Loose Wheel


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Scene Title Loose Wheel
Synopsis This time It's Delia that picked a fine time to leave… leaving Lucille a loose wheel.
Date November 8, 2010

Jaiden's Garage

Jaiden's Garage is normally open this time of day, with windows bared, doors up, and the open sign blinking. Today, however, it's like the place has been abandoned. Windows are closed, the larger ones blocked off with bars and boards, and the doors that retract into the ceiling are locked tight. Except for one, of course.

Jaiden is getting out of his Mustang that's just been pulled inside, the exhaust rumbling once then dying away with a hiss. He glances at his watch….a few hours yet before the world goes boom. Just enough time to check in on the downstairs and run a few final checks to give him a little peace of mind. The fences outside have been mostly fortified, the gates locked with heavy chain except for the one he drove through which is leaning open. If you didn't know any better, you'd think the warehouse was deserted….

Exactly as planned.

"Del, you down there?" he calls down the staircase. He likes to know where she is, but thought she'd balk at wearing a gps on a collar or something….

Shortly after the little get together at Gun Hill, Lucille went to her apartment. Grabbed her Sig Sauer pistol and placed it in a holster under her leather jacket. The oldest Ryans daughter strides into the open gate after Jaiden's car and she's slapping a hand down on the back of the Mustang. It's gloved don't worry.

Lucille's light grey eyes are bright with anger as she stares at Jaiden. "Where the fuck is she?" she asks loudly. Veins visible in her neck and if she weren't wearing her gloves, hands. "Honestly, I'd expect for her to do some stupid shit like this, but you could have called us or let us know she was here."

Not Lucille knows if her younger sister is here but she's assuming so. "Now.. where is she?" The expression on her face is nothing short of murderous. Might look familiar if you've ever seen Daddy Ryans upset.

Jaiden's head is in the back of the mustang when the 'bang' of a hand on the trunk lid causes him to jump, his hand moving automatically to his holstered pistol before he sees exactly who it was who banged on his car. Giving a rueful shake of his head he gets out, bringing a bag that rattles ominously along with him.

Jaiden regards Delia for a moment or two, blinking in the half-light of the rising sun. "She's downstairs in my apartment. I thought she did call you, so none of that rage should be directed at yours truly. It's safe here, too, so it'd be better to be where there's four walls and locked doors in between you and the outside world than out on the streets." The mustang door is closed and locked with a brass key. "Del?" He calls downstairs again. "Come calm your sister down."

When no Delia is forthcoming, Jaiden peers down the stairway. "Del?"

"Delia Marie Ryans! Get your ass up here, now!" Lucille yells and she plants her feet. She's not going down anywhere, her sister needs to come up here. No hiding little sis, you've done a bad, bad thing. Tapping her black boot on the floor of the garage.

"That may very be the truth here, Jaiden. But I'm sorry. When did the plan change to Delia not going to the island like we all agreed on? Huh?" Lucille has been wondering what she would say to Delia's boyfriend when she saw him. Truth be told, she wants to take her gloves off and hurt both of them. That wouldn't solve anything though.

"I'm more pissed at the idiot ginger then I am at you, Jaiden." She admits in a growl.

"As far as I know that is the plan, Lucille. We're going to the island. Why do you think I'm here, after all? Grabbing a few things, throwing them in the car, and heading out as fast as I can with the radio off." Jaiden hefts the bag. "I hope you have a gun, 'cause if you don't, you'll need one."

Instead of speaking again, she's gotta save the yelling for Delia. She pushes her jacket to the side so that Jaiden can see her pistol. With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she places a hand in her pocket and waits for her younger sister to come up and join them.

Lucille could care less if Delia decided to go off on her own and try to survive, that's her choice. She's an adult.. But she wouldn't be worrying as much if Delia had just left a note or something. Jeez.

The door to the garage softly opens and closes and into the pair's view that idiot ginger steps into view. She seems a little surprised at the fact that her sister is there, but not so much that her voice shows it. "Hi Lu, ready for the big day?"

Delia's not. Delia's way behind on everything.

Pulling off her mittens and hat, the young woman tucks them into one pocket and makes her way over to the car. She glances at it and then at Jaiden with a small expression of confusion. "Are — Are you leaving?"

"Just getting back, Del." Jaiden says softly, glancing over at the door now opened. "I thought you were downstairs, Del….everything okay?" The mustang door is closed and locked, the duffel bag left on the ground as Jaiden heads over to close the door Delia just came through, putting a heavy bar across some welded-on supports. A tow truck will be needed to open this from the outside. "You know the door that's open right, Del? The rest of 'em are going to be locked as tight as this one. God willing no-one'll try and loot this place."

