Losing Parts Of Yourself


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Scene Title Losing Parts of Yourself
Synopsis She doesn't want to see Aric lose more.
Date Feb 10, 2011

Redbird Security Solutions, Basement

The "shut in" as of late has decided to get in some shooting time at the range. After leaving Cardinal a message on his phone, Aric has made his way into the building through the back door and down into the basement. He has been couped up in Liz's place for so long he has started to get cabin fever and feels like he might lose his mind.

As he stands behind the counter of the range, his 9mm in his hands he has it raised and pointed towards the target. The oversized earphones over his ears to protect them. His eyes focused on the target as he breaths and shoots!


The first shot misses the target completely, the second outside of the head, the third dead center in the eyes. Aric growls and slams the gun on the counter and crouches down looking at the target from afar in frustration.

Elisabeth's arrival goes unnoticed. She remains on the far side of the glass watching him. Tilting her head, she tries to decide whether to have a conversation. He looks like he may need it.

Walking through the door, she pitches her voice to get to his ears through the headphones. "That last shot was a winner…. for most people. But somehow I'm thinking that wasn't what you were aiming at."

Aric stands slowly and turns towards Liz. It is one of the few voices that does not make him jump or shoot out any electrical bolts as of late. He runs a hand through his long locks and sighs, "I was aiming for the heart." He chuckles as he crosses his arms over his chest, "I would not have made a good cop. I aim for something and I shoot everything else. Yet I am getting better. I can handle the buckle of the gun without being scared of it any more."

She steps forward and points to his ears. Once he removes the headset, Elisabeth says softly, "Well… that's one hell of a case of bad aim, my friend." She's laughing at him. "But not being afraid of it is certainly a step in the right direction." She pauses, studying him with intent blue eyes. "But I don't want to see you become the monster in your own dreams, Aric," she says gently. "I know you're… afraid. And pissed. But becoming a crack shot sniper… may not be the way to cope."

Aric nods and shrugs slightly, "Maybe…yet I am sure I am not gonna have these powers forever. So if I see Tyler. I want to be able to defend myself if I can't fry his ass." He sets the ear phones on the counter and sighs, "Besides…I rather get my aim better because if any of you guys are around him. I want to not hit you ya know."

Elisabeth takes in a deep breath and she hesitates. "I'm all for defense. But if you ever fire a weapon toward someone when your own team is close enough to be in danger? It'll be the last time you put your hands on a gun while you work with us." She moves into his personal space, her blue eyes shadowed. "I know you want revenge. But if push ever comes to shove, it won't be you who takes the future Richard Cardinal out of the equation babe." There is regret in her expression and a kind of hurt.

Aric 's body begins to tremble as the woman makes her "threat" as his eyes shimmer with electricity, "I would never do anything to harm anyone here at Redbird. However, if I have my chance to kill him. I am killing him. You ever hear the term and eye for an eye." He places a hand on his heart and says, "A death for a death."

She's not threatening him. It's a promise, and her gaze doesn't falter when his power flares. Instead Elisabeth reaches out to touch him. "Somewhere in a timeline that no longer exists the way it happened originally, Aric, he killed me on November 8th. And later he brought that alternate version of me back to life. And she died trying to stop him from becoming the monster. I think I have prior claim. If he has to be put down, I swear to you, I will not hesitate." She lays her hand on his chest. "Killing someone? It takes away a part of you that you'll never get back. And I hope to God that I never see you do it. I don't want you to lose that part of yourself, and I'll do what I can to keep it from happening."

As he falls silent, Aric looks down at the ground forcing him to look away from her gaze. He knows all to well what it means to lose that piece of him. The day he took Rupert's life was an action that was needed but an action he regrets with every fiber of his being. Aric takes a deep breath and sighs as he looks up at the woman and says, "I remember all too well what it means to lose that piece of you Liz."

She'd forgotten. And she could kick herself for doing it. But Elisabeth nods a little. "Then don't go looking for the numbness that comes when you've done it too much," she says with a faint smile. Stroking a hand along his chest for just a moment, the blonde removes her hand and herself from his personal space. "I have some interesting news for you," she says as she distances herself and turns to look at him again.

