Lola's Got a Gun


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Scene Title Lola's Got a Gun
Synopsis Yes, another one, but even that can't help her reconcile the work she has to do for Linderman with her own morals.
Date September 26, 2009

Adam's Apartment

Lola probably trashed it again.

Last night, Lola busted into the SoCo in order to wash the taste of little Asian man out of her mouth.

She stumbled out, and ended up at Adam's apartment rather than her own.
She found him not home, but really, would that stop her? Even drunk, she as able to break in. She peeled her tank top off in the living room (yes she's wearing a bra, sorry boys) and made her way to the bedroom.

FLOP She landed, face down, shoes on, right atop his duvet.
Morning rolls around, or even afternoon, and she's still curled up in his duvet, spread out and taking up the entirety of the bed as she snoozes, a pillow haphazardly thrown over her head. Ah yes. Sleeping Beauty.

Adam didn't come back to the apartment last night, he had business to take care of, including getting a shit load of RPGs. So when he comes back in the morning and eventually finds Lola passed out on his bed, he frowns. There's two disconcerting things here; the first is that she decided to break into his apartment, the second is a question of why she broke into his apartment instead of going back to her own, which was closer to the speak easy. He furrows a brow and then kicks the bed. "Wake up."

Lola doens't speak, but she does grunt. A feminine grunt, but a grunt none the less. Adam will have to kick the bed a time or two more in order to rouse her, but eventually she does sit up, hair every which way, bra strap hanging haphazardly over her shoulder. "Wat?" she asks, groggily rubbing her eyes. At least most of her hangover is gone by now. Blinking, she looks around, up at Adam. "Hi," then she looks around the room as she starts to scoot to the edge of the bed. "This ain' my apartment. Huh." She shakes her head once more and moves to stand, looking around. "Where's mah shirt?"

Adam frowns a moment, "There's a good question." he considers her, "I told you not to break into my apartment anymore, and here you've done it twice. It's like I can't trust you. I specifically didn't add in any extra security because I trusted you. You're making me believe that this was a mistake." he pauses for a moment, "And why are you drunk?"

Shit. See, this is why Lola doesn't drink much. She does stupid things like this. "I was just out fer the night, sugar. Had a bit too much. Came back here cause I ain' one ta be sleepin' alone when I got a little buzz goin' on, ya know?" In New Orleans, little buzz means excruciatingly drunk. But that's neither here nor there. "But ya weren' here. Sorry about breakin in," She does sound sincere. She is sorry. "Just…had a bit too much, wanted in, if ya…if ya know what I mean. Didn' mean no harm by it." She rubs her forhead with a grumble, lifting the blanket to cover herself a bit. "I really am sorry…didn' mean no harm, I swear."

Adam frowns, but she does seem sincere, which is actually a bit out of character for her. He tilts his head for a moment and decides to accept her apology, in fact, he even sits down on the bed next to her and reaches over to stroke her hair. He doesn't actually remember what a hangover feels like, he can't really empathize, but he does sympathize. "Why did you have a little buzz going in the first place?" he asks.

Lola groans, letting her head fall weakly against Adam's shoulder. "Told ya sugar. Went out ta have a good night, dancin' an all the rest. Then I decided ta have some beer. So I had some beer. Then I decided I wanted a SoCo. So I had a SoCo. And another. And another. An then I was here." She giggles, shaking her head, tilting her face to press herself against Adam's neck. "I don' handle the SoCo like a Southern Gal should."

Adam continues to stroke her quietly and is quiet for several moments. Eventually, he pauses long enough to say, "Well, you'll get better. You should drink water before you go to bed when you're drunk. You get a hangover for dehydration." he comments. He stands from the bed and walks out to the living room before calling out, "I got you a present."

Lola grumbles as Adam goes away. Men are silly! She didn't want him to go! But fine! "It is mah shirt?" She calls, looking around the blankets and sheets, trying to find the damn thing. She isn't one of those girls to go parading herself around shirtless. "I woulda drank water, sugar, but by that point my brain was reduced to find a man an' curl up with him which is when I remembered I had a boyfriend which was when I tried ta find yer ass. Where were ya, anyway?" She wraps herself up in a sheet and begins to shuffle after him.

Adam is standing over his dining room table where there is a small plastic case that he's holding. It's big enough to hold a power drill or some other such thing. "I was working." he says in response. He pauses, "And during work, I found something that I thought might interest you." he opens the case and inside is a gun. "You've been talking about guns so much, I thought you would want one of your own." he pauses, "It's a glock 22, standard issue for law enforcement. You know, cops, detectives, fbi and so forth."

