire, Magnes, Peyton and Robin
Night Waking Up To Bad News Cardinal, Claire, Peyton, and Robin
10/17 3:00am Third Base Claire and Magnes
6:00am Nothing Is Wrong With My Power Aaron and Stef
Morning Friends In The Lighthouse Aaron and Gillian
Morning Us Against Them Shard and Stef
Noon Please Make It Soon Candy, Helena, and Wendy
Afternoon Power Strain Brennan and Peyton
Afternoon Men of Faith Doc, Knox, Kris, Risa, Scotch, and White
Afternoon Soulless Zachery and Diogenes
Early Evening Are You Sure It Was Peter? Cardinal and Gillian
Early Evening When Fate Comes Knocking Logan
Evening This Time... Bill, Helena and Wendy
Late Evening On Prospects Drear Logan and Toru
Night A Formidible Duet Len and Tamsine
Night Sitting in a Tin Can Deckard and Teo
Night Changing the Drapes Cardinal and Lola
10/18 Small Hours Blackened Pastures Candy and Teo
Pre-Dawn Relief Bella and Teo
Pre-Dawn Wild Rumpus Felix and Teo
Dawn Choking Normal Joy and Kurt
Afternoon Should I Know You? Brennan and Maxwell
Afternoon An Injudicious Wish Ashton, Sabra and Teo
Early Evening She's In Your Phone Cardinal and Felix
Eavening I Have Someone Who Wants To Know About Time Travelers Abby and Cardinal
Evening Saving Liberty Abby, Cardinal, Devi, Mack, Peter and Zuleyka
Late Evening The Good With The Bad Abby, Deckard and Peter
Late Evening Bombs at the Burlesque Ezra and Kaydence
Night Don't Need to Worry Abby and Deckard
Night Thicker Than Water Bill, Brian, Candy, Carolina, Delilah, Gillian, Helena, Helena?, Leonard, Peyton and Scotch
10/19 02:00 Opt Out Cat, Delilah, and Helena
Morning The Appeal of Politics Craig and Viviane
Morning Unfit For Duty Cassidy and Elisabeth
Noon The Beast's Rose Brian and Colette
Late Morning Where's Our Task Force? Elisabeth and Nash
Afternoon Umbrellas and Phone Numbers Sparrow and Xue
Afternoon Back to Business Deckard and Magnes
Afternoon You're Homeland Carrie and Magnes
Afternoon Wonder Woman, Jesus, Spider-Man Helena and Leonard
Afternoon This Is A Mess Cat and Elisabeth
Afternoon Was it Worth It? Candy and Cat
Late Afternoon Kings Aviators and Raith
Evening Gun Caches and Presidential Meetings Alec, Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night The Imploding Girl Adelaide and Belinda
Night A Nail In The Coffin, Part I Ling, Logan and Zhao
Night A Sparrow Flies Magnes and Sparrow
Night Then Dame Carolina Slew The Dragon Doyle and McRae
10/20 Morning I Am History Deckard and Tamara
Morning The Doctor Is In Claudine and Len
Late Morning Debriefed Bella and Len
Afternoon To Save Liberty Cardinal and Len
Afternoon Volunteers Brennan, Delilah and Leonard
Late Afternoon Secrets to Silence Candy and Jenn
Early Evening A Nail In The Coffin, Part II Ling and Logan
Early Evening No Skin Off Your Conscience Leonard and Logan
Night Borrowed Help Eileen, Gabriel, Peter and Raith
Night Intelligent Discourse Eileen and Gabriel
10/21 Wee Hours Insomnia Danko and Wendy
Early Morning Guessing Game Joseph and Robin
Morning Ménage à Trois Abby and Deckard
Morning The Wrong Man Aude, Felix and Teo
Afternoon Death By Apathy Jet and Len
Afternoon When You Need A Helping Hand Candy and Len
Afternoon Purpose Angela and Kaylee
Afternoon Fell Down The Stairs Bella and Lola
Late Afternoon What Do You Think of Me Now? Bella and Magnes
Late Afternoon Cited Elisabeth, Jay and Nash
Late Afternoon No Jumping Ship Delilah and Kurt
Evening Just Business Cardinal and Nicole
10/22 Early Evening Rescue From the Darkness Cardinal, Peyton and Wendy
Early Evening Here Today Aaron, Gillian and Stef
Early Evening Venues, Pets, and Neighbours Delilah, Joy and Kurt
Early Evening Scotch And Chocolate Helena and Scotch
Evening Back Against the Wall Danko and Magnes
Evening In The Absence of Light Colette and Danko
Night The Queen of Hearts Cardinal and Elisabeth
10/23 Morning So You're The One Cooper, Elisabeth and Nash
