Logs for Benjamin Ryans
Ryans_VPast.jpg These are snapshots of events that have happen throughout Ryans' long life as a Company agent and even before that.
Finding retirement boring, Ryans wished for the old days. It was through a chance meeting with a young woman, named Abigail, that he learned that the world was a small place. Being pointed out as a former Company agent by a girl, not much older than his own daughters, is a wake-up call. More surprising, is when an old colleague called him up and asked him to help with an assignment. Of course, he jumped at the chance to make a difference again. ryans_v8.jpg
ryans_v9.jpg Life gets interesting when the retired agent is brought back into the Company fold, only to find so much has changed and his beloved organization in jeopardy. Not only does he go back to what he was, before Midtown; but, he also must face the fact that his girls are bring thrust to the world he has known about most of his life. It is something he feared happening. The question is…. Can he protect them and do his job?
Made young again by a man from his past, Ryans has proven he still has what it takes; but, he learns he has changed from the loyal Company agent. Having been promoted to the position of Assistant Director of the Company’s Fort Hero Branch and Field Director for the Investigative Team; the Senior Agent has a lot on his plate. Add on the fact that an old target is befriending his girls and they are starting to question everything. Ryans needs a plan and quick. Ryans_V10.jpg
Ryans_V11.jpg The Company has fallen, and its surviving agents are on the run. The hunters are now the hunted. Ryans must try and keep his rag-tag band together and alive, if he can. Their lives have been turned upside down; and, the old man must try and come to terms with everything that has happened. To survive, they will have to turn to the very people that they once hunted.
In two months’ time, Ryans had become a different person, thanks to living within the ranks of the Ferrymen. With a new perspective, he will do what he can to protect the network – or what is left of it after the riots. At the same time, he will have to deal with the strife and surprises that befall his family and the confusing wedge that has been driven between him and his youngest. He also must decide if he is truly ready to loosen the grip his dead wife has on his heart and let someone new in… Who could take Mary's place? Ryans_V12.jpg
Ryans_V13.jpg He feels lost. His family feels fractured. With a son who does not like him and girls that do not really seem to need him. None of them even understand his motives and reasoning. No one does, except one person in his life; and, she once tried to kill him. Despite the family strife, he is doing all he can for the Ferry, but will it be enough? He is worried about their future and all the people within the organization, especially with a man like Heller out there. With suspicious dreams and other strange happenings… Ryans will have to find a way to protect everything that means something in his life.
Ryans’ life has become rather complicated at the year progresses. Between the arrival of Ferrymen kids from the future — including an unknown daughter and grandkids of the old man – and the Dreams they bring with them, things have gotten to a level that he has never experienced in his many years as Company. Whether he survives to the end of this journey, has yet to be seen. Ryans_V14.jpg

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