Lola slides her tush up on the table, tying the sheet around her breasts as though it were a bathrobe. This allows her to reach forward, brushing Adam's hands as she takes the gun from him. And she's grinning, ear to ear, dimples and all. "Alright, sugar. Ya done good!" She praises, reaching out to take the gun from the case and turning it over in her hands. FBI too huh? Now her grin becomes more mischevious. "Will ya show me how ta work it?"

Adam mms, "Well, the basics are to just point and shoot." he reaches forward and takes the gun, showing her a small lever on the side, "This is the safety. When the safety is on, the gun won't shoot, like it is now." he flicks the lever, "When you turn the safety off, the gun will shoot." then he flicks the safety back on, "Unless you're going into a warzone, you always want to leave the safety on unless you plan to shoot."

Lola smiles, leaning over and throwing her arms around Adam's shoulders, giving him a big wet smooch on the cheek. "Aw sugar, I don' care what none a them other folks say about you, yer alright." Of course she's very excited about the gun. Unknown to Adam, she has a very nice rifle in her possesion as well. What a nice littler arsenal she is aquiring! "Just oughta curiousity, where'd ya find this?"

Adam tilts his head for a moment, "A leprachaun." he says after a moment. Seamus might be considered a leprachaun to some, just not likely to his face. "He had a nice irish accent and didn't want me to take his pot of gold." he leans forward and kisses her on the lips gently. "Now…I'll teach you to clean it later, because you need a kit and I don't feel like getting it out." but he takes the gun from her, "But you see this button here on the side?" he points to said button, "You press this hard and the magazine falls out." and so it does, "This is how you load and reload the gun. But always remember, there's always one in the barrel. You've got to put some effort on the barrel and pull it back to get it out." which he does, pulling the barrel slide back and pops out the final bullet. He slides that bullet back into the magazine and then pops the magazine back into the gun and slides the barrel back again, "And now it's ready to load." he points to the safety,
"Once you reload, the safety is always off, remember that."

Lola murmers happily, a sound between a sigh of ascent and a giggle. But she's busy - she's kissing his neck while he shows her all the tricks. Of course she's watching but…still. Guns are sexy or something. "Right, right right," she parrots. "Reload, push on the barrel, always loaded, somethin' about safety…." She really caught a lot more of that than she lets on, but really, that's how she talks most of the time anyway.

Adam smirks a bit and flicks the safety on the gun and lays it beside him on the dining room table. He lets her shower his neck with kisses and then tilts her head up so that she's kissing him on the lips, or at least he's kissing her. He wraps his arms around her waist and suddenly pulls her up, moving her against his lap and forcing a bit of a straddle. "Well, good to see you're happy."

Lola wrinkles her nose, smiling as she kisses the man again. "I am, an I'm glad. Ya been such a spoilsport lately I was beginin' ta think this whole datin' thing were a bad idea," she says, letting her legs swing opposite each other, even in the one-leg-on-either-side position she's in, tush still firmly planted on the table. "But yer bein' sweet again, so I might reconsider." Another peck on the lips to assure him of that.

Adam hmms a bit at that. "Well, it's good that you're thinking about reconsidering." he says. He reaches up and brushes one long strand of hair back before he says, "I suppose this means that you're going to go make me breakfast now."

Lola wrinkles her nose in thought for a moment. "If by make ya mean put some food on a pan an cook it until it don' crumble from blackness? Sure, I reckon I could do that. But ya gotta find my shirt first - I ain the sorta slut ta be waltzin' around some fellah without a top on." She reaches up, curling her fingers in Adam's hair, giving him another long kiss before breaking it in a sudden thought. "Ya got Cayenne pepper? Eggs ain' eggs without cayenne pepper." Oh god. Spicy Nawlins breakfast.

Adam considers Lola for a moment, "What do I get if I find your shirt?" that's laying five feet away from them, "I mean, you could have left that shirt anywhere. You could have left it outside." then he pauses, "I'm not just 'some fellah', you say I'm your boyfriend. That should count for something."

Lola sticks out her tongue. "I say it? Aw, does that mean you don' say it? Well then, sugar, I really need ta get my shirt. Cause that just makes me all kinds a trashy if I'm shirtless in some fellah's apartment when he ain' even my boyfriend." She wiggles to the edge of the table, trying to scoot off to go and find her shirt, still rather playful. "Maybe I'll give ya that tie I bought ya 'fer yer birthday'."

Adam smirks a bit, "Wouldn't want anyone to think you're trashy. We certainly have to make sure we protect your honor." but his hands slide around her bottom, which keep her more or less pinned in her position, "But you still haven't told me what I'd get for finding your shirt."