Morning Tango de Trouble Buck, Elisabeth, Jay and Maxwell
Noon Win-Win Harlow, Jericho, Peyton and Wendy
Afternoon Manly Bonding Logan and Toru
Evening Classmates Abby and Katherine
Evening Cold Slots Buck, Rocket and Tuck
Evening Pot? Kettle Calling Elisabeth and Magnes
Evening Ding Dong, Bill Dean is Dead Peyton and Wendy
Night Job Offer Eileen, Gabriel and Teo
Late Night Just A Few Days In Abby and Joseph
Late Night Full Circle Deckard, Felix and Kurt
10/24 Morning Nothing Much Expected Elisabeth and Len
Noon Talk Amongst Yourselves Cat, Elisabeth, Magnes, and Sparrow
14:07 Emile Danko's Guns Cat and Magnes
Afternoon Day Trip Abby, Deckard, Doyle, Eileen, Joseph and Robin
14:48 They Call This Entertainment? Cat and Helena
Afternoon So That's What The Hair's About? Abby and Deckard
Late Afternoon Working Towards Honesty Len and Tamsine
Early Evening Your Presidential Problem Abby, Cardinal, and Tracy
Evening Life After Volken Eileen and Deckard
Evening Barracudas Craig and Tracy
10/25 Morning Short Notice Eileen and Peyton
Early Evening See A Need, Fill A Need Wendy
Early Evening Getting to Know You Delilah and Joy
Early Evening On The Shield Abby, Chester, Felix, Magnes and Tris
Evening Without Strings Attached Logan and Wendy
Night Next Time, Shoot First Hana, Hector and Iago
10/26 Morning Truce Aaron, Peyton and Wendy
Late Morning What You Do Elisabeth and Nash
Late Morning Improper Use of Buildings and Books Buck, Elisabeth, Jay, Nash and Zachery
Afternoon On Acquisition of a Kitten Joy and Kurt
Early Evening He Cleans Up Well Adam and Cardinal
Evening It Is Politics Adam and Viviane
Evening Considering The Options Cassius and Zachery
Night Painting The Cellar Red Leonard, Logan, Teo, and Toru
Night Getting What You Need Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Unexcused Leonard and Teo
Late Night Not Going Back Brian and Kaylee
10/27 Late Morning Protective Services Len and Wendy
Afternoon Inside the Silence Bubble Elisabeth and Nash
Sunset Ahead of the Curve Bella and Logan
Early Evening The Suits are Picking Up the Bill Logan and Nicole
Early Evening Three Men in a Book Store Craig, Felix and Kurt
Evening The Element of Surprise Cardinal and Sparrow
Evening Old Hat Huruma and Leonard
Evening Investing in the Future Eileen and Raphael
Evening Safe and Sound Wendy and Bella
10/28 Wee Hours Megaera Hana
Morning Just Like Starting Over Rebecca
Late Morning Being Good Joseph and Kaylee
Afternoon Hana's Our Man Len and Veronica
Afternoon Needles in a Haystack Curt and Veronica
Afternoon These Things Happen Aaron and Bella
Late Afternoon Who Was Francis Allen? Abby and Eileen
Evening Pink And Black Abby and Teo
Evening What Fire Requires Ash and "Sylar"
Evening Our Night With The Kentucky Headhunters Len and Xiulan
Evening Batman and Nightwing Walk Into a Strip Club... Ezra and Kaydence
Evening Let Go Your Inhibitions Aude and Jay
Night Sunshine All The Time Deckard
10/29 Afternoon The Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Cat, Eileen, Harlow and Peyton
Afternoon Pinatas and Do-Gooders Elisabeth and Nash
Sunset Secrets Worth Knowing Logan
Evening Good Learning Experience D.Crypt and K.Apila
Evening Gone Tomorrow Aaron and Stef
Night Cocytus, Phlegethon and Lethe Eileen and Raphael
Night John Logan's Birthday Wish Logan and Mu-Qian
10/30 Evening Halloween Comes Early Abby, Doyle, Eileen, Kaylee, Raith and Teo
Late Evening Similar Differences, or Different Similarities? Zachery and Diogenes
10/31 Evening But It's The Pelvic Thrust Abby, Delilah, Helena, Leonard, Magnes and Teo
Night 'Cause This Is Thriller Logan, Mu-Qian and Toru
Night Not a Halloween Shindig Cooper and Tamara
Night Demons Closing In On Every Side Aude, Danko, Eileen, Harlow, Huruma, Joseph and Kaylee
Night Cherry Bombs Elisabeth and Nash
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