Lost In Blue


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Scene Title Lost In Blue
Synopsis Elisabeth needs Rebecca, but she's no where to be found. Thinking the worst, Liz takes a ride over to Nakano's apartment.
Date September 8, 2009

Rebecca Nakano's Apartment

It's been a long weekend for some, not long enough for others. There's been some talk around the precinct about the normally studious Rebecca Nakano. They used to joke that she lived in her lab, but lately, she's been doing as minimal time as possible inside. In fact, logs would note that not one time has she stepped into her lab during what should be a holiday weekend. As Tuesday morning approaches, Rebecca is no where to be seen, with someone reporting that she called in sick. The joke is that maybe she found herself a man and she's not entirely sick. Calls to her cell phone would go unanswered.

Chalk it up to extreme paranoia. It's probably nothing. The anxiety meds haven't kicked in yet to take the edge off, though she's finally on them thanks to a visit to Dr. Sheridan on Monday in spite of the holiday. When Elisabeth called down to the forensics lab to check on whether any luck had been had with the evidence from the mass murder scene — not that she was expecting any — she was expecting to talk to Rebecca. The supervisor said the young woman called in sick, and only then does the rumor mill start grinding in the back of her head. After all, she's been a little preoccupied lately. And when she probed a little deeper and got the specifics…. that makes the blonde cop very very uneasy. Especially right now. To the point that she asked the supervisor if Becca's actual behavior in the lab has been off. When the answer comes back as "Somewhat — not enough that she's not doing her job or anything, which is why we all figured it was a guy, but …. yeah. Some," Elisabeth lets her acting-captain know that there's a cop who may be in trouble and she's going to check it out and takes off from the precinct.

Uncertain exactly what she'll find, she's careful when she knocks on the door to Rebecca's apartment.

The hallway to her apartment is quiet and the knock sounds loud as it hits the wooden door. However, it's not as loud as it could be considering as the door is knocked on, it pushes open just a hair, apparently not having been closed completely when it was entered last. What can be seen so far is a tidy apartment, though just a sliver can be seen without entering through the door. Otherwise, there is no response to the knock.

There is, however, the sound of a cell phone ringing insistently somewhere within the apartment.

Oh not just no, HELL no. Not a full half-second later, Elisabeth has her service weapon in her hand and she's back against the wall gently nudging the door farther open with her foot. "Becca, you in there?" she calls out, projecting her voice throughout the apartment without shouting. She also pauses there to enhance the sounds coming from the apartment. When nothing but the ringing cell phone greets her ears, Elisabeth hesitates and tries something she hasn't done since Conrad showed her how. A heartbeat has a certain sound… a certain cadence. It is something easily picked out of a myriad of other sounds, if you know what you're listening for. Using her own heartbeat as a reminder and guide, Liz seeks out the sound of heartbeats in the apartment, searching for whether there is one or more within the confines of the walls. Only when she discovers one heart pounding in the place does Elisabeth enter alone, her weapon unsafetied but pointing downward — reasonably certain in this instance that she is not about to get jumped, but prepared just in case it happens. "Becca? Nakano, answer me!" she demands as she sweeps the entryway and main living room visually.

That heartbeat may sound a bit out of the norm, perhaps racing just a little faster than necessary for it to do it's job. The phone is silenced, though that is followed by the sound of it clattering on the floor, which seems to come from the a room down the hall. The kitchen and living room are spotless, however there is a stale smell in the house, perhaps the hint of body oder that comes from down the hallway as well.

The only response to Harrison's demands for an answer is a muffled groan, definitely female in nature, though it may not sound like Rebecca Nakano that anyone else knows. The response, if you can call it that, comes from a bedroom down the hall.

"NYPD! I'm coming in." Elisabeth wastes no time sweeping through the apartment efficiently to reach the hallway to the bedroom. One heartbeat means that Rebecca — and she does recognize the voice easily enough — is alone. But just in case… When she steps into the bedroom, sweeping through the bathroom and the closets to verify that the women are alone, she spares only one glance for Rebecca's prone form. Only when the apartment is cleared does she holster the pistol and make her way to the bed. "Rebecca?" Elisabeth is frowning at the state that she finds the younger woman. "Rebecca, talk to me." The racing heartbeat means she doesn't even have to take a pulse. It's way too fast. But she checks to see if Becca's feverish or if she can get coherent.

