Logs for October 2019

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23 logs posted for October 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/02 Twilight Only the Good Die Young Elisabeth and Trask
10/04 Afternoon Take a Gander Carver, Dumortier, and Zachery
10/07 Midnight Another Boat Emily and Squeaks
Midday Making Halloween Devi, Seren, and Silas
10/10 Afternoon So Much Harder Everleigh and Odessa
10/12 Night On Top of the World Rue and Seren
10/13 Night The Pawn and the Prince, Part III Peter The Dragon
10/14 Midday Buyer's Remorse Chess and Ryans
10/15 Afternoon Compass Woes Alia, Elisabeth, and Richard
Night Burned Eve and Julie
10/16 Evening Sore wa Himitsu desu Kay and Marlowe
10/17 Midday A Reluctant Return Roxie
10/20 Early Evening Superhero and Sidekick Lance and Silvia
Early Evening Reverie Yi-Min and Zachery The Dragon
Evening Duty and Curiosity Chess and Squeaks The Dragon
10/22 Afternoon Adventures at the Maize Maze Devon, Dumortier, Emily, and Roxie
Early Evening A Coming of Age Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Lynette, and Silvia
10/29 Afternoon Sands of Time Odessa and Silvia
10/30 Night As We Go Along Chess and Lene The Dragon
10/31 Afternoon SESAween Cesar, Choi, Cooper, Emily, Lance, Robyn, Rhys, and Voss
Evening Mysteries and Mischief Asi
Night Part the Seas Asi, Kain, and Silas A Rising Tide
Night Outsmarting a Mirror Elisabeth, Kain, and Richard A Rising Tide
From To Title Participants Storyline
10/11 10/11 Middletown Press Kara
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