Logs for October 2011

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77 logs posted for October 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/01 Morning Ready And Waiting Devon and Elisabeth
Midday Three Squares A Day Daphne and Monica
Early Afternoon Interesting People Ruiz and Tamara
10/02 Morning Harder Than It Needs To Be Graeme and Remi
Midday Friends, Not Family April and Brian
Evening The Last Quiet Moment Elaine and Quinn
Late Night Misbehave Logan, Sasha, and Tania
10/03 Evening Course Correction Mid-Stream Elisabeth and Ygraine
10/04 Early Morning Just Don't Tell Her I Said So Kaylee and Nick
Afternoon What He Couldn't Finish Eileen, Gabriel and Sylar
Evening Fundamentals Hana and Lucille
10/05 Early Morning This Family Will Hold Brian and Samara
Afternoon Why Is It So Dark? Brian, Eve, Kaylee, Lynette, Noa, Quinn, and Rue Besieged
Late Afternoon A Castle Protects Avi, Brian, Eileen, Eve, Gillian, Kaylee, and Lynette Besieged
10/06 Super Early Morning Eight Hours Avi, Brian, Gillian, Lynette, Megan, Nick, Raith, and Rue Besieged
Mid-afternoon Time Makes You Bolder Elisabeth and Ygraine
Night This Is Fine Lynette and Ryans Besieged
Late Night It's Been Fun Clara and Sarisa Five Years Gone
10/07 Noon Could You Repeat That For Daddy? Cooper
Early Evening Nakamura Cannot Aim For Shit Cardinal and Elisabeth
Late Night Heaven or Hell? Yana and Moriarti
Late Night Run Blind II Cardinal, Colette, and Maddox
10/08 Morning Busywork Daphne and Monica
Early Afternoon Elvis Is In The Building Alia, Cardinal, and Elisabeth
Late Night New Leases on Life Cardinal, Harmony, Lili, and Ricky
10/09 Early Morning Shadows Come Home To Roost Elisabeth and Jaiden
Late Morning Bonds that Never Break Harmony, Elisabeth, Lili, and Ricky
Evening Amtullah Brian, Eileen, and… Besieged
10/10 Afternoon It Gets Better Delia and Tania
Late Night This IS Plan A Daphne and Monica
10/11 Late The Razor Veronica and …?
10/12 Evening Once Upon A Time Cardinal, Kaylee, Warren, and Valerie
10/13 Before Dawn Kinship Hana and Noa
Morning An Impossible Lie Howard and Lene
Noon The Day You Died Elle and Howard
Noon Defiance Cardinal, Eldridge, Harper, and Liette
Afternoon A Tiger Without Teeth Heller and Griffin Besieged
Evening By Another Name Gillian and Lene
Night You Know Him Cardinal, Elisabeth, and Lene
10/14 Late Afternoon Over the River and Through the Woods, I Megan, Muldoon, Noa and Quinn Besieged
Late Afternoon Over the River and Through the Woods, II Avi, Doyle, Gillian, Kaylee, Lynette, and Nick Besieged
10/15 Morning The End of Studio K Kincaid and Russo
Night Dance With Me Cardinal and Elisabeth
Night Not Mitten Brian and Samara
10/16 Evening Hold the Line Elisabeth and Emerson
Night Duet Else and Julie A Window in Time
10/17 Morning Icepick Ziadie and Temple
Morning FRONTLINE 01 Briefing Emerson, Gavyn, and JJ
Early Afternoon Picking A Side Elisabeth and Graeme
Afternoon Pizza Delivery Cardinal, Elisabeth, and Eve
Evening Pack Up Your Life Raquelle and Temple
Evening The Twist Aria, Broome, Darren, Luis, and ???
Night We Have A Dragon! Bao Wei, Elisabeth, and Eve
Night Up All Night Tahir, Lucille, Brian, and Temple
Night Who We Are Cardinal, Devon, and Graeme
10/18 Before Dawn Chaos and Destruction Brian, Eve, Gabriel, Hana, Lashirah, Megan, Ryans
Early Morning Knowing Your Limits Devon and Elisabeth
Morning I Concur With Your Statement Megan and Ryans
Morning The Mute Oracle Aria, Edward, and Kathleen
Afternoon And Yet Aria and ???
Afternoon Welcome Wagon Brian, Koshka, and Raquelle
10/19 Early Morning Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum Daphne and Monica
Afternoon Our People Cardinal, Elisabeth, and Monica
Afternoon Resist Devon and Russo
10/20 Late Night How Do You Miss It Hana and Logan
10/21 Evening What You Helped Make Devon and Ygraine
Night The Once And Future Son J.J., Luther, and Monica
10/22 Afternoon Luth And Consequences Cardinal, Luther, and Monica
Evening Ferry/Endgame Meeting Elisabeth, Jaiden, Lashirah, Lucille, Ryans, and Ygraine
Evening Leave-Taking Devon and Graeme
Evening Phoning-It-In Delia and Lucille
10/26 Afternoon Simple Business Transaction Kayla and Raquelle
Evening Swapsies Alistair, Hana, Liette, and Logan
Evening Scenic Route Devon and Jaiden
10/29 Mid-morning Still Kicking Luther and Ygraine
Afternoon Overlap Hana and Noa
Late Afternoon Digital Business Alia and Hana
10/31 Late Afternoon Gun Oil and Chocolate Cardinal and Elisabeth
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