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Scene Title Looking For Good Work
Synopsis Richard and Kaylee Ray interview a new employee perfect for new initiatives.
Date May 25, 2018

Raytech NYC-HQ

It was inevitable that the hiring flyer that Raytech had put out recently was going to get responses - particularly in New York's safe zone, sometimes steady work wasn't always the easiest to find, and Evolved friendly to boot was a good sell. But one of those hiring appointments had actually predated the flyer by a few days.

A resume dropped off with Human Resources shortly before Richard Ray's return had finally made it's way through to both him and Kaylee - a well qualified candidate who was interested in a few of the public initiatives that Raytech was invested in, and, according to it, just looking to help make a difference.

As she door shuts behind her she turns to face both Richard and Kaylee with a smile, taking a moment to adjust the tie she wears. Hair pulled mostly to one side, she offers a smile to them both as she steps up towards a chair that waits for her. "Mr. and Mrs. Ray. I wasn't expecting t' meet with both of you," she admits, projecting a strong Scottish accent. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you both," she adds as she settles down into a seat across from them.

“Given some recent… events, I decided that I’d take a bit of interest in the hiring process,” Richard replies with an easy smile; dressed in his black-on-black suit, the only color a red tie slashing downwards from his throat. He’s standing off to one side as he flips through a personnel folder, making a thoughtful sound in the back of his throat.

“Also I didn’t have anything to do this afternoon,” he quips, glancing over to his sister with a slight smile.

Behind her antique wooden desk, Kaylee offers the woman across from her a bright smile. “I’m glad you were able to join us today on such short notice. Once I saw your application, I thought it was prudent to get you in.” Posture learned in older times, allows her to sit straight backed, manicured nails resting her in her lap. Long blonde curls are gathered up on her back of her head, though a few strands float at each side of her face.

Her own suit is a deep red, with a black blouse underneath. Never again would she let her brother join her, without checking what he is wearing first. Even though they were both repping in the company colors.

It was a little weird to her. Okay?

Off to the side stands a sharp dressed man, quiet, hands folded in front of him. The coiled wire that goes from his shoulder to his ear, gives away what he is. Bob was assigned to the task of being Kaylee’s bodyguard, today. Okay, he was assigned to her most days anymore, but with interviews today, the new security chief wanted one of the better guards nearby.

It’s pretty obvious that this next applicant was no threat, so the olive-skinned man seems to relax a bit. Though he throws a sideways glance his boss’ way that says he knows the man is full of shit.

Kaylee is oblivious of that as she studies the woman, before she starts the interview. Hands unfold from her lap and motion at her. “As you know, an agrokinetic would be very useful to the company. To start, I’d like to hear why you chose Raytech.”

A respectful nod is given to the bodyguard - even without knowledge of what's been goin on behind the scenes at Raytech, the news of an executive's death by landmine makes their presence that much more understandable, Her attention turns back to the two doing the interview, and she lets out a sigh.

"Well, t' give you both a little bit of background… I started my career as a nurse back in Scotland. And when… the truth about the Evolved came out, against my better judgement… I came out t' my friends, family. And it wasn't long after that that I sought to apply my talent to something more… meaninful." She gives a small nod, relaxing just slightly in her seat.

"I live t' help people, however I can. An' well, when living in the UK became too much of a chore, I thought this would be good place to start over." A hand motions over to Richard, and she offers him her best best smile. "A little bit of research told me about the office you had just opened out here. About your initiatives. I believe someone with my skills and ability could do a lot of good here."

“I don’t blame you one bit for leaving the Isles,” is Richard’s wry comment to that, “I’ve heard rumors of how they treat u— how they treat Evolved over there, and I suspect the rumors aren’t as bad as the truth of it.”

He thumbs through the paperwork in the folder, leaving his sister to ask the questions. She’s better equipped for this, after all.

There is a sound of agreement from Kaylee to Richard’s words. “Well, maybe one day, they will reach the point the US has.” Though that might be awhile, it was for this country. “I see here you have a Masters in Biology. Edinburgh. I’ve heard good things about them. “I’ll be honest with you, we’ve been on the search for someone with your ability, but I believe the degree is an amazing plus.”

Picking up a single sheet of paper from her desk, Kaylee looks over what’s on it. “How are you with working with others? Particularly, how are you at working with a team and are you comfortable with exercising leadership or even taking orders if need be?”

"It's not great," is a quick but honest answer. But all the woman being interviewed can do is shrug. "But that's not something I can do much about the th' moment, so…" She leans forward a bit, her smile turning into a smirk. "Thankfully, for once you all have y'r heads on more straight than we do." She chuckles, but quickly leans back and clears her throat.

"It wasn't my first choice. Like I said, I wanted t' help people, and I started out as a nurse, but… my ability just made it make so much sense t' go int' botany, y' know? Science is fascinating. Plants… I can hear them when I work with them. I mean, not really, but…" She assumes they can put it together at least in concept.

"Well. I've always had t' share responsibilities. As a nurse- that was a huge part of my job. I don't have much leadership experience, I have t' admit, but-" She pauses and laughs, shaking her head. "Well, I grew up with a sister. Twin, so- I had t' take the lead on a lot growin' up, and that never really gave up in my adult life."

