Logs for September 2008

173 logs posted for September 2008.

Date Title Participants
09/01 Hazing 101 Aidan, Claire, Eve, Grace, Helena, and Trask
Scars Claire and Peter
Interrogation Eve, Helena, Kathleen, and Trask
Storm Warning Helena and Peter
09/02 Trust Issues Cameron, Helena and Trask
Art and Things Eve and Jessica
We Don't Know Them Claire and Helena
Feint Eve and Peter
Philosophy and Popsicles Adam and Bryan
A Change of Pace Peter, Cat and Jessica
09/03 Pick Your Poison Bryan and Elle
Remembrances Bryan, Grace, and Trask
All of this... Misunderstanding Gigi and Jessica
I Need Help Peter and Tamara
The Terrible Crime of Cameron-Crushing Claire, Daniel, Eve, Helena, and Trask
The More Things Change... Cat, Gina, Peter and Trask
09/04 Is This Thing On? Claudine and Trask
A Recent Death Jacob and Zachery
Not That Close Aidan and Claudine
Attracting Attention Colette and Grace
A Change in the Air Cameron, Cat, Claire, Daniel, Helena and Peter
I Never Forget Cat and Peter
Bitchitude Bryan, Elle, and Jessica
Let's Play A Game Bryan and Elle
It's a Technical Question Bryan and Claudine
09/05 The Responsible Ones Caim and Trask
Conflicting Convergence Bryan, Aidan and Colette
A New Hope Helena and Peter
Interdepartmental Cooperation Judah, Kaydence Lee, Matt, Trask, and Zachery
Practically Family Kaydence Lee, and Matt
Discussion Over Duck Daniel and Helena
A Request for Infiltration Hana and Peter
Invitation Cat and Peter
09/06 Faith Cat and Peter
Morning, Sunshine Adam and Elle
Wakeup Call Cat and Peter
A Strange Encounter Aidan, Bryan, Caim, Claudine, and Elle
Permit Yourself Happiness Claire, Eve, Helena, and Peter
09/07 Someday Adam and Elle
A Likely Story Jacob and Zachery
How To Leave A Petrelli Speechless Helena and Peter
09/08 Arrival and Artwork Cat and Danielle
The Artist Returns Cat, Danielle, and Peter
Not the Best Time Cameron and Eve
It's Not A Matter Of Want Cat, Danielle, and Peter
A Meeting Crashed Claire, Daniel, Eve, Helena, Peter and Trask
09/09 Maybe In That Order Cat, Danielle, and Peter
Impossibilities Mohinder, Peter and Trask
A Cause For Revenge Adam, Bryan, Claudine, and Jessica
Muffins Make It Better Helena and Peter
09/10 Even Spidey Is Gray Cat, Danielle, and Peter
Fairies, Dwarves, And Ice Queen Adam, Elle, and Jessica/Niki
Welcome to Level Five Eve and ???
What Would Daniel Do? Daniel and Helena
The Devil's Smile Danielle, Kain, and Mischa
On Call Danielle and Kain
They All Go Together Cat and Danielle
War Torn Claire and Peter
Push and Pull Helena and Peter
09/11 Family Helena and Peter
Not As Planned Claudine and Kain
Wish to Forget, Remember to Learn Claire and Helena
Deception Danielle, Kain and Mischa
There's No Goodbye Cat and Peter
09/12 Not Much of a Gift Alexander and Peter
Action and Reaction Cat, Danielle, Peter
Legwork Trask and Ygraine
Followup MacKenzie and Trask
It Wasn't For Nothing Cat, Danielle, and Peter
Breathe Alexander, Daniel, Helena, Peter
09/13 Art Crawl! Alexander, Daniel, Helena, Peter
Right Where I Belong Peter and Helena
I Want To Ride My Bicycle Cat and Ygraine
Calm Before the Storm Eve and Peter
The Strong One Helena and Peter
Point of No Return Colette and Tamara
This is My Friend Colette and Tamara
Jagged Little Pill Claude and Elle
Not the Doctor Bryan, Niki, and Odessa
09/14 Not a Job Interview Alison and Ygraine
Come Out - Part One Elle and Niki
Come Out - Part Two Elle and Niki/Jessica
Misdirection and Gravity Peter and Ygraine
09/15 Worst Case For Dani Cat, Danielle, and Peter
They Have Sylar Cat and Peter
Hold Out Hope Colette, Sean, and Zachery
Peroxide Adam, Elle, Jessica, and Odessa
Special Assignment Bob and Bryan
Are You Sure? Colette, Judah, Kaydence and Tamara
Just Another Day On The Job Alexander, Cat, Daniel, Grace, Helena, Peter, and Ygraine
I'll Do What's Necessary Alexander, Cat, Daniel, Helena, and Peter
Feedback Claudine, Matt and Sean