"You stupid asshole, bitch dumbass! Arghhhh!" Lucille screams and she shoves her sister into Jaiden's car. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Ever think how dad would feel with you just running off without a word?" Lucille's eyes are wide with anger and she's visibly shaking. "What if dad wasn't focused enough because you weren't around and he was worried and he fucked up.. then died?!"

Lucille yells in Delia's face before backing away and going to lean against a nearby wall. "It was selfish of you.. you could have at least left a note saying where you were going or just that you were safe." Hands on her knees, she tries to regulate her breathing. What with her new ability and whatever other issues she was taking meds for before. Getting this angry doesn't help her out.

She's used to the screaming temper tantrums and today Delia's just not in a place to deal with them. Passive, she doesn't resist being thrown into the car, she doesn't even react when she's being screamed at. The redhead simply rests against the car, trying not to think about the pain from her previous night's bruise coursing through her back.

"He obviously didn't tell you about his vision." The calm reply carries no weight of guilt at her decisions, Delia just turns to Jaiden and gives him a weak shrug. "I went to Mister Russo's house, to warn him." The rest of Lucille's outburst is ignored.

"If you were trying to protect him, that's fine. You could have at least let me know you were leaving." The facial expression on Lucille's face goes neutral and she shakes her head and looks down at her hands, curling into fists. What she wouldn't give to punch Delia right now, but the shove was enough, she thinks. The younger sister probably understands now how worried Lucille was.

Eyes closed, she stands straighter and places a hand in her pocket. Thoughts running through her head, of what's to do next. "I'll tell dad, you're fine." She says before she pushes off from the wall and begins to leave the garage without another word.

Now is not the time to wonder about what would have happened if Delia got delayed, caught in traffic, lost, or something worse. She told him her vision, and he told her his. They're both in a bad sort if they let it go the way it already played out in the future sometime. "Yeah she could have left a note, but you were clever enough to know that she was here and came to find her. I love your sister, Lucille. I'm not going to let anything happen to her." He glances to Delia. "As long as I know where she is." That collar with a bell is starting to look like a good thing to introduce. 'It's cute! you're my little kitty!' he'll say. It's really to keep an idea on where she is.

A needle full of morphine might be pretty damned handy to put her older, more volatile, and less thoughtful sister out of commission but Delia remains impassive to the inky haired woman's outburst. "Don't tell dad anything, he can't be anywhere around me, neither can Huruma. I don't know where you go or what happens to you… You weren't in my vision or Dad's… I know I wasn't worried about you. So it must mean you're safe." Either that or she never came back from Paris… which she did.

"Dad will know where I am tonight. If he's not trying to keep me safe, then he won't take the bullet that was supposed to be for me." That is probably not enough for Lucille to keep her mouth shut. "I wish you would have gone ahead, but you're just as retarded as he is." That said, she turns to show Lucille the proper way out of the garage.

"Fuck you Delia."

"For someone that thinks that they have all the damn brains in the family," Lucille as she follows Delia and goes down the stairs. "You're pretty damn stupid." The older sister sinks into silence, anger gone. She feels better now, knowing where Delia is. As much as she wanted to put her sister into anaphylactic shock and then make her sleep, but she has some self control.

"Just let me out of here," she says, the sooner she can get away from her sister right now the better. Before things are made worst by all of this.

A quick check of the upstairs doors shows that everything is secure. The alarms are left on, even though the call will go unanswered if someone does decide to give the place a go, and all the lights upstairs are turned off. This gives Delia and Lucille enough time to get downstairs to the apartment and to work out their differences a little bit before Jaiden makes an appearance. After a few moments he follows behind Lucille and Delia, listening. "If you need a place to go and can't get to the island, come here. I…god willing…will be on the boats with Delia tonight, but if not, pay attention on how to get in and out of here. This is going to be the safest place in the city, I think."

"I don't have all the brains, I'm just not as insane as some people." It's quite possible that she's meaning Lucille and Keira, both of them must have gotten it from the Ryans side of the family because Keira isn't related to Mary at all.

Pressing the right combination to get behind the bookshelf and into the hidden bunker, Delia shows Lucille the way through. "Just make it to the boats and take off your gloves, you're probably the best weapon you have. If you get caught… do whatever you did in Paris to get uncaught. Just… Just don't get caught." There's more that Delai wants to say but in light of her sister's mood, she just doesn't. Hands in her pockets, she waits for the older of the two to get out of sight.

"Be at the boats on time and be safe." Is all Lucille says, out the door and disappearing from sight not too long after. Her face relaxes just a tad as she rounds the corner. If nothing else, Lucille had to be sure that her sister would be safe. Had to. Insane or not, it's what big sisters are for.

There is still some things to do.. and Lucille can't wait here with Delia. As much as she'd like to.

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