Logs for September 2019

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38 logs posted for September 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Wee Hours Leading the Half Blind Nicole and Zachery
Afternoon Tr(e)as(h)ure Emily, Finch, and Geneva
Afternoon Mysteries and Mischief Asi and Monica
Late Afternoon Hey Stranger Faulkner and Isis
Late Afternoon Stranger Confessions Faulkner and Isis
Evening Samnite Ignacio and Marlowe Blood and Sand
09/02 Morning First Steps on a Warpath Choi, Nicole, and "Noah" The Dragon
Morning Performance Review Elisabeth, Pete, and Richard The Dragon
Late Morning Eponym Elisabeth, Rich, and Richard The Dragon
Early Afternoon A Social Call Elisabeth, Odessa, and Richard
Afternoon A Unifying Factor Lucille, Nicole, and Pippa
Afternoon Coming Out Azami, Miguel, and Raquelle The Dragon
Late Afternoon Ash's Day Out Ash and Isis
09/03 Late Morning Project Lattice - Going Green Aislinn, Richard, and Seren
Noon Superhero Adam and Squeaks The Dragon
Afternoon What Is Your Name? Greg, Sharrow, and Yi-Min The Dragon
09/04 Afternoon Kindred Spirits Ali and Emily Uncharted Territory (Dendrolatry)
09/05 Noon Unity? Adrienne, Yi-Min, and Zachery The Dragon
09/07 Morning A Secret Chord Emily and Zachery
Afternoon Crunchy on the Outside Amadeus and Finch
Dusk Special Containment Procedures Richard and Voss The Dragon
09/08 Late Morning The Old You Adam and Ryans The Dragon
Afternoon Will You Fight? Everleigh and Odessa
09/09 Afternoon Living Paintings Brynn and Silvia
09/10 Afternoon Oreos Emily and Eve
09/11 Late Afternoon The Nothing Lynette, Mateo, and Voss The Dragon
Evening One Year Later Brynn, Devon, Emily, Huruma, Geneva, Joe, and Silvia
09/12 Afternoon Threshold Matthew, Robyn, and Rue The Dragon
Evening Finding More Questions Kaylee
09/13 Late Afternoon A Fool's Errand Emily and Yi-Min
09/14 Early Afternoon A Ghost in the Grounds Richard and Yi-Min The Dragon
09/15 Afternoon Office Hours Eve and Richard The Dragon
Afternoon Elusive Bones Elisabeth and Eve
09/20 Afternoon Welcome Complications Marlowe and Monica
09/27 Afternoon You Knew This Nowak and Richard
Night Northern Lights Elisabeth and Richard
09/29 Evening Two Stubborn People Walk Into a Bar Nicole and Richard
09/30 Morning Handsy Nicole and Richard
Evening Play It Again Ignacio and Salem Blood and Sand
From To Title Participants Storyline
09/?? 09/?? Middletown Press Kara
??/?? ??/?? The Pawn and the Prince, Part II Eileen and Kara The Dragon
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