Coyote Sands

Coyote Sands was a resettlement camp in the Arizona desert for people with special abilities in the 1960's funded by the United States Government with the intention of continuing Project Icarus and studying people with superhuman abilities. However, mismanagement of the facility and a series of terrible events resulted in the destruction of Coyote Sands in a horrible rash of violence that resulted in the death of nearly every interned individual at the facility. Today, Coyote Sands is little more than a skeletal ruin swallowed by the Arizona desert. The abandoned research bunker and barracks bristle up at the base of lonely mountains and is a forgotten footprint of the secret history of the Evolved.

Known to All

  • Coyote Sands was a US Government internment camp for superhuman people, known today as SLC-Expressives or Evolved.
  • Following the formation of the Company the survivors of Coyote Sands wiped the memories of those within the government who knew of people with superhuman abilities, killed others, and destroyed documentation pertaining to Coyote Sands, effectively keeping the secret of the Evolved from 1961 until the nuclear explosion in 2006.
  • Knowledge of Coyote Sands became public following the Second American Civil War during the Albany Trials.
  • The survivors of Coyote Sands (Daniel Linderman, Angela Petrelli, Charles Deveaux, and Bob Bishop banded together with the intention of preventing any future calamities such as these from happening again, and thus was formed the foundation of what would become the Company.
  • The detainees at Coyote Sands were unwilling test subjects for Project Icarus.

Known to Some

  • One other survivor of Coyote Sands, Alice Shaw escaped that night and wound up a secret ward of Charles Deveaux for unknown reasons.

Known to Few

  • The storm that struck Coyote Sands the night of the massacre in 1961 was a temporal anomaly of multiple time travelers arriving at the same moment in time.
  • Adam Monroe was an army guard at Coyote Sands with an unknown motive. It was Adam who rescued Alice from the massacre.
Coyote Sands

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