Liz would find Rebecca face down on the bed, lying diagional with one arm hanging from the far side of the bed. As Liz rolls her over to check on her, a small clatter would be heard as a small syringe falls from her hand and onto the floor. Her cell phone is on the floor near the closet, where it apparently landed as it was batted off her nightstand. The only other thing that would be noted by the Detective is that there are two full syringes still on the night stand filled with a neon blue liquid.

"Nooooooo…" is the whining sound that comes from the woman's mouth as she slowly opens her eyes, though she doesn't struggle against Liz' attempts to maneuver her around onto her back. Her eyes attempt to open several times but seem to fail as it should be evident that it hasn't been long since she used the drug.

"Oh … shit," Elisabeth whispers softly, horrified. "Oh, shit, Becca… what have you done?" Her hands are gentle as they smooth back the other woman's hair, and Elisabeth pulls out her cell phone and calls 911. "Dispatch, this is Detective Elisabeth Harrison, Badge number <###>, I need you to roll a bus to the Fort Greene Apartments, unit number 202. I have an officer needing assistance. Tell them…." She swallows. "Tell them it's a Refrain situation, so have the restraints handy just in case. I'll meet them at the door."

It seems as if Rebecca at least understands someone is here as she reaches up and places a hand on Elisabeth's arm. "I just wanted it to stop hurting.." she murmurs softly under her breath. The hand slowly falls though as she's far too out of it to keep it up there. The odor that was smelled from the other room was definitely coming from this room and more importantly, the woman on the bed who may have not showered through most of the weekend, nor changed her clothes. She wears just a sweatshirt, embazoned with the Columbia U logo, and a pair of plaid boxer shorts.

Sitting on the edge of the bed with the rather malodorous woman, Elisabeth merely holds her hand. "Oh, Becca…. why didn't you tell someone?" she murmurs regretfully. Because God knows, Elisabeth's been oh-so-available lately, right? The blonde rubs her forehead, struggling with the overwhelming urge to cry. She's losing so goddamn many friends lately, each to something different. Fighting back those tears that she has no right to shed right now, Liz just strokes Becca's hair and waits for the paramedics to arrive… knowing that they're not going to have a clue how to treat her. And that this could tank Becca's career too. Fuck.

Liz picks up her phone and contacts the precinct, getting put through to Becca's supervisor. "Yeah, it's Harrison. I found her. She's…. going to be en route to St. Luke's in a few minutes…. No, ma'am. She's been trying to self-medicate the headaches. She tried that fuckin' Refrain shit. She's gonna need…. Christ, I don't know even know what she's going to need. Detox somehow, but we don't even know enough about the shit. … No, ma'am. There's samples here if you want to try your department's luck at breaking it down. The only thing I know is that it's more addictive than heroin."

There's no place that Rebecca wants to be right now then where she's at. Feeling how she's feeling and dreaming what she's dreaming. Whatever that may be. The corners of her mouth are curled up into a small smile, as she seems contented to just lie there in Harrison's arms. It isn't too long before emergency services is knocking on the door. "Anyone here? Emergency services. Coming inside!" The phone vibrates against the hard floor, as it begins to ring again.

"Back bedroom," Elisabeth calls, hanging up on Becca's supervisor. She moves out of the paramedics' way and swoops up both the ringing phone (to check who's calling and debate whether to answer it) and the syringes, the latter in a latex glove she pulled from a pocket of her slacks. "I don't know if she'll get violent as she comes down off this shit," she tells the paramedics.

"We got her." The paramedics take over, hoisting Rebecca onto a gurney and securing her down to mild whimpering protests of the woman, as her blissful state is being interrupted yet again. The phone call would be 'Mom' as labeled in her phone, the word center of the screen. Though it does stop after a moment. There are 18 missed calls, and 7 voicemails that have not been checked. Soon the paramedics are ready, one turns to Harrison. "You riding along, or should we just take her?"

Elisabeth looks up and says, "I'll ride along." She grimaces as she walks with them. "Fuck…. " She flips open Becca's phone and returns the phone call. "Mrs. Nakano? My name is Elisabeth Harrison, I work with your daughter." She fucking hates this kind of call. Especially since she has no idea if Becca's even told her mother about her ability.

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