Lola smirks, flicking his nose. "How 'bout I don' sock ya in the mouth?" She asks, still grinning. But she nudges him with her foot. "And I got news for ya, doll-face. I ain' trashy. Ask anybody. I may not look too fancy or talk too nice, but I know better'n to do things that girls with all them loose morals and no self respect do. I'm better'n that."

Adam mms, "Of course you are." he says, "That's why you're with me." he says. But his hands don't move from her bottom. If anything, they sort of feel around a bit, "I wouldn't want you with me if you were trashy." at least, not to the point she'd know where he lives.

Lola raises a brow. "So does that mean I am with ya? CAuse if I'm the only one that says boyfriend…well I need my shirt now." She reminds him, giving him a kiss on the corner of this mouth. "Either way, ya'd be a gentleman if ya did find it. I was kinda drunk, but I doubt I'd have tossed it far from here."

Adam hmms, "Well, I guess I'm your boyfriend then." but he's still taking some slight liberties with her bottom. Nothing too invasive, but it's more feel than he'd get on a dance floor. "Alright then, I found your shirt." he pauses, "But, maybe I don't want breakfast, maybe we should just go lay down in bed for a while."

Lola shrugs a bit, pondering the thought for a moment. "Well I do still got a headache. Layin' down wouldn' hurt," she muses, thoughtfully. "Though ya gotta remember not ta send me any more flowers, while we're on the topic a layin. Yer lovely little secre-bitch already informed me that's what ya do with the women yer nailin, an unless ya forgot, we ain' nailin yet."

Adam smirks a bit and scoops his hands under her bottom to lift her as he stands and to carry her back towards the bedroom, "Sabrina exagerates. You may have noticed she's rather misanthropic and doesn't care for social niceties. On the other hand.." he says as he kisses her lightly, "We could always fix that now."

Lola smirks, letting him carry her. Hey, it's nice to be carried every now and again! Using her legs can get difficult. "We could…" she muses, tapping her chin in faux thought. "But ya weren' here last night," When she was so wasted she'd have nailed Richard Simmons. "An we already agreed ya'd give me my shirt back, which sorta defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Maybe ya just gotta behave more, an sleep in yer own bed more often, an ya might get lucky. Or be more sweet."

Adam actually lays her down on the bed and then falls on top of her, pinning her, though not roughly. He mms, "I don't recall every saying that I'd give you your shirt back." he says, "Just that I might find it for you." he leans in and kisses her gently, "And I'm plenty sweet." he says, "I tell you you're beautiful and funny and keep things exciting." he leans in and kisses her again.

"Fatass," Lola groans as he lays on her. It's in jest, she's aware he's being gentle. But playful is just Lola's game. "Ya kin be plenty sweet," she agrees. "But ya been kinda borin' lately. What's that fancy word that really smart customer a mine used ta use? Blase. French word. More of a Hatian-Creole girl myself, never really caught on to the whole french thing." Yes, she speaks an abortion of a language. A lovechild between worlds. "If ya can' handle me fer more than spurts at a time…."
Adam tsks a bit, "You knew I was a busy man when you met me." he says as he takes this time of debate to actually begin toying with her clothes, even making some headway for this second, "I always have a lot on my mind, but you should know you're in there too. You've got to take the job with the man."

Lola grumbles softly in assent. She knows, she understands, she just likes being a pain in his ass. It's fun! She lets him toy with her clothes, but she won't let him get too terribly far. "Long as I'm yer girl, I'm sure I can forgive the rest of it." She rolls her eyes, as if this were a very hard decision.

Adam considers this for a few moments than reaches up one hand away from her various body parts and sticks his finger on the tip of her nose, "You're my girl." well, one of them. But adding that would sort of ruin the mood. He leans down and kisses her gently, "Well, if you're not going to let me have my way with you, I think you should go make me some breakfast." he even gives her a light tap on her bottom.

Lola giggles, pulling herself up to her feet and promptly sitting on Adam's lap. "I hope ya like spicy," she warns, giving him a kiss on the lips. "But if ya don' know a thing about me by now, ya gotta figure that I don' let nobody have nothin' a mine. Ya gotta earn it, sugar."

Adam leans back in the bed and says, "Well, we'll see how hot you can make it." he gives her one of those enigmatic smiles like 'there's nothing I haven't been through' which, is mostly true. He tilts his head, "Well, I was sort of thinking that it was ours, really. So it's more like sharing."

Lola stands, wandering into the kitchen, but she'll be damned if space will ever end a conversation. She'll just become louder until her voice carries. "I've heard every example in the book to get into my legs, English. The final step of our datin is you not usin' a single one a them tired excuses ta nail me."

