Caspar's Pennies

Caspar Abraham, a former member of both The Company and The Institute had the ability to steal and store memories on physical objects. As part of a massive redaction of events that took place between 1982 and 1984 Caspar Abraham filled hundreds of pennies with the stolen memories of Company agents and civilians alike. In the wake of his death retrieving the information on these pennies has become nearly impossible.

Known to All

Caspar Abraham was a fugitive following the Second American Civil War for his work with the Company and Institute. He was taken off the most-wanted list following his death.

Known to Some

Caspar Abraham died during an operation by the paramilitary group Wolfhound operating on a contract issued by the US Government. Caspar's death was ruled as a suicide.

Known to Few

  • Caspar had a secret cache of pennies in his safehouse in Hope, Arkansas where he ultimately died. These pennies contain some of the most dangerous of memories and secrets he stole during his tenure with the Company and the Institute.
  • The memories in some of Caspar's pennies contain information about the events of the Redaction.
  • A person with the ability to read psychic impressions on objects like Cassandra Bauman can get jumbled recollections of the memories stored on the pennies, but they are incomplete and retrieving such information is highly taxing to her.
  • Caspar's pennies can return stolen memories to their original owner if the original owner touches the penny with their bare hands. The information is subconsciously returned and bubbles to the surface in dreams and visions. (Ryans is the only PC who presently knows this.)
  • Some of Caspar's pennies were hidden away in remote places and not in Caspar's possession.
Caspar's Pennies

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