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raith-six.jpg Disaffected in the wake of Kazimir Volken's deceit, Raith quietly slips into New York to determine the facts behind his old commander's demise, and to reassess the current situation. Arming himself with information and gathering a small group of old allies, he makes the decision to "get the band back together" and reassemble the Vanguard remnants left in New York into a new organization, a plan that is disrupted with the abduction of Gabriel Gray under Arthur Petrelli's orders. The Remnant's first test comes during their surprise attack on Pinehearst, ending with the solidification of the ties between them in agreement that they can do more good (and more damage) working together.
May 2009
1st Getting the Band Back Together Eileen A familiar face crawls out of the woodwork.
3rd Catch and Release Eileen Raith has a few more questions for Eileen before he turns her loose.
7th The Winning Side Gabriel Raith tries to find out which side 'Eyebrows' was on, before asking some pointed questions to do with getting the band back together. Gabriel is more of a solo artist.
11th The Heart of a Revolutionary Rico Two men without countries, standing with the closest thing to a countryman they can have.
19th Fait Accompli Amato Raith tracks Amato down on Staten Island to discuss established fact; Volken may be gone, but the threat lives on.
24th The Issue of Legitimate Authority Eileen and Magnes After reviewing footage of the "Shibuya Incident", Raith calls in a favour and asks Eileen to arrange a meeting with the star of a viral video. There are misgivings all around.
26th Wolf Hunt Amato Raith and Amato meet for a second time to discuss the future of New York.
June 2009
16th Fire and Snow Cones Lilith A very strange conversation between two strange individuals.
26th Feng-Shui Feng Feng Daiyu comes home to find that someone rearranged his furniture.
28th Contact Eileen Raith engages in a rapid-fire conversation via text messages with an associate.
July 2009
3rd Flea Market Eileen Raith and Eileen meet at a flea market in Central Park to strike a bargain.
4th Too Close to Midnight Eileen and Ethan Raith finally gets his meeting with Ethan.
6th Only One Answer Wireless Raith reaches across the Atlantic to secure assistance in his endeavors.
23rd Checkmate - Black Knights Arthur, Cardinal, Colette, Deckard, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Ghost, Jenn, Mason, Rickham and Tyler The Vanguard Remnant venture into the reactor level of Pinehearst Company along with Richard Cardinal, Flint Deckard, Tyler Case and Teodoro Laudani in order to bring down Arthur and Pinehearst once and for all.
raith-seven.jpg The Vanguard Remnant takes its first steps towards making the world a better place with Raith ensuring that everyone involved is willing to lie, steal, torture and kill to get the job done. With a few stumbles, the Remnant becomes more unified and more powerful as their numbers slowly, carefully increase and their footing becomes surer, but nothing is ever easy. Even as the Remnant reaches a soft agreement with rival organization Phoenix, weathers continued harassment from CIA agent Feng Daiyu, and Raith's relationship to Ethan Holden gradually begins to warm, its leader comes to learn that he can't yet have what he wants. He becomes aware through an old friend, the King of Pentacles, that the government has taken a keen interest in him and his allies, and the only way to make sure the Remnant has a chance of surviving is to become the King of Swords one more time.
July 2009
29th Turned Around Eileen Eileen finalizes her employment with the King of Swords over dinner.
August 2009
2nd Catchup Over Cantaloupe Cardinal, Eileen and Ethan Cardinal swings by the Garden to ask a few questions of the Vanguard remnant just in time to catch Ethan returning from a hunt with Raith close at his heels.
2nd Kabam Eileen Raith imparts his first lesson on Eileen as her new employer: never let your guard down.
7th What's Your Motivation? Gabriel Gabriel goes to see a man about a job, but has some questions first.
10th Jensen Raith's House of Pain Eileen Raith commends Eileen for a job well done. Or not.
13th Devil in the Details Eileen and Helena The leader of Phoenix and the leader of— whatever it is that Raith's in charge of meet up to talk business. Eileen plays interpreter.
18th Situation Normal Eileen Raith takes Eileen out on a hunt to the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm to find Jackson Manfield, a serial rapist with the ability to bench press a small car. He bench presses Raith instead.
18th Mister Fail-safe Amato Amato informs Raith that he's getting careless. Raith gives Amato some advice of his own.
