Logs for September 2018

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75 logs posted for September 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Morning The Pen is Blue Kaylee and Luther
09/02 Late Afternoon Untouchable Huruma and Keira
09/03 Morning You Will Die Delia and Eve
Evening Homework Harmony and Richard
09/04 Evening Text Message Tango Devon and Emily
09/06 Early Afternoon Under The Table Oneiromancy Delia and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Digging Up The Past Barbara and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Point Failure Iris, Joe, Niki, Squeaks, Tibby
09/07 Evening Winslow-Crawford Academy Gala Alister, Cooper, Delilah, Emily, Eve, Gwen, Huruma, Jim, Jonathan, Lene, Luther, Marlowe, Megan, Nicole, Orwell, Oscar, Peyton, Richard, Robyn, Tibby, and Zain
Evening Winslow-Crawford Academy Gala - Patio Cooper, Delilah, Eve, Hailey, Jonathan, Lance, Lene, and Marlowe
Evening Winslow-Crawford Academy Gala - Men's Room Alister, Cooper, Oscar, Luther, Sylvester, Zain
Night This Must Be The Place Des Hunters
09/08 Morning Emergency Brass Injection - Interlude Pending
Night Go Long Lene, Rue and Quentin Hunters
09/09 Midday In Pursuit of Second Chances Devon and Emily
Afternoon With Patience and Practice Devon and Emily
09/10 Evening Old Family Movies, Part II Des and Richard
Late Evening It Gets Weirder Des and Richard
09/11 Morning Matsuri Nisatta and Zelda
Afternoon (Not A) Substitute Julie and Richard
Evening An Unexpected Party Brynn, Devon, Emily, Joe, Lene, Lance, Owain
09/12 Pre-Dawn The Fondness of Enmity Eve
Early Evening Old Cowboy Eve, Huruma and Ryans
Evening This Old House Lene and Squeaks
09/14 Late Morning A:dikwahna' Atticus and Richard
Late Night Consequences Nicole
09/15 Afternoon ... --- ... Squeaks
Evening Secret Messages Brynn, Lance, Squeaks
09/17 Wee Hours Family Trait Delia and Jasmine
Late Morning charlottesweb17 Emily, Gillian, Squeaks
Early Afternoon Hypothesis Emily and Squeaks
Evening Cryptography Brynn, Emily, Lance, and Squeaks
09/19 Mid Morning A Brand New Zoo Gillian, Hailey, and Squeaks
Early Afternoon It's A Sabotage Corbin and Zelda
Late Evening The Art of Sharing Eve and Richard
09/20 Late Morning A Brand New Zoo Gillian, Hailey, and Squeaks
Afternoon The Shattered Lady Eve and Squeaks
Evening East Meets West Asi Fires of Creation
Night The Hunter Becomes the Hunted Eileen, Etienne, Gabriel, Nick, Kaylee, and Samson
Late Night Like Any Widower Eileen and Gabriel
09/22 Afternoon Name Your Price Brynn and Keira
Evening Who's Afraid of the Dark? Devon, Ezra, Hailey, Jim, Lance, Lucille, Marlowe, and Owain
Evening The Space Between Eve and Mara
Late Evening Siblings in Seedy Back Alleys Hailey and Lance
09/23 Evening Remember Him As He Was Benji, Calvin, Delia, Ingrid, Lucille, Nicole, Ryans, and Sofia
09/24 Morning Civilian Berlin and Richard Hunters
Morning Security Berlin and Luther Hunters
Evening Textual Huruma and Richard Hunters
09/25 Early Evening Visit From A New Friend Corbin and Eve
09/26 Afternoon Ironman Cometh Marlowe and Richard
09/27 Morning A Caged Bird Still Sings Rhys, Robyn, and Waite Hunters
Early Evening What Was Taken, Part I Cassandra and Ryans
Night No Light, No Light, Part II Robyn
Night What Was Taken, Part II Cassandra and Ryans
Night The Voice of the People Caspian, Delilah, Emily, Eve, Gillian, Greg, Joanne, Lance, Mira, Short, Sue, Tasha, Quentin, Richard, Squeaks, and Zelda Fires of Creation
Garden of Forking Paths
Night Radio Moonlight Huruma
09/28 Midmorning Turn the Page Squeaks
Morning What Was Taken, Part III Cassandra, Richard, and Ryans
Morning What Was Taken, Part IV Cassandra, Richard, and Ryans
Afternoon A New Development Corbin and Zelda
Afternoon Backup Power Before Winter Caspian and Gillian
Late Afternoon These People Are Suspect Corbin, Marlowe, and Zelda
09/29 Morning Un Pas Après L'autre Lance, Olson, Rhys, and Robyn
Morning Nothing Like Old Times Donovan and Richard
Late Morning Blanc/Noir LeRoux and… Hunters
Noon よろしく Asi, Kay, and Nisatta Fires of Creation
Afternoon If You Stay Berlin and Rory
Night Rollin' Dice Delia, Finn, Jim, Lucille, and Tania
Night Mischief Managed Salem and Tania
09/30 Afternoon Don't Believe In Coincidences Anymore Richard and Robyn Garden of Forking Paths
Afternoon Welcome to Clone Club Chess, Eve, Kimberly, and Luther Fires of Creation
Sunset What We Owe To Each Other, Part I Avi and Devon Hunters
Night What We Owe To Each Other, Part II Lucille and Ricky Hunters
Night What We Find in the Dark Berlin Hunters
Night What We Do To Each Other Berlin Hunters
Night What We Owe To Each Other, Part III Devon, Lucille, and Ricky Hunters
09/3-9/30 Thy Eternal Summer Ryans and LeRoux Hunters
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