A storyline on String Theory MUX is a series of related logs that together form a Tinyplot (TP). It doesn't matter whether the TP is player-run or staff-run, or if it takes place over a few days, a few weeks or a few months; if it's the kind of story that affects a wide breadth of characters, it belongs here. Try to think of each volume as a collection of short stories/novellas, and each chapter as a separate (but semi-related) tale.

Note: Before adding any new chapters, please consult with staff to make sure that your storyline belongs here. More likely than not, you'll probably be right — but there's always a chance there might be a better place on the wiki for it.

String Theory

Volume One: Ascent

Volume Two: Divisions

Volume Three: A Collective Fear

Volume Four: A Taste of Armageddon

Volume Five: Nadir

Volume Six: A Sound of Thunder

Volume Seven: Escalation

Volume Eight: Fallout

Volume Nine: Fahrenheit

Volume Ten: Awakening

Volume Eleven: The Hunted

Volume Twelve: Divided We Fall

Volume Thirteen: Crossroads

Volume Fourteen: Five Years Gone

String Theory: Aftermath

Volume One: The Way Back

Volume Two: Resurrection

Volume Three (Horizons)

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