Looking and Feeling Fabulous


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Scene Title Looking and Feeling Fabulous
Synopsis Nadia has an appointment at Cambria Salon and Day Spa, and ends up making a new friend in Raquelle.
Date September 30, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

Afternoon appointments during the week? Cambria Salon and Day Spa isn't bustling but it isn't empty either. Plenty of people getting their manicures or hair washed and the like in the front of the salon. Raquelle is at the front desk wearing a pair of dark red jeans and a black to with a black blazer, docs on his feet and a red streak in his emo-fringe as he workings on a blow pop and flips through his appointment book, lowering it and eyeing the door as he hmms softly. It always helps when people call ahead.

Being a celebrity can be rather difficult, really. Especially a celebrity of Nadia's nature, an anomaly in the social world. A pro-registration Evolved, Nadia has been coming to terms with her status as a recognizable face and name. From the drunks who begged her to recite her lines from the commercial, to the variety of stares she recieves daily, it's easy to understand that the aspiring architect and sculptor is a bit on the stressed side.

So, she's made an appointment here at Cambria, for a new hair style, and perhaps a bit of pampering as well. A massage might be pleasant. Always the punctual one, the face of registration slips in fifteen minutes early. She wears a simple white dress that billows when she walks, over which is a black shrug. And of course, those killer Jimmy Choos she loves so dearly. Sunglasses are removed as she steps in, peeking around the place with a faint smile on her face.

Raquelle scans the name written down once more before looking up to just stare at Nadia for a moment, sighing softly and shaking his head slowly. "Ahhh…so it /is/ that one…" He murmurs softly to himself, offering an arm and a half-bow to the female. "Hello honey, welcome to the Salon, c'mon baby…you're gonna be my special client today, hmmm?" He nods towards his back office. "Take my arm senorita and lets be friends." He winks and chuckles softly. "Tell me, what can Raquelle do for /you/ today?"

Nadia smiles as Raquelle greets her, reaching out to take his arm. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Raquelle." She giggles a bit. "I need a day of pampering, I think. Massage, manicure, pedicure, new hair style, the works." She giggles softly. "I decided to take a nice 'me' day today." She glances around, appreciatively eying the decor, before turning a smile back to the man. "You were at that date auction."

Raquelle takes the arm all gentlemanly like, nose wrinkling as he gives a little laugh and grin. "Of course it is, everybody is pleased to meet me." He sighs dramatically. "Alas, the pressures of being so darn gorgeous." He winks and leads the way to his office, aka his private work lab and he quirks an eyebrow listening to the list of requests as he ahhs softly. "Splendid! The happier you feel, the more money I have to take my girls to Sanrio Puro-Land one day." He chuckles, slipping his arm free to push his office door open and he blinks. "…date auc-ahh, yes. And you were on TV. See? We're both famous."

Nadia laughs as she follows him to his office, tension visibly releasing from simply being in the company of a friendly face. "I know, it's so rough being beautiful. You must have it way worse than me." She giggles softly. "And I will happily assist in funding that trip! Every kid deserves to go to an awesome theme park with 'Land' or 'World' at the end of it." She laughs. Then, a small nod is offered as she steps into his office. "Yes indeed! I'm the pretty face the Department of Evolved Affairs hired to smile and spread their agenda."

The Office is part office, snazzy desk, cool chairs, mini-fridge and all that but then he has his washing station, styling station…everything set up just right and he point to his styling chair, custom made so he lowers it down a bit. "That's so sweet of you, my girls have had a time due to all the evolved drama and business." He laughs softly. "It'll be good to give them something good for once." Then he pauses for a moment. "Go on, have a seat, I'm going to go find you a foot tub, so I can start your pedi and then figure out what I'm going to do for your hair darling."

Nadia smiles, seating herself in that chair and crossing her legs. "Oh, it's my pleasure! I love brightening people's days." She giggles. "Especially two little girls with such a kind father!" She leans back in the chair, watching Raquelle. "I've heard so many good things about you, so I'll go ahead and let you take the reigns on my hair. I'm an architect and a sculptor, not a hair stylist." She giggles.

