Logs for October 2018

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76 logs posted for October 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/01 The Wee Hours Delia Don't Delia, Emily, Huruma, and Lucille
Late Morning The Periphery of Memory Delilah and Niel
Morning Not a Small Thing Emily and Richard
Early Evening Second Date Cassandra and Zelda
10/02 Morning An Address Berlin, Lucille, Peyton Hunters
Noon Risk Avi and Robyn
Noon Emergency Brass Injection: Tuba Strikes Back Emily and Eve
10/03 Early Morning Proverbs 21:15 Berlin Hunters
Late Morning Tattooed Memories Brynn and Hailey
Late Morning Junbi Asi and Zelda
Afternoon Dine and Dash Devon and Emily
10/04 Pre-Dawn Apres Moi, le Deluge Avi, Berlin, and Hana Hunters
Mid-Morning Obelisk Avi and Hana Hunters
Late Morning What Do We Call You? Avi, Berlin, Hana Hunters
Mid Afternoon Terrible Teas Delia and Huruma
10/05 Late Afternoon The Veterans Huruma and Megan
10/06 Late Afternoon A Mind Like A Broken Vase Delilah and Richard
Evening Exposé Berlin, Lucille, and Ryans Hunters
10/08 Afternoon Brave Little Thing Huruma and Weasel
10/10 Morning You Loved Him Gillian and Lene
10/11 Pre-dawn Boys Don't Delia, Ghost, Jose and Luther
10/12 Evening Too Deep Delia, Des, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
10/13 Before Noon Forever Gillian, Juniper, and Squeaks
Early Afternoon All The Paperwork Gillian, Squeaks, and Tasha
10/14 Afternoon Coffee Talk Cassandra, Huruma, and Megan
Night Just A Malfunction Huruma
10/15 Late Morning Off the Edge of the Map Atticus, Jared, and Richard
10/16 Noonish Meet The Boyfriend Berlin, Lucille, and Rory
10/17 Morning Extrajudicial II Choi and Kenner Hunters
Mid Afternoon Ding Dong -- Dog Brynn, Emily, and Hailey
10/18 Mid Morning Unsolved Mysteries Squeaks
Late Afternoon The Sins of the Past Alia, Asi, Atticus, Cassandra, Delia, Eve, Huruma, Jared, Kaylee, Luther, Lynette, Marlowe, Monica, Rasheed, Richard, Robyn, Sera, Squeaks, and Zelda
Early Evening A Polite 1nvasion Alia, Asi and Richard
Early Evening Troublesome Richard and Zelda
Night Untold Stories Gillian and Squeaks
Night Approximations Eileen and Emily
10/19 Morning Very Late Kaylee Hunters
Morning I'm Not Me Jim, Kaylee, Luther, Lynette, and Varlane Hunters
Late Morning You Got This, Right? Kaylee and Luther
Late Morning Spare Ribs Cassandra and Cooper Dark Below
Fires of Creation
Late Afternoon Johari Window Niel
Night Finding a Bloodhound Keira and Tsai Fires of Creation
10/20 Morning Old Friends/New Friends Keira and Quentin Fires of Creation
Morning I'm Not You Kaylee, Lynette, Mateo, and Varlane Garden of Forking Paths
Noon The Origin of Darkness Corbin, Lance, Niki, Rhys, and Squeaks Dark Below
Afternoon A Wrong Right Asi, Marlowe and Monica
10/21 Afternoon How Far Keira and Lance
10/22 Early Morning The Right Future Luther and Lynette Garden of Forking Paths
Noon It's Happening Again Nisatta Fires of Creation
Garden of Forking Paths
Early Afternoon Die Happy, Verse I Robyn and Robyn Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Sins of the Present Kaylee, Luther, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Night Yamagato Matsuri - Opening Ceremony Asi, Brynn, Cassandra, Colette, Dirk, Emily, Eve, Felix, Lance, Marlowe, Monica, Robyn, Squeaks, and Zelda Fires of Creation
Night Flashing Lights Aren't Always UFOs Brynn Garden of Forking Paths
10/23 Wee Hours Don't You Forget About Me Delia and ??? Garden of Forking Paths
Morning Alias Cassandra, Choi, and Cooper Fires of Creation
Late Afternoon Wonder Seren
Night Long Life Noodle Stand Kaylee and Luther Garden of Forking Paths
10/24 Morning Salt & Rust Kenner and Kenner Garden of Forking Paths
Dusk Yamagato Matsuri - Memorial Ceremony Avi, Cassandra, Delia, Delilah, Jonathan, Kaylee, Keira, Luther, Peyton, Megan, Richard, Robyn, Ryans, and Zelda
Evening The Host Eizen and Eve Fires of Creation
Night Adult Sleepovers Avi and Richard
10/25 Wee Hours It’s Complicated Avi and Berlin
Morning Good & Bad Zelda and Zelda Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Office Party Dirk and Pippa
Evening Little Herald Cassandra and Eve
Evening Yukata and Wishes Emily and Julie
10/26 Late Morning A Lamentation of Swans Farah, Nick, and Sylvester Hunters
Late Night More Time Kaylee and Luther Garden of Forking Paths
10/27 Afternoon Executive Meeting Richard and Squeaks
Evening House of Mirrors Dale, Delilah, Eve, Jim, Lance, Jim, Marlowe, Tania, and Weasel
Late Evening Rabbit Feet For Luck Lance and Weasel
10/28 Noon Hypocupremia, Part I Avi, Hana, Lucille, and Ryans Hunters
Late Night Bright and Cold Emily Garden of Forking Paths
10/29 Late Morning Not a James Type of Bond Hailey and Squeaks
Evening Surprise, Gillian! Brynn, Cooper, Emily, Eve, Gillian, Hailey, Joe, Lance, Lene, and Squeaks
10/30 Late Night Benches Are For Sharing Colette and Tamara
10/31 Night Remembering II Devon, Emily
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