“Since you bring it up,” asks Richard, gaze flickering up from the folder, “As I’m sure you know, elemental control abilities can vary rather widely in scope. How exactly does your particular ability work— I know that’s a bit personal, but— “ A wry tug of his lips up at one corner, “— it’s rather important to know for business usage, of course.”

Richard’s question gets a glance from his sister and her bodyguard; the later with an upward tick of his brows. Kaylee turns back to the woman under their scrutiny and adds, “I am legally bound to add, that you are under no obligation to answer that question.” The telepath sounds mildly amused by the question posed by her brother. Much like asking about someone’s age or sexual orientation… asking how an ability works is a bit taboo. “Any answer that you give will in no way affect our decision.”

That out of the way, Kaylee asks, “Do you have a commercial licence for using your ability?”

The woman's eyes slide to look over to Richard, and for a moment it seems like she might be annoyed by the question - instead, she cracks a smile and chuckles. "Yes. Registering with- y' call it "Seesaw", right? an' gettin' commercial clearance was the top a' my things t' do when I gpt here." To the first question, she look back to Kaylee. "This is why I like the way that you do things over here. I'm used t' that question, though."

Hands fold into her lap, a thoughtful look forming as her brow stitches together. "My ability allows me a degree of control over plants. I can…" Fingers rub against each other in one hand as she tries to think of the best way to phrase this. "I can accelerate or inhibit growth in plants, exhibit a small degree of control over their… movements? Branches an' vines an' such. An' I can… I guess talk t' them isn't quite the right word. I communicate with them. I get impressions from them, an' they seem t' understand me in a similar way? It makes taking care of them much easier."

She looks slightly up and to the side. "Growth isn't the right word. Development is a better way of putting it. A properly cared for an' pollinated plant can be brought t' bloom in short order. It can be tiresome for both m'self and for the subject, though… imagine if y'r body went through a growth spurt in moments, and all the resources from around you that would require. It's not the easiest process, but it's doable. An' with my professional training, I've learned how to better understand their physiology much more innately."

The footnote from his sister brings a grin in her direction, Richard’s attention turning back to the woman being interviewed then with a brow’s lift at the description. “Well, then,” he muses, “It sounds like you could do quite a bit with the sufficient resources and nutrients— well, don’t mind me.”

A hint of a smile, and he looks back down to the papers, letting Kaylee go back to control of the interview.

Her brother gets another glance, before Kaylee turns her attention back on the prospective employee in front of her. “I agree with my brother. There is a lot of potential there. Ability and knowledge, it seems that you have a good start on making a difference in the world.”

Head tilting a little with curiosity… Kaylee asks, “If you had resources at your disposal.. What would you like to do with all that knowledge and your ability?”

The woman blinks - clearly this wasn't a question she was expecting. "So, it's hard to say. I've only had time to think, not much time to do, with the laws back home." She offers a small shrug, running a hand through swept over hair. "I mean-" She frowns, thoughtful for a moment. "I was a nurse. Honestly? I just want t' help people. People need food, clean air, medicine. Can you imagine bein' without those?"

An eyebrow quirks. "I mean, what else would y' do if you could do what I do?"

“I like her,” Richard observes, smile tugging up wider, although he doesn’t otherwise comment for the moment.

“Hmm,” Kaylee seems to agree with her brother, thoughtfully.

Taking a deep breath and breathing out a, “Well…” She holds a hand out for the prospect’s file that her brother has. “Unless you have something else, brother?” Kaylee offers a soft smile to the woman. “Just make sure we know of anything that might pop up on a background check. We are pretty lax here about it, but our security chief likes to make sure there is nothing like Humanis First in your background.” Kaylee chuckles and motions to herself and her brother. “We alone should not be throwing stones.”

The woman laughs, offering a small nod. "No, nothin' like that. I've been known t' get a little rowdy in my day, but nothin' too incriminating that I know of." She offers another small, more confident shrug. "Should be pretty fair an' clear all things considered. Maybe I used t' get a little rowdy back in the day, but…" She gives a lopsided smile. "Nothing too catastrophic."

“I don’t think any of us want someone bringing up our old party days,” Richard observes with a low chuckle, closing the personnel folder and tossing it lightly onto Kaylee’s desk, “I think that you’d be a great asset to our urban farming project, personally, given what you’ve told us and your dossier.” He pauses, “Resume, I mean.”

You can take the man out of the covert operations, but not the covert operations out of the man.

“Have you ever heard of River Styx, yet?” Kaylee throws back at her brother, with brows lifted. “Some of us already have it out there in a grossly over exaggerated manner.” she points out blandly, picking up the folder from her desk with a withering, if mildly affectionate, glance his way.

“Anyhow,” Kaylee gives the woman a suffering look. She what she puts up with? “I actually, agree with, my brother. You would be a perfect asset to Raytech.” After making a notation in the folder and flipping it closed again, Kaylee rises to her feet and offers a hand across the desk.

“Aislinn Graves, welcome to Raytech Industries. I look forward to working with you.”


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