"Agent Pak came looking for me. Genuinely, so far as I could tell, concerned for you. She…. may be one of the good ones. She's not pushing for you to come turn yourself in." Elisabeth pauses. "She's willing to let you tape it and send it to her, or even to talk on the phone. But whatever you can tell her, she wants to know. Are you willing to do it?"

Aric cocks an eyebrow at the news of Agent Pak, "The message I left her was quite detailed. Did she not beleive me?" He crosses his arms over his chest now his face showing a slight bit of frustration.

"No… I think she needs to be able to record it or have a recording for the file," Elisabeth says. "She believes you, all right. And she wants a piece of the action." She smiles faintly. "Thanks… your escapade has gotten her off my ass, at least."

Aric shrugs and chuckles softly, "Anything to help." He runs a hand through his hair and keeps it pulled back through his raked fingers, "Can you get me another disposal phone that I can get rid of quickly in case she tries to trace it? I will call her from Central Park like I did last time."

"Yes. Easily," she replies. Elisabeth smiles faintly. "I can't decide if I'm proud that you've become that cautious or horrified," she admits ruefully. "Aric…. " She bites her lip. "I'm sorry. This… all of this that happened to you… this is my fault. I'm the reason you even got involved."

Aric rolls his eyes as he reaches out to grab Liz and pull her into a playful hug. "Don't even try to blame yourself. You needed a telepath. I was there! Plan and simple. I do not regret a day that I became involved in Endgame. I made my choices as you did yours….the chips fell as they did…" His body gets slightly tight and his voice a bit darker, "Some not the best but some that were needed…and some fucked up things too. Yet I do not regret a single moment of this….Endgame."

Elisabeth returns the hug, far less playfully than he meant it. She takes true comfort in the contact that he offers, the forgiveness. "Thank you," she murmurs on a sigh. She's been carrying a lot of guilt over what happened to him. A lot of worry over the idea that Ezekiel may come for Elle next. A lot of worry over what the hell swapping Niki's power has done for him. Not to mention the whole people stuck in a snow globe problem. She sighs again, then draws away. "I didn't come to make you deal with my issues," she says, her lips twisting slightly. "I came to tell you about Pak and to check on you."

Aric nods and says, "Leave me the phone at the apartment and I will call her while walking through Central Park. This way I can keep the signal moving and disappear quickly if I have too." He pulls at his hair a moment as he considers, "How do you think I would look with short hair?"

Tilting her head, Elisabeth studies him. And then laughs. "Uhm, … you're probably asking the wrong woman if you want an objective assessment. Cuz… you know… me…. cops, soldiers, et cetera. Totally the turn-on. And you're cute enough as you are, but …" She shrugs. "I've always thought you could do with a haircut, handsome," she laughs.

Aric nods, "Maybe…I have had this hair long like this for….god 10 years. I was considering something shorter but…not sure I can do cop short just yet. I know a guy who….well he is quite the character. I will talk to him about it maybe."

Elisabeth sagenods. "Raquelle?" she asks. Because she's heard about Raquelle from Abby. Who else could it be??? "Raquelle will do you right. Even if you want bubblegum pink."

Aric smirks as he nods, "The question is…I know he will do me right. I just need to be careful how well he "does" me." Aric knows Raquelle as he won him once what seems like ages ago for a fundraiser. "Yet I will make an appointment with him to see what he thinks."

That makes her giggle, lightening her entire face into amusement. "I'm so not touching that," Elisabeth retorts.

Aric smiles softly as he nods, "You should smile more often. It lights up a room when you do."

Liz shrugs a little. "I smile," she objects. "I know it's been a while. But I do." Especially when a certain shadowmorph pops in.

Aric doesn't need to be a telepath to know that as he smirks, "More so when Richard pops in then any of us. Yet we won't discuss that too much." As he turns to pick up his head phones, "Unless you need too."

There's a flash of the flirt in the smile she shoots him. "Things are…. going all right," Elisabeth admits. "We'll just leave it at that." She pats him on the shoulder. "The phone'll be in the apartment by curfew. I'm probably on the base again tonight, but let me know if you need anything."

Aric nods and says, "Keep your head down. I will talk to you soon and be safe."

"I will," Liz promises. "And I promise to wear the helmet too," she laughs. "Talk to you later."

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