The Antediluvian Flower

The Antediluvian Flower is a term set by SESA for an unusual species of flower discovered in an unexplained phenomenon in Antarctica in 2020. The Antediluvian Flower superficially resembles Lilium lancifolium or the tiger lily. However, the Antediluvian Flower possesses eight petals instead of six and seems unable to survive in Earth's atmosphere for a prolonged period of time. One sample, taken by Raytech in early 2020 from the anomaly survived for three months, turning from a vibrant orange-purple into a deep violet-black in its first month, then withering and dying. Analysis of the plant's cells indicate that it was unable to sustain itself on ambient atmospheric gasses. Little else is known about the plant.

Known to All


Known to Some


Known to Few

  • Select members of Raytech (and individuals present on the expedition to the anomaly are aware that a sample of the Antediluvian Flower was taken back by the Raytech science team where it died in the company's hydroponics lab 3 months later.
  • High-clearance members of SESA are also aware of the flower's existance.
The Antediluvian Flower

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