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Scene Title Loss
Synopsis Adam touches base with Sabrina after her time off
Date November 2, 2009

Adam's Place

Things have been quiet. A lot of people appear to have been on quiet time, including Adam. There's lots of other things happening recently. However, either something has come to Adam's mind or he has decided he wants to see Sabrina. Either way, the assistant was summoned to Adam's New York City apartment.

Sabrina has been keeping a terribly low profile what with believing she's being followed everywhere she ever goes. And then abruptly a week and a half ago she requested some personal time, no details mentioned, though likely Adam was well aware she came back to the city two days ago. When she appears she's as professionally dressed as always: slender black skirt reaching to her knees, a white silk blouse, and black heels. Her hair is wound back in a bun and she's got a black dress coat on. One of those fancy things that almost looks like a dress. She gives a few crisp knocks on the door before letting herself in with the key. "Mister Monroe?" She calls out, so he knows it's her and that she's arrived.

Adam began at a blackboard when Sabrina entered, though as she entered, he spun the board around and left it to a more or less blank side. He turns over he shoulder and glances towards the door as Sabrina enters and says, "Ah, yes…Hello." he says as if this was all to be expected, "How have you been."

"Fine." Is the proper and polite answer given as Sabrina's heels click clack across the floor when she approaches. Just one little word that's probably a lie that doesn't give away a thing. She undoes the belt of the jacket then thinks twice about taking it off completely. "And you? No hostile takeovers while I was away I hope. Your note taking leaves a lot to be desired and it would be hard to catch up."

Adam shakes his head, "No." he says after a moment, "No hostile takeovers." he pauses and makes his way towards a chair. He sits in it and watches Sabrina quietly, "So, now what?" he questions after a few moments, "I feel like you're waiting to interject on some sentence I haven't spoken."

"I' m sure, Mister Monroe," Sabrina says, clasping her hands lightly in front of her. "That there will be plenty of things for me to interject on the things you do say that I needn't get ahead of myself in our conversation." she pauses and gives a quick look around the room, absently memorizing the details in case there's going to be a quiz. "Was there something particular you needed or is this a social call?" She doesn't follow him over when he sits, though she does turn so she's facing him. It's only polite. "If this is about the meeting with Mister Sandeep, I'm finalizing the schedule with his secretary tomorrow.

Adam crosses one leg over the other and slips his fingertips onto his knee. He replies, "No, it's not about that at all." he pauses, "There's apparently, someone else who wants to kill the Founders as much as I do. And I'm not entirely sure who it is." his head falls to the right, "That bothers me a bit, I don't like not knowing where the pieces are."'

"Am I to infer that you know who it is and you just don't know where they are?" Sabrina questions, folding her arms across her chest as she studies him. "Or is this an entirely unknown entity? You have your reasons, Mister Monroe. It's not surprising to me that other people believe they have theirs as well."

Adam hmms, "In fact, I don't know anything at all. Except that whoever they are, delivered one of the bodies to me through an intermediary." he pauses, "That's disturbing, right? I don't actually know for sure what's disturbing now or not all the time."

The look Sabrina gives Adam is one of patient disappointment. "Yes. That is disturbing. On a number of levels, some I'm sure you haven't even considered." She looks away at the blank blackboard then back to him. "The whole thing is disturbing. Is there a problem with someone else also…killing them?" She nearly flinches at the word. "It saves you time, doesn't it? Questions. Another person with the same mission seems efficient rather than something to worry about. Unless…you're also on the list."

Adam glances up at Sabrina for a moment, "Does it really matter to you?" he questions, then waves a hand, "Nevermind." he is quiet, "I want you to tell Sam that I'd like to see him." he purses his lips, "Also, you'll be fielding a lot of political calls lately. I thought it would be important to make sure you were expecting that."

Sabrina nods once. "Of course. I'll arrange a meeting for you with Mister Book. And there's very little I don't expect these days, Mister Monroe. I'll be sure to keep it in mind." There's another pause and it looks for a moment like she might ignore his 'nevermind' and answer that question. Then the moment passes. "Will there be anything else? I didn't bring my planner." Though she doesn't really need one and he pretty much knows that by now.

Adam considers the question. His fingertips steeple lightly before he says, "No, I don't think so at this moment." He glances down to the ground as if remembering something that seems irrelevant to the current situation before he finally says, "I hope you had a good vacation, or whatever it was you had." then he says, "You need to be careful, Sabrina. Just in general, not because of anything specific. You should look into a bodyguard."

Something shadows Sabrina's face for a few seconds, a profound sorrow that's there one minute and gone the next before she's back to the cool, collected professional. "With all due respect, Mister Monroe, if I had a bodyguard people would wonder why. It would attract more attention than anything. I appreciate your concern, but it is hardly necessary."

Adam considers Sabrina quietly in response to that and waves a hand, "Alright. Well, that's all I needed. Have a good evening." he says.

At least she made the right decision in not removing her coat. Sabrina inclines her head a bit with a polite, "You too." Before she's turning for the door. Her steps slow as she nears it, however, and just before she's out of sight she glances back. "I understand, although I don't condone it. It must have been unbearable after awhile."

Adam had been looking elsewhere when he hears Sabrina talk. He watches her a moment in a quizzical fashion. He pauses, "I'm not sure what you refer to." but it seems like he might know, it seems like he might know exactly what she's getting at. But he's quiet about it nonetheless.

"The loss." Sabrina replies quietly, blue eyes a bit brighter than they were before when they were talking business. "I don't envy you the heartache. Or that you aren't as cold as you'd like to be. As it would be convenient to be." She looks like she's about to continue but then she shakes her head, reaching for the door. "Goodnight, Mister Monroe."

Adam is quiet as she leaves. He doesn't even offer another salutory good night.

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