Logs for October 2020

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58 logs posted for October 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/01 Evening Branching Out Avi, Devon, and Julie Uncharted Territory
Dendrolatry Conclusion
Evening Off the Wall Faulkner and Nova Like Pygmalion
Evening Dear God Kain and Peyton
10/02 Early Afternoon Painting Rocks Castle and Kaylee
10/05 Afternoon Making Cents Avi, Devon, and Huruma
10/07 Morning Kaleidoscopic Asi, Elliot, and Melody
Afternoon The Same Useless Circles Richard and Zachery
Late Afternoon What's My Line Devon and Elliot
10/08 Evening Point of Intersection Faulkner and Jac Like Pygmalion
10/09 Wee Hours A Monster Without Isabelle Onryō
Afternoon Old Brass Debra, Megan and Huruma
10/10 Late Morning Invasive Maneuvers Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gillian, Isabelle, Jac,
Kaylee, Nicole, Nova, Shaw, Yi-Min, and Zachery
Like Pygmalion
Early Evening Say Something Nicole and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Sunset The Stranger Marcus and Rhys Distant Shores
10/11 Morning I'd Like to Speak to Your Manager Kay, Kaylee, and Richard Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon North by Northwest Alia, Nicole, Richard, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
10/14 Noonish Timber Ali, Avi, Corbin, Devon, Emily, and Julie Uncharted Territory
Dendrolatry Conclusion
10/15 Evening !gnaB Castle, Nicole, Pippa, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
10/16 Afternoon Urgent Care Ande, August, Jibram. and Lexington
Late Afternoon Somewhere Elisabeth and Jac
10/17 Evening A Familiar Dance Gideon and Nicole
10/18 Late Afternoon Scattered and Broken Aman, Gates, and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
10/19 Mid Morning Eggnog Erosion Euphonium Eli Brynn, Emily, Finch, Geneva, Hailey, Jac, Joe, and Lance
Afternoon Finding Jac and Richard
Afternoon False Pride Jac and Odessa The Dragon
10/21 Afternoon Wanderlust Asi and Jac
10/23 Afternoon Don't Tell Mom Aman and Walter
Mid Afternoon The Story of a Mango Jac and Kaylee
Evening #xpressurself, Part 1 Eve and… Distant Shores
Children of the Ashes
Evening #xpressurself, Part 2 Eve and… Distant Shores
Children of the Ashes
10/24 Early Morning Superman Cooper and Ellen
Early Morning Everything's Fine When You're Lying Marthe and Wright
Late Morning Ow Elliot and Rue
Evening When It Matters Most Rue and Seren
Late Evening Ouch Elliot and Rue
10/25 Morning You Don't Have to Say It Elliot and Wright
Afternoon I Know You! Nova and Roxie
10/26 Afternoon Beyond the Milky Way Castle and Eve Distant Shores
Evening Sympathetic Threads Nicole and Rhys Like Pygmalion
10/27 Afternoon Debut Ace and Odessa
Afternoon These Great Minds Chel and Yi-Min Distant Shores
10/28 Mid Morning Pigmalion Kaylee, Pride, Yi-Min, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Among Us Caderina, Delilah, Elliot, Evran, Faulkner, Jac, Roman, and Wright Children of the Ashes
Late Morning Old Habits Caderina, Evran, Faulkner, and Roman Children of the Ashes
Late Morning Into Focus, Part I Delilah, Elisabeth, Elliot, Jac, Lance, and Wright ???
Noon Into Focus, Part II Delilah, Elisabeth, Elliot, Jac, and Wright ???
Evening Look to the Shadows Asi and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
10/29 Morning It's Not Unusual Asi, Elisabeth, Elliot, Faulkner, Robyn, Tom, and Wright Distant Shores
Morning A Matchbook Play Elisabeth and Noah Distant Shores
10/30 Afternoon EXCHANGE I Gates Distant Shores
Late Morning Into Focus, Part III Elisabeth, Elliot, Lance, and Wright ???
10/31 Evening Overwrite Save? Devon and Emily
Evening Halloween Gala, Main Room Asi, Castle, Chess, Elliot, Faulkner, Harry, Kaylee, Lucille,
Luther, Marlowe, Nova, Pride, Poppy, and Wright
Evening Halloween Gala, Exhibit Hall Byrne, Dowe, Faulkner, Hampton, Harry, Huruma, Pride, and Wally
Evening Halloween Gala, Gardens Pending
Evening To See You Castle and Chess
Night Into the Unknown Jac and Lene
From To Title Participants Storyline
10/20 01/21 Help Me Cope Emily and Everleigh
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