Raquelle mmhms softly, worrying his bottom lip as he finally just chuckles and lifts an eyebrow once more. "Sooo, you're an artiste!" He purrs the last word, lowering down to the woman's feet as he gets the foot bath set-up, tapping in some settings so the water can start bubbling, adding some scented oils and the like and he talks as he works. "Good things about /me/ good heavens." He looks up and blinks before looking back down to her feet. "Shoes off, oh honey these are so gorgeous…ah yes, shoes off. You must be a very talented artiste then to be able to afford such a fabulous wardrobe…what's your favorite scent?"

The woman smiles, slipping off the Jimmy Choos and setting them off to the side. Carefully. "An artiste, yes. And I like Lavendar." She laughs softly. "I mostly do sculptures, though I can paint and draw, as well." She giggles. "If you don't mind a tiny little plaquard to advertise my art, I might be willing to part with one of my sculptures for your salon. Or even make one for you!" She giggles. "I have this dream of seeing my statues around the city. And buildings I've designed, too!" She giggles.

"And why do you do prefer sculptures then?" Raquelle asks, easing the woman's feet into the warm water with gentle hands and he chuckles softly. "Yeah, sculpture of myself? Who'd want to see that. If you want to make a sculpture or give one to the salon however, with the plaque to say who made it though." He shrugs. "I wouldn't say no." He hmms. "What types of buildings do you design little artiste?" He studies her feet with a critical eye.

"Well, sculptures offer a nice three dimensional feel to my artwork. I draw things, then sculpt them. And, strange as it may sound, stone is actually the easiest medium for me to work with." She smiles faintly. "It's an ability thing, admittedly." Not like the entire city doesn't already know that she's an Evolved. Not like the entire city couldn't look it up and see all of her information.

Raquelle straightens up once he has the feet where he wants them and he blinks slowly, eyeing the young woman thoughtfully before smiling softly and shaking his head. "Well, if you're good with sculpting, here's hoping you're good with your hands…make some lucky man or woman very happy one day." He bahs softly. "The whole ability thing sometimes goes waaaay over my head, so don't worry. Some people fart rainbows, other people are able to sculpt…" He winks and moves to start setting up his station to handle the hair doing business.

Nadia's practically like putty in his hands, letting him have her way with her feet. She smiles down at the water, relaxing. "Mmf, one can only hope. I have horrible luck with relationships. First guy I tried dating since high school dumped me and wanted nothing to do with me after I told him I'm Evolved. We didn't really date. Few other guys I like…but I don't know." She giggles.

"I'm supposed to go on a date with Montague Bonaventure. I did a charity auction, and auctioned myself off for a date. He dropped one hundred grand for a date with me." Another giggle escapes Nadia's lips. "I don't have any expectations. I'm still trying to fit in with the world of celebrities, and I'm probably a bit too down to earth for him. I hope he doesn't try to bring me to a penthouse apartment like I hear he has. I can't do anything above the third floor. Second is pushing it." Sure, she's babbling, but apparently, Raquelle is the type of person she can do that with.

Raquelle ahhs softly, running a comb through the young woman's hair, studying the texture and plotting things in his head as he tilts his head from one side to the other. "Very brave and curious little woman to be so open about something like that I suppose. Boo on him if something like that would make him dump you, he so wasn't worth it in the first place." He licks his lips and continues working before sighing softly. "Afraid of heights? Or afraid he's going to want to lick your cupcake?" He winks and laughs softly.

Nadia shrugs. "I don't feel I should have anything to be frightened of. I'm a normal person, just like anyone else, I can just do sculpture extraordinarily well." She smiles softly, relaxing in the chair. "He was really gorgeous. But, oh well!" She smiles. "Horribly afraid of heights, to the point where I get sick. And elevators…oh god. I get nauseous just looking at them.