Adam arches a brow, "Hmm. I'm not sure you're making this worth my while." he says, "With these kind of rules, you'd think you were still a virgin.." there's a pause and calls out, "Are you still a virgin?"

"I'm a pickpocket from Nawlins, the hell do you think?" No, Adam. That means no. Letting the oil heat up, Lola wanders back to Adam, crawling on top of him and straddling him comfortably. "But I know nuff 'bout men ta know they'll treat ya like crap when they're done with ya, an I like ya, English. I don' want that ta happen, if it's all the same ta you."

Adam pauses for a moment at that, "Lola….there may come a time when we part ways. But…it's not going to be because we slept together." unless she's really bad at it, that's always a possibility.

Lola sits up, hair falling over her shoulders as she looks down at the blonde immortal. "I ain' sayin till death do us part. I just wanna make sure ya ain' gonna kick me out onto the street once ya've had yer way with me. S'all. Plenty a men'd do that to ya in a heartbeat back home."

Adam tilts his head for a few moments as he considers her, "Lola…this isn't back home. And I'm not some trucker trying to pick up a young thing." he reaches up and touches her nose again, "Do you think I would buy you a gun if all I wanted to do was.." he pauses and close his eyes as if remembering something. His lips move and she might even notice it's some sort of rap, before he opens his eyes and says, "Hit it and quit it?"

His words do seem to calm Lola a bit as she lays out on top of him, curling her arms behind his head with a mischevious grin. "That song's bout as old as you are, sugar…" She teases, kissing him again. Oh, she really has no idea. But she's just trying to make a point anyway. "Ya do know that if ya turn out ta be some trucker or somethin? I'll pop ya a few. Right here." she taps his forhead, between his eyes. "Span of a second I kin blow off a man's head with a rifle. There's proof of it. Headless men prove it."

Adam strokes her hair lightly, his finger running through them and says, "Still wouldn't kill me." he says sincerely. He leans up and kisses her gently and then lays back, "I'm pretty sure a trucker couldn't afford this apartment. Or the one I bought you."

"Truckers come in all shapes an sizes an income levels. I ain' a forgivin' sort. If ya wanna go this road, ya better be prepared for it." She does seem rather rough and ready about the whole thing - and about life, really. "Neither of us is good people, doll, but it's what I'd ask a anyone. Just…don' fuck with me, not like that."

Adam arches a brow for a moment, "I'm…really not following you anymore. You seem to be saying something serious. And it's sort of english, but it's not making any sense." he brushes her bangs back from her forehead, "Just don't betray me." he says, 'That's all I really ask. You'd be surprised how much of that I've had to live with."

Lola sits up, offering a little shrug. "I'd say I won', an you'd say you won'." That's her answer. Because she might betray him, and he might betray her. "But I ain' ever gonna go out an try ta hurt ya doll. Even if we are both real bad folk."

Adam tilts his head at that, a frown forms on his lips for a moment as he watches her a bit. There's something about her answer that clearly doesn't sit well with him. He's quiet for a few moments and reaches up, patting her cheek gently and sits up, "I actually have a meeting to get to." he pauses, "Can I trust you not to wreck my apartment."

"No," Lola answers, squarely settling down to straddle him to the bed. "I'm makin' breakfast, remember? ACtually I'm makin' oil, an it's probably burnt by now. But yer all frowny, an ya always seem ta go away frowny. Stay here until ya ain' so upset, alright? Stay here wif me?"

Adam shakes his head a bit and says, "I'm not.." he pauses, "Frowny?" he seems a bit incredulous. "I'm not upset, I've just got a meeting to get to. I have someone I need to gove orders to, yeah?" he pats her cheek again and sits up, "Everything's fine, but you know I've got to work."

Lola falls back on the bed with a sigh. "Alright then, but ya promise ta take me shootin' soon? Ya did promise ya would, ages ago." She lays back, spread out nicely on the duvet, watching him with those dark eyes of hers as she waits for an answer.

Adam hmms a bit as he thinks about it, "Well, I'm sure I can do it in the next few days…maybe tomorrow?" he pauses as he thinks, "I'll have to check with Sabrina, make sure there's nothing on my schedule. It's not the shooting itself that takes so long, it's getting somewhere no one will notice all the shooting."

"Alright." She says, waiting for Adam to go, giving him a wave. She'll wait until he's gone to roll onto her side, pulling the pillow close to give it a squeeze, as though it were that long lost Kermit the Frog doll from when she was a child. Really and truely, she isn't sure how long she can do this…

Adam leans down and kisses her on the cheek, but it's perfunctory. He gives her a cordial smile and then leaves his apartment.

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