Looking Much Better These Days


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Scene Title Looking Much Better These Days
Synopsis That statement applies to both Elisabeth and Rebecca, though in different ways. Rebecca reports on her investigation on the disappearance of April Silver.
Date August 28, 2010


The week in DC was great for her mindset, and likewise a simple night out of Manhattan has been amazing for Elisabeth's mental wellbeing. Rebecca's text for a meet was greeted with a reply of "Will meet you at Redbird." And when Becca arrives in the late afternoon, Elisabeth has taken over the office that is supposed to be Richard Cardinal's and she's working on a laptop unconnected to the internet. Which is very annoying.

Wearing a loose pink tanktop and a pair of tan capris, the blond looks far more rested than she did when she asked Rebecca to take this job, and she looks up with a smile even.

It's been a few days since Rebecca received the assignment to try and track down April Silver from her last known position at the Nite Owl and try and track her as far as she can, and then to do some follow up investigation to see if they can pinpoint her location. Rebecca's ability can only take her so far in that it's difficult to follow a fleeing target while moving backwards.

When she arrives to Redbird, she pulls up a chair and sits down across from Liz as she watches her battle the laptop. Rebecca is actually looking far better than she has in a very long time. Her muscles are starting to tone from working out with Monica, as well as time spent at the range, but what really stands out is her demeanor. A more confident, self assured Rebecca is what those who know her sees. She is dressed in a black tank top and black jeans, her hair pulled back tight into a ponytail to keep her long mane out of her peripherial vision. She pulls off her sunglasses and lets them hang around her neck. "Computer troubles?"

"Fft. Not hardly. Man trouble," Elisabeth laughs in return. "Richard insists that no one is wired in here. So I had to download everything I wanted to work on before I got here in order to work on it here." She shrugs. "Whatever. It's only paranoia if they're not out to get you." She winks, closing the laptop. "So tell me what you've got for me."

Yeah, Rebecca isn't one to give advice about guys. She hasn't had a date in.. well.. she hasn't had a date. Far too much has been going on in her life for social nicities and things like dating. Probably not that great for her socially, but what can you do? This would be the point a PI would reach into his or her pocket to pull out a notebook, but none is needed with Rebecca's remarkable recall that she begins to feed the information from memory.

"Silver left the Nite Owl and headed towards Chelsea. She's good. She stopped, looked for pursuers and then moved along. I had to start and stop several times to get a hold on her. She was definitely running from something or someone. Whatever it was that your friend said or did, it really spooked her."

"I tracked her to cafe in SoHo, where she had a glass of water and took the time to generate a list. The first column of the list indicated she was considering where to hide out. She took care is noting the Garment District, including a note to catch the subway there. The second column of her list seems to imply she was going to change her appearance and identification, and gather some essentials such as food, clothes and money."

Rebecca reaches up and brushes a bead of sweat from her forhead before she continues, "It's the last column on her list that intrigues me. A list of locations that she wrote out, after some internet searching, I was able to deduce that this list coincides with a series of thefts that have occurred. It seems she's stocking up at someone else's expense." Rebecca does now pull out her notebook and pulls out a paper with all three lists and slides it across to her. "These may make more sense to someone else, so I'll give this to you."

"Not my friend," Elisabeth retorts in annoyance. "Richard wanted to talk to her, and the chick with him totally freaked her out. She takes the lists and considers them. "I'll cross check them," she murmurs softly. "If one of these places hasn't been hit yet, maybe we'll get lucky. I'll let Richard know." Elisabeth looks up and grins. "Bill me. I'll cut you a check Monday, okay?"

There's a smirk from Rebecca at that and just shakes her head. "Make all checks payable to Redbird." She starts to stand, then adds, "Oh, I did follow her to Chinatown after that, and she had a conversation with a young woman, but I haven't gotten anything substantial from that. I may try and track the woman down and see if I can find out if she knows anything more, but for now I don't think it's going to pan much information. But, let me see if I can figure out who she is first." She pulls the chair back to where it was when she came in. "Let me know if there's anything more I can give you on this."

Elisabeth actually sort of laughs at that. "All right," she says. "Check to Redbird. Won't that be a hoot. Our first job came from me. Sheesh." She winks. "You're looking good, Becca. Richard's just about ready to open the doors, so I think you're going to be seeing some regular work here soon."

As Rebecca prepares to go back out into the bright of the day, she lifts her sunglasses and puts them back over her eyes and grins, "Well, that'll be nice." Not that she's been lacking work of late as HomeSec has been keeping her rather busy, as well as Abigail not too long ago, she's not doing too bad for the company. But it'll be nice to have steady work and to get steady income. "I'll let you know if I get anything more on her. If you need anything, you know how to reach me!" With that, she turns and steps from the office and heads out of the building.

Elisabeth lets her go and picks up her phone to text Richard. Have possible location on your target. Meet me for dinner? And she'll give him the lists and set him on attempting to shadow April Silver.

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