09/16 Propaganda, Politics and Piccoli's Cat and Ygraine
Freed from Carbonite Trask, Ygraine, Zachery
Oranges and Bananas Colette, Grace, Ygraine
Out of a Hat Cameron, Eve and Peter
Shifting Focus Hana and Peter
About the Big Bad Boogeyman Helena and Mohinder
Looks Like Tomorrow Morning Cat and Danielle
Plans Within Plans Alexander, Cameron, Cat, Helena and Peter
I Could Helena and Peter
09/17 Baton Passed Cat, Danielle, and Kaydence Lee
Slipknot Alexander, Helena, Matt, Mohinder, Peter
Just Trust Me Elle and Jessica/Niki
A Different School of Thought Bryan, Elle and Huruma
09/18 Murder is my Métier Bob, Bryan and Huruma
It was a Mobile Minefield Trask and Ygraine
The X-Files This Isn't Elle and Niki
Chili and Children Alexander, Brett, Cole, Colette, Grace, Judah, Matt, Trask
The Red Zone Peter
Make or Break Helena and Peter
Friends in Digital Places Claire, Hana, Mohinder, and Peter
09/19 Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part I Alexander, Eve, Claire, Helena, Mohinder, Peter, Trask
Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part II Alexander, Adam, Claudine, Elle, Eve, Helena, Huruma, Mohinder/Sylar
Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part III Claire, Matt, Peter, Trask
Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part IV Alexander, Claire, Eve, Helena, Matt, Peter and Sylar
Into the Dragon's Mouth -- Part V Claudine, Peter and Sylar
Escape, Evade, Regroup Alexander, Grace, Helena, and Juliet
Disappearing Act, Take Two Bob, Claude, and Trask
09/20 Three Days Later Cat and Danielle
Judgment Day Adam, Elle, Huruma, and Jessica
Coffeebreak Confrontation Claudine and Bryan
09/21 Give and Take Colette, Grace and Ygraine
A Lesson Not Learned Elle and Jessica
Regression Bryan, Claudine, and Peter
Imagine Claire and Matt
You're Very Analytical Cat, Helena, and Danielle
09/22 Special Delivery Kain and Zachery
Deconstruction Alexander, Eve, Grace, Helena, and Trask
Taking a Risk Grace and Kain
Kindred Spirits Need Two Bryan, Claudine, Odessa, and Peter
Double Salted Cat and Danielle
09/23 Claude, Charity and Confidence Claude and Ygraine
This We Know... Bennet, Hana, and Helena
Mud Helena and Tamara
Do More Than Hope Colette and Bryan
Into the Dark Daniel and Helena
The Right Fit Angela and Eve
Grounded Angela, Claire, and Matt
Scission Huruma and Matt
Ah Have a Plan Kain and Kaydence Lee
09/24 Small Favor Linderman and Matt
Wounds of All Sorts Kaydence Lee and Matt
One is the Loneliest Number Huruma and Jessica
Pizza And Plotting Claire and Helena
House of Cards Claudine and Peter
Back To The Stage Cat, Danielle, Helena, and Ygraine
Dodging the Bullet Kain and Mischa
09/25 Two for the Lion's Den Elle and Niki
Fists Of Determination Claude and Helena
Messages And Farewells Eve and Jennifer
Our Blessed Lady Of Neverending Ammo Helena and Jennifer
Call By Morning Danielle and Kaydence Lee
I Have A Job For You Alexander, Helena, and Trask
Retroactive Damage Control Bryan, Odessa, and Peter
09/26 Of Death Threats and Demons Cat, Danielle and Ygraine
The Cat And Dani Plans Cat and Danielle
It's Your Call Cat, Danielle, and Ygraine
The Socialite and the Cyclist Gigi and Ygraine
09/27 I'd Do It Different Daniel, Helena, and Jennifer
09/28 Dealing with the Devil Danielle and Linderman
First Day Of School Claude and Helena
Trying Plan B Cat and Danielle
A Shiny Record of Truth-Telling and Other Such Honest Behavior Alexander, Bryan, Claire, Gina, Kain and Sylar
I'm In Claire and Helena
Things of Value Kain and Linderman
09/29 No One Expects The Russian Inquisition Helena, Jennifer, and Trask
Mind the Sunflowers Claire, Helena, and Sylar
The Insidious Panini Conspiracy Jennifer and Kent
09/30 The Sailing Club Anselm, Grace, Jennifer and Ygraine
Red Heels And Rose Petals Cat and Helena
Desperately Seeking Adam Alexander, Daniel, Eve, and Helena
The Number Twenty-Six Cat and Danielle
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