Lost Time Or Mistaken Identity


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Scene Title Lost Time Or Mistaken Identity?
Synopsis Gillian's not exactly sure which when she gets ahold of Adelaide.
Date July 29, 2009

The Phone

Standing in front of a payphone in lower Manhattan, Gillian drops a couple coins in and then glances down at the number. Yes, she's missing her memory again, but numbers were something she'd always had a head for, so she only has to glance back down at it once as she dials and waits.

Adelaide pauses her Cell phone buzzed, she'd only been away from her computer for a moment. She walked back and picked it up. "Hello, this is Adelaide." she said slowly into her cellphone.

"Hi, Adelaide, this is… Gillian. We met in the park a couple days ago," a husky female voice says across the phone line. From the sound in the background, it's clear she's outside wherever she's calling from at fairly early in the day.

Adelaide thinks. "Gillian…" she says quietly. She sits down in chair and leans back ."Umm I saw you at a bar, you were drunk I guess, but what was up with that… you…"

"You saw me at a— " Gillian hesitates, possibly confused. She'd only gone to a bar once in the last few days and she didn't get drunk… "What do you mean you saw me drunk somewhere?" Her memory isn't going that crappy, is it?

Adelaide thinks. "Ok, I don't know if it was you… she was… well different. I am pretty sure it was… She was…slutty doesn't seem the right word…"

Just a case of mistaken identity? Gillian hesitates from speaking for a time, there's the sound of traffic and people talking in a muffled way in the background. "I guess I just have that kind of face… Anyway, I called to see if you wanted to meet up some time to talk about what happened in the park?"

Adelaide nods her head after a few moments. "Sure, not a problem… except, there was a woman with TK, and I am pretty sure… you were crazed, scary really. I mean like a woman posseded, or high on like PCP— you threw some guy…"

"A woman with…" Gillian trails off quietly. Silence again for a moment. "How the fuck exactly did she look like me? I mean— dark hair and pale skin kinda seem pretty common…" Except the woman in the dance club had had tattoos, very distinguisable marks visible even with her black dress. On her arms, on her legs, on her neck, on her breast…

Adelaide thinks. "Tattoos, I wasn't close enough to see specifics but I could tell she was inked… "

"Fuck," Gillian says quietly under her breath, raspy voice making it even more whispered. There's a pause, and from the increased background noise, she pulled away from the reciever for a moment. When she's back, her voice is a bit louder, "When was this exactly?"

Adelaide thinks. She taps her finger on the couch. "A few days ago. Not too long. You don't forget something like that. Not easily anyway."

"Do you remember the name of the bar?" Gillian asks, a hint of her cursing still in her voice. Can she think of any nights recently she's unaccounted for? Surely losing perfect memory didn't cause a complete blackout or something…

Adelaide ponders a moment. "Rapture- like the city in Bioshock." she says after a long and thoughtful pause. "It was weird, thought it might just have been crowded, but you totally didn't recognize me- or give me a second glance. But then again, its club and the music was loud so maybe you didn't hear me."

"Maybe," Gillian says quietly, though the tone hasn't recovered yet. "I honestly do not remember this— but I do have tattoos and maybe… We should just get together and talk. Like in the next couple of days. Is there a place you think would be good to meet up?"

Adelaide thinks. "Sure… we could could got to my grandmothers bakery." she says. "It's pretty nice, and I can score you something nice."

"A bakery?" Gillian doesn't quite laugh, but there's something in her voice that hints to her mood lightening a bit. "That works. Let me get out a pencil so you can give me the address." The reciever is put down for a moment, from the audible thud, and a few moments later it's back up again. "Okay, good to go. What kind of bakery is this?"

Adelaide nods. She gives the address. "Kind of Bakery?" she asks softly. "What that's supposed to mean?"

"Well, I mean is it one of those fancy bakeries or— " Gillian trails off, just writing the address down and making sure she has it right before she says, "Nevermind, it was kind of a silly question. I'll give you a call when I know I got time and we can get together." And hopefully she can figure out how she ended up losing time in the first place.

Adelaide nods. "Sure. And thanks, Gilly." She leans back. "We should try and make plans for food I think, maybe just meet, and do something."

"Well some of what we need to talk about probably shouldn't be