Raquelle spends some time massaging the woman's scalp, listening and quirking an eyebrow. "All…such an oxymoron and entire system. Politics…life…so complicated. It is like how, I'm gay as a fruit bat at a pride parade but I'm still rather normal. I'm not afraid of being who I am or seeking out who I love…but who I choose to shag be it male or female is my business, I wouldn't want to be in a database with all the other 'gay people'." He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "Don't mind me, I'm an idiot about such things." He grins and continues to scalp massage. "We'll do a trim honey and then a style, and before you go on a date with the cutie if you need a touch-up, be sure to come back. Maybe he can keep you on the first floor and you can wow him with your exotic good looks."

Nadia smiles softly. "Well…at the same time, being gay isn't potentially dangerous. In fact, it makes you all the more awesome, and horribly lovable." She chuuckles. "Like, with me. My evolved ability is something that, in the wrong hands, could be very dangerous. You can look it up, I'm a terrakinetic. I have a connection to the earth, and I can quite literally tell it what to do. Thankfully, I do my best to use my ability to create, rather than destroy. But…I think that the only people who have anything to really fear from Registration are the ones who would use their abilities for bad things."

She sighs softly, enjoying the scalp massage. "Mmm, you are wonderful. It's so nice to just come and relax." She grins up at Raquelle. "I think it's heading toward me becoming a regular here, and helping you get your little girls to Sanrio Puro-Land."

"Ahh, still isn't a choice. I think…that nobody will completely agree on the matter. Labels are /sooo/ stressful. It is like registering your pets and having to note down if it is a pit or something, just in case it attacks. As you can tell, I honestly don't really /care/ but…sometimes fear has little to do with wanting to do bad things and instead being afraid of people taking advantage of you." Raquelle, grins and he ends the massage with by combing his fingers through the woman's hair.

He starts to select scissors and what not, getting to work on the trim. "You flatter me babycheeks, you flatter me. But I so don't plan to complain." A grin and he concentrates on his work.

"They really are way too stressful. But, the pay is good, and I like to look at the bright side of things. This has given me the chance to do good on a bigger level than I could before. I've been helping out with Habitat for Humanity, to rebuild some of the apartments around the city for those whose homes are in bad condition." She smiles, enjoying the last of the scalp massage. "I did one art auction a little while ago, and it worked much better than I would have expected. We ended up raising four hundred grand at the last one, which will help so much with the efforts." She smiles. "I'm considering doing another one some time in the future."

"Money isn't everything." Raquelle drawls. "But I'm happy you're able to help folks out, and I'm sure they are happy as well." He chuckles softly, snipping and making use of his razor with technical precision. He does hesitate for a moment before offering carefully. "You consider doing stuff for…kids who are evolved who have had it rough? Perhaps art classes of some type?"

Nadia smiles warmly as Raquelle clips at her hair. "Money isn't everything, no. But a gift of functional living to people who still live in impovershed conditions is a lot. We'll be making sure these people have nice, clean, freshly remodeled homes, electricity, and anything else they lack."

She blinks a few times at his suggestion, and an even brighter smile forms on her face. "I hadn't thought of that, but that would be a wonderful idea! I'll have to pass it through my employers, see if I can use the Suresh Center to host some art classes especially for Evolved youth!" She giggles softly. "Oh gosh, I should make you the head of my ideas department for charity work."

Raquelle just smiles softly. "I do my best to help where I can. I'm a father so…it is important to me to care for and help people." He snips and edges and then starts spritzing it all down for some reason, he's just doing his…thing and humming softly. "I think it is important for folks to not think they are any more or less special that others, so it could be for all children, evolved and not so they all feel loved and special in their own way." He nods slowly and then laughs softly. "Keep that sweet spirit honey. It is sad to think you are the face of an organization and movement that gives folks nightmares, but you yourself aren't the nightmare baby so! Lets get you looking and feeling fabulous today."

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