19th Been Here Before Eileen, Felix and Minea Raith and Eileen ambush Felix on the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side, only to discover that the federal agent has friends in high places — literally.
27th A Fist in the Air Adam, Cat, Cardinal, Claire, Doc, Helena, Knox, Leonard, Lola, Maeve, Magnes, Risa, Shard, Stef, Thalia and White Similar sounding ideals conflict at a meeting of powers on Staten Island.
September 2009
6th Eileen Let Alone Eileen and Raith have a disagreement; it isn't their first, and won't be their last.
7th Magnes The World Reversed Magnes and Raith meet. Magnes shares information. Raith shares his business card.
12th Are You In? Peter Raith comes hunting Peter Petrelli to ask him that very question.
12th Sold in Truth Eileen and Peter Raith comes hunting Peter Petrelli to ask him that very question.
16th What Happens to Bad Girls Eileen, Ethan and Odessa Remnant comes to strike a bargain with Odessa Knutson.
17th Even Score Eileen and Odessa Odessa comes to deliver a warning to Eileen, and spits a little vitriol at Raith. She's not a candidate for Miss Congeniality.
18th Reality Check Eileen Raith tries a different approach that isn't met with complete success, though he manages to avoid thrown bottles this time.
19th A Very Bad Place Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel and Teo Teodoro Laudani and the Remnant head deep into Staten Island's Greenbelt in search of Humanis First and uncover a corpse that ends up being more trouble than it's probably worth.
October 2009
7th Absit Omen Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel and Peter Or: may there be no ill omen. A Latin phrase to express the wish that something seemingly ill-boding does not turn out to be an omen for future events, and calls on divine protection against evil, which is exactly what the Vanguard remnant needs.
8th A Dollar Saved Eileen and Peter While discussing the Remnant's food stores, Raith and Eileen are interrupted by Peter inquiring after Gabriel's whereabouts.
11th Lup-o, Slush-o Eileen and Ethan A vignette. Three surviving members of the Vanguard visit the Roosevelt Island carnival on their night off.
13th Six Letters, Unexpectedly from a Concealed Position Eileen, Ethan and Feng On a stakeout across the street from a suspected Humanis First safehouse, three members of the Vanguard remnant are taken by surprise by a former ally.
16th Wetwork Aviators, Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel, Khalid and the Irishman A relatively straightforward operation encounters unexpected complications, as relatively straightforward operations are wont to do. As it turns out, the Vanguard remnant has a fan.
19th Kings Aviators Raith Jensen sets up a covert meeting with a former co-worker in the CIA. A deal is struck.
20th Borrowed Help Eileen, Ethan, Gabriel and Peter Peter finally returns to the Dispensary. He does not come alone or empty-handed.
30th Halloween Comes Early Abby, Doyle, Eileen, Kaylee and Teo The Ferry mobilizes to put together a Halloween-themed evening for the children living at the Lighthouse and other displaced youths in the network's care.
November 2009
5th Hermitage Amato Raith tracks down Amato with news and information. And Fury.
7th Snap, Grackle, Pop Eileen, Ethan and Teo Teo comes upon a strange gathering in the dispensary's kitchen that involves two grown men, one in a woman's slippers, and a bird on a string.
9th Get a Goddamn Hobby Ethan Ethan and Raith discuss insult each other over coffee. America's Dumbest Criminals? Stay tuned!
9th All Roads Lead to Home Ethan Ethan and Raith are the best criminals in New York City. Unless they hit the liquor store first, and then it's kind of sad.
16th Man Down Ethan, Gabriel and Teo Fresh out of the Homeland Security attack, if not quite fresh enough for the taste of some, Teo has some bad news to break. In about two minutes, a relatively quiet evening turns into a knot of thrown punches, pistol threats, and malfunctioning Evolved abilities between some of the most dangerous men in New York City.
17th Forced Compliance Aviators, Ethan and Tris Ethan and Raith attempt to bargain with the government for Eileen's freedom.
raith-eight.jpg Pending.
November 2009
23rd Operation Apollo Autumn, Candy, Cardinal, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Huruma, Magnes and Sarisa The United States Government rallies its forces against the Vanguard.
24th Por Favor, Mantenga Sus Brazos Y Piernas Dentro Del Vehículo Cardinal, Magnes, Peter and Veronica Bienvenido. Team Alpha, or at least most of them, meet their guide and their mission.
