Logs for September 2011

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28 logs posted for September 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Early Morning Motivation Brennan and Michelle
Afternoon Promises and Maybes Delia and Nick
09/03 Late Night Freedom or Death Devon and Ryans Woven Worlds
09/04 Wee Hours Anchor in the Dark Devon and Elisabeth
09/05 Night Alternate Reality Demise Lancaster and Vincent Woven Worlds
09/06 Night Gatekeepers Edgar, Eileen, Francois, Huruma, Lynette and Rue Liberty or Death
Night Run Blind, I Colette, Judah, and Tamara
09/08 Afternoon Lunching Ladies and Lads Fred, Koshka, Nadira and Sandi Liberty or Death
09/12 Afternoon Blinded Devon, Fred, Quinn and Savannah Liberty or Death
Evening How Much For a Leg? Brennan, Delia, Michelle, and Nick
09/13 Early Evening The Rest of Us Devon and Graeme
Late Evening Unannounced Brennan, Devon, and Graeme
09/14 Wee Hours Only My Dreams Delia and Nick Woven Worlds
Morning Morning Commute Devon and Graeme
Evening Fit For A Quiet Life Abby, Barbara and Huruma
09/15 Late Night If You Know Where to Look Devon and Quinn Woven Worlds
09/16 Afternoon Futures Kincaid and Quinn Woven Worlds
09/17 Noon Supercuts Delia, Nick, and Raquelle
09/18 Early Afternoon Anything But Syracuse Joanna and Tasha
09/19 Afternoon Serves Him Right Gael, Griffin and Michelle Liberty or Death
09/19 Late Morning Fucked It Up Kincaid and Nicole
09/23 Midday This Way or No Way Nicole
09/24 Noon What's Done is Done Delia and Nick
Night Out of the Basement Edgar, Fred and Monica Liberty or Death
09/27 Evening Just Keen Adel, Dirk, Elaine, Kincaid, Lene, Quinn, and Tasha
09/28 Evening It Takes Talent Delia and Nick
09/30 Afternoon Present and Future Heroics Devon and Kincaid Woven Worlds
Sunset Recruiting Some Brains Huruma, Lashirah and Ryans
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