Lost Encyclopedia


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Scene Title Lost Encyclopedia
Synopsis Jack is angry for having lost what he considers his, and Veronica just doesn't care.
Date March 18, 2010

Ruins of Midtown

After checking in with the vault again, Jack is in his usual trenchcoat, looking angry. He's holding what looks like an open letter in his hand, and when he walks back into their little trap, he grabs one of the bikers standing in front of him, then slams him against a wall. "You have no idea. I'd kill half of you just to send a message if I were capable. I mean, to let them leave. Are you all morons?!" he asks in a fury that Veronica's yet to see. Usually he's so laid back and carefree, but right now he's downright pissed and frustrated. "I needed her for my plans. Do you have any idea how hard it'll be to kill Rebel now?" And he seems to be paying no mind to Veronica at the moment.

The agent has just walked in, and she's not in the best of moods given the errand Crowley sent her on — at least it was good to get away from Midtown for a while. Between having partners like Lu and stakeouts in Midtown, she's sure she'll die at the ripe old age of 39 from some cruel cancer or another, if she survives this assignment that is. "Jack," she says coolly. "What are you on about? Who are you planning on killing, besides our target? Does Mortimer know about this?"

"Rebel isn't Mortimer's concern. Rebel's a threat to everyone, he's a technopath. He's trying to take Liette, even The Reaper doesn't trust him, that shadow man." Apparently Mortimer knows Cardinal's real name, but Jack doesn't. He releases the man and walks to take a seat on the couch, grunting slightly. "Liette is mine, I won't let some filthy technopath use her to take over the world or whatever those people do." A bit of technopath hate.

"Jack. If Liette is this girl everyone's talking about, she is not yours or anyone's. People don't own people. Or they shouldn't. Explain what's going on and what you want with this girl — and what Rebel wants with her." She puts one knee on the couch and looks down on him, crossing her arms and scowling a bit, trying to understand what he's rambling about.

"Liette is mine. What could a simple mind like yours possibly understand about tactics and strategy? She's a living encyclopedia of Evolved. I could use her to finally get what I want. All Rebel wants to do is protect her from some government plan, some so-called horrible thing they're going to do with her." Jack's eyes go down to her knee, then up her thigh, at least as best someone can when another person is wearing winter clothes. This is what the imagination is for. "Rebel is dangerous, with all this digital technology."

Veronica rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "She might be an encyclopedia and all but she's a human being and you don't get to claim her like a stack of musty old books to put on your bookshelf, Jack. And she wasn't put on this earth to further your personal goals and what you want, whatever that might be. You're being selfish. Listen to yourself. 'All Rebel wants to do is protect her.' Do you hear how ridiculous you sound? What is it you want to use her for, what's so superior about your plans?"

Jack suddenly raises his left hand, pulling his black glove off, then holds the robotic bronze hand directly in her face. "I'll get my arm back, and I'll get my golden Desert Eagles that the damned cop stole from me last year. Once I have those things back, I don't really care what you people do. But Liette is the ultimate tactical advantage, after I furthered my goals, I was going to give Liette to the Company."

Thinking she might have overstepped herself, Veronica does step back, dubious of his intents when he brings his hand so close to her face. For a split second there might be a touch of fear in her dark eyes before she blinks back into her Company face. "So where did she go?" she says, once she's recovered, not really worried whether he gets his stupid guns back or his arm for that matter, though all of this worry over some girl has her curious. "And what's the shadow man have to do with any of this?"

"He wants to protect the girl too. He was going to let me keep her as long as she was safe. I don't know where they are, according to the letter, they left without telling me so I wouldn't be able to find out. If I had my ability I could find them…" Jack sighs, laying his head on the back of the couch, looking rather stressed. "Forget it, I'll just wait until that doctor settles, there's no point in chasing her. I need to find Rebel, if I can find Rebel and at least give him to the Company, then I won't need to worry about anyone stealing Liette."

"Just focus on the one person you are supposed to get for the Company right now," Veronica says with a shake of her head. "So this girl, she's got lots of powers? Was she going to fix your arm, or just help you do it? And what part of the government is Rebel trying to protect her from? The Company?" She hopes not — if Cardinal is trying to protect whoever the girl is, she doesn't want to go against her friend — if he's alive, as Mortimer said — to bring her in. "Or someone else?"

"I don't know all that stuff. I don't even know if she has an ability, I just know she's an encyclopedia. I was going to dig and dig, and maybe even find a way to get my ability back. And if I gave her to the Company, who knows what they'd have done for me." Jack shrugs, crossing his arms. He's grinning now, for some reason. "You know, I only make you angry because I know it makes you dislike Mortimer more. No sane person could truly see us as different people."

She gives an irritated shake of her head. "You make me angry for a lot of reasons, Jack, and only that one is deliberate," she says coolly. "Get your head in this game and don't screw it up. I'm risking my life in this assignment in a fucking plethora of ways, and I don't need you moping about threatening your men because you're trying to do more than one thing at once." That said, she sighs. "By the way, there was another attack by our target. Not that it matters if he's got a shapeshifting ability, which I believe Sylar has but don't know about a potential copycat, attacker was about six foot, white, shaved head, wearing dark coat and a baseball cap. Have your guys keep an eye out for that — though it might be outdated if he's swapped shape."

"If we had Liette, we could just ask her how to combat a shapeshifter." Jack says in a rather spiteful tone, staring at the clear tarp over the building. "You worry too much. As I said, you can't even begin to comprehend my tactical prowess. My plan is flawless and makes any abilities he may have completely irrelevant, unless of course one of them are healing or invincibility. I'll let my men know. And you know, you didn't deny your dislike of Mortimer." Which just makes him smile even wider.

"I don't like or dislike Mortimer. This is purely business," Veronica retorts, coolly. "If it's Sylar, those are not confirmed powers but it doesn't mean he hasn't gleaned them somewhere along the way. And I'll remind you 'your' plan was Liette's, so it's not your strategy or prowess that is in question. All I'm saying is that I need you to focus and not be scattered in a hundred different ways. When you had your power, that might not have been an issue, but right now? You're just mortal, and my brain might just work as well as, if not better than yours." At least hers isn't split.

"My tactical prowess has nothing to do with my ability, my ability is nothing but understanding machines." Jack once again sounds mildly insulted, but just shakes his head and closes his eyes. "It's too bad you don't dislike him, but I'm sure you'll change your mind. And with Liette gone, I have nothing to think about until Sylar is dead, so stop worrying. Though I do have one question; do you know anything about these Ferry people?"

Veronica chuckles as she begins to head to the exam rooms. "You know that what I know is pretty much classified, Jack, and that aside from the parameters of this trap, it's highly unlikely that I'd be authorized to share anything with you. Yes, I know about them. Anything specific, I probably can't tell you, if I even know it myself. Underground operations try to stay — you know — underground, and all."

"Fine, you can keep your secrets, business woman." Jack tilts over on the couch, suddenly laying with his arms behind his head. "I think from now on Mortimer doesn't need to come out for this mission, unless it's important." He truly seems to dislike Mortimer getting to do anything even remotely normal.

"You say that like I care," Veronica tosses back. Mary Campbell left her in a foul mood and she isn't in the mood for Jack's insanity. "And I'll get him to come out if I need him. Sleep well. I have work to do." She crosses the lobby and disappears into the hall that leads to the exam rooms, where she'll do some research and send some emails on her Blackberry before napping in the dentist chair.

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