29th Phantom Pains Rico Two survivors of the Vanguard hunt something in the jungle, and search for a reason behind the fall of their organization.
December 2009
2nd Secret Answer E Gillian Answering nature's nightly call, Gillian is surprised to find that she's not as alone as she thought.
3rd Welcome to the Jungle Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Hector, Iago, Magnes, Peter, Rico, Ross and Veronica During an aimless trudge through the jungles of Argentina, Team Alpha come face to face with the infamous monsters of Cerro de Hierro Negro, and it's nothing they (or most of them) expected. Now with a pinch of epilogue.
3rd Big Guns Dahlia, Gillian, Magnes and Veronica Team Alpha regroup and, while some break away to locate their guide, the others stay behind and plan. They enlist the help of the Branded to their cause, or try to through Dahlia.
10th Call Me Kazimir Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Jamon, Kazimir, Magnes, Rico, Ross, and Veronica Peter Petrelli hatches a plan to get Team Alpha into Iago's bunker, but how much of it is a ruse?
13th Attempt to Ford the River Cardinal, Dahlia, Gillian, Kazimir, Magnes, Rico, Ross, and Veronica Team Alpha reaches a mountain river crossing and winds up having to make a decision based on the behemoth they accidentally wake up in the process of exploring its shoreline. …At which point it comes to their attention that the local wildlife isn't all restricted to land-based locomotion.
18th Baby It's Cold Outside Cardinal, Hector, Nathan and Kazimir With Cardinal hidden in shadow at their heels, Kazimir and Raith are warmly received at Svartalfheim by a dapper British man and his giant metal llama. Once the prestigious nature of his guests has been established, he even invites them to stay the night in the Presidential Suite while they all await Iago's return.
19th To the Work Iago, Nathan and Peter Nathan bargains his freedom with Peter, before Kazimir reintroduces himself to Iago.
26th Supervillains Hector With the world's future looking rather bleak all of a sudden, Raith brings Hector full circle with a pep talk and the potential promise of alternative employment.
January 2010
7th Two Kings And A Queen Cardinal and Raith
8th Our Father Eileen, Yvette, and Raith
13th Symptomatic Eileen, Magnes, and Raith
16th Code Niflheim Cardinal, Claire, Eileen, Gabriel, Gillian, Huruma, Kazimir, Noriko, Raith, Rico, Veronica, and Wagner
Midnight, Part II Bing, Caocao, Cat, Huruma, Raith and Teo
This Twilight Caocao, Cardinal, Cat, Claire, Clara, Danko, Eileen, Elisabeth, Ethan, Felix, Francois, Gillian, Hector, Huruma, Kazimir, Magnes, Noriko, Peter, Raith, Teo, Veronica, and Wagner
17th Situationally Appropriate Aviators, Cat, Eileen, Elisabeth, Noriko, Raith, and Sarisa
18th Sweetcakes Aviators and Raith
20th Your Contract, Your Way Eileen and Raith
24th Cause He's Not Dead Yet! Cat, Claire, Danko, Eileen, Elisabeth, Noriko, Peyton, Raith, and Xiulan
27th Forty Percent Colette, Doyle, Eileen, Else, Raith, and Rourke
Do No Harm Doyle, Eileen, Kaylee, Peter, Raith, and Rourke
29th Yes, Virginia, There Is A God Claire, Elisabeth, and Raith
If We Can't Have It Black, Brennan, Delilah, Eileen, Kaylee, Magnes, Raith, and Robin
31st Two Minutes Raith and ???
February 2010
3rd Within, Without Bella, Colette, Dema, Joseph, Kaylee, Raith, and Teo
5th Make Her Pay Doyle, Kaylee, Raith, and Teo
6th The Most Dangerous Thing on the Table Eileen and Raith
This Lady's Not For Burning Kaylee, Raith, and Teo
9th Valuable Asset Kaylee and Raith
12th Sloppy Raith and ???
13th Details Deckard, Raith, and Teo
14th Thanks For The Memories, Part I Colette, Doyle, Magnes, Manny, Meredith and Raith
15th High Profile Cat and Raith
16th The Ones You Have Eileen and Raith
raith-nine.jpg Coming soon.
February 2010
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