Logs for September 2020

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85 logs posted for September 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Early Evening Linked Aman and Pride
Evening Face the Strange Aman and Odessa
Evening Art pour l'Art Jim, Joaquin, Jonah, Nova, Orwell, Peyton, Robyn, Roxie, Royce, and Seren
Late Evening There You Are Ace and Odessa
09/02 Late Morning No Earthbound Misfit Megan
09/03 Night Hearts Lance, Lene, and Peter Stepping Out With A Memory
09/04 Mid Morning Collegiate Coffee Break Nova and Roxie
Late Morning You Won't, But You Might Pride and Richard
Late Afternoon Shared Trauma Asi and Richard Like Pygmalion
Evening Bittersweet Symphony Nova and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
09/05 Late Morning Insight Kenner and Nicole Like Pygmalion
Evening (Different Kinds of) Clone Club Chess and Magnes
09/06 Afternoon Hypocrisy and Hardballs Toussaint and Zachery Like Pygmalion
Morning Övermorgon Jim and Orwell Distant Shores
09/07 Morning Fully Baked Cassandra and Delilah
Morning Pack Your Bags Cesar, Collins, Corbin and Geneva in absentia
Morning Butterscotch and Theories Bright and Nicole Like Pygmalion
Evening Avoid the Blowfish Castle and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
09/08 Late Morning Förrgår, Part I Carver, Dumortier, Elsef, Finn, Jepp, Kara, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Late Morning Förrgår, Part II Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Mats, Nicole, and Robyn Distant Shores
Noon En Krusning i Tidsströmmen Carver, Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Dumortier, Elsef, Finn, Jepp, Kara, Mats, Nicole, Roald, Robyn, Sonja, Stig, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Noon Djävlarna Cooper, Finn, Jepp, Jim, Kara, Mats, Nicole, and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Noon Kon Chris and Corbin Distant Shores
Afternoon Nattvak Cooper, Dumortier, Jepp, Kara, and Mats Distant Shores
Afternoon Hjälpen Behöver Hjälp Carver, Chris, Cooper, Corbin, Dumortier, Elsef, Finn, Jim, Kara, Nicole, Robyn. and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Hemma Innan Mörkret Bright, Castle, Carver, Chris, Cooper, Corbin,Dumortier, Finn, Hedda, Jim, Kara, Nicole, Robyn. and Yi-Min Distant Shores
Night A Red Door Gates Distant Shores
09/09 Wee Hours Second Home Leroy Onryou
Early Evening Going Off Script (Again) Castle and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
09/10 Evening Around the Block Avi and Debra
Evening Paperwork Debra and Huruma
Night Care of Cell 44 Ace, Eve, and Odessa
09/11 Morning The Consequences of Our Choices Richard and Sabine
Late Afternoon Police in a Pickle Elisabeth and Hailey
09/12 Dawn Morning Light Kara and Yi-Min
Afternoon Masked Ace, Castle, and Odessa Distant Shores
09/13 Afternoon Answers Abby and Lisa Like Pygmalion
09/14 Afternoon Signs of Wellness Brynn and Emmie Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Sweet Tea and Salty Tears Kaylee and Toussaint Like Pygmalion
09/15 Morning Grasping For Hope Kaylee and Richard Like Pygmalion
Late Morning Psychometer or Bust Aman, Odessa, and Phoenix
Late Morning Try Praying Abby and Richard Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Monkey Speaks Not Abby, Bright, and Castle Like Pygmalion
Evening Lean On Me Elisabeth and Kaylee
09/16 Wee Hours Falling Leaves Brynn, Delia, Emily, Finch, Geneva, Joe, Roxie, and Squeaks
Morning Might As Well Evran, Roman, and Sahara Children of the Ashes
Late Morning Let's Do Science Kaylee, Odessa, Yi-Min, and Zachery Like Pygmalion
09/18 Midday Unhappy Occasion Aman, Kara, and Rue Through a Looking Glass Darkly
09/17 Midday The Green String Odessa and Richard
Evening A Case of Identity Lance and Peter
09/19 Early Morning Calling Card Evran and Roman Children of the Ashes
Late Morning Start of a Series Colette, Denisa, Elisabeth, Lance, Lucy, Mala, Nguyen, and Robyn Children of the Ashes
Afternoon Cogito Ergo (Zero) Sum Avi and Elliot
Evening Rock the Cradle Elliot and Rue
09/19 Afternoon Live Mas Eve and Odessa
09/20 Late Afternoon What Does This Button Do? Eve, Julie, Pride, Yi-Min and Zachery
09/21 Late Morning The New Old Kids On The Block Asi, Devon, Elliot, Huruma, and Wright
Noon The New Old Kid on the Block Huruma and Wright
Afternoon Coffee Connection Rue and Wright
Afternoon Not SESA Bright, Gillian, Reeves, and Squeaks Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Intimidation Tactics Elisabeth and Kaylee Like Pygmalion
09/22 Early Morning Salvage Talk Evran and Iván Children of the Ashes
09/23 Morning Muffin Break Delilah and Jac
Evening A New Sense of Belonging Joaquin, Nova, and Roxie
09/24 Evening Obstruent Devon and Rue Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Evening A Rue By Any Other Name Devon and Seren Through a Looking Glass Darkly
Late Evening A Real Hero Abby, Joanne, Louis, and Squeaks
09/25 Sunrise So Much Better Than Twelve Dogs Emily and Finch
Late Morning Staying Grounded Elliot, Megan, Wright
Evening Many as One Antje, Carver, Chris, Dave, Dumortier, Elisa, Eve, Finn, Hull, June, Kara, Lang, Lucille, Magnes, Marlene, Odette, Tara, and Yi-Min
Night That Bitch ??? Distant Shores
09/26 Night "Murder," He Says Ace, Elisabeth, Odessa, and Richard
Late Night Tangled Heartstrings Elisabeth and Richard
Late Night Nightcap Ace and Odessa
09/28 Morning Basket of Mysteries Asi and Reeves Like Pygmalion
Mid-Morning A Welcome Thing Elisabeth and Odessa
Late Morning Asylum Lance, Louis, Penny, and Robyn
09/29 Morning Something So Terrible Shu-Fen Distant Shores
Morning Sorry About That Asi and Elliot
Evening The Best of Intentions Cedric, Harding, Medina, and Praeger
Night ICE-NINE, Part I Gates Distant Shores
09/30 Morning This Responsibility Jac
Afternoon Political Therapy Odessa and Sahara
Night The Ruin of Many a Poor Boy Elisabeth and Kain
From To Title Participants Storyline
08/21 09/29 Peculiarity Jac and Zachery Like Pygmalion
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