Index of Game Lore

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This index serves as a repository of all in-game information presented in an IC-accessible format. If you have questions please reach out to Manhattan.






The below Lexicon includes an alphabetical quick-reference list of terms found in String-Theory. If you see one that is not added, please feel free to add it yourself or submit a +request on-game asking for a new Lexicon entry.

  • Conduit: a specific set of abilities that manipulate life-force that can be transferred from host to host. See conduits for more info.
  • Expressive: A shorthand term for someone with a superhuman ability. "He's an Expressive."
  • SLC-E: Acronym for "Suresh Linkage-Complex Expressive" a term for someone who has a superhuman ability. See Suresh Linkage-Complex for more info.
  • Slice: Slang for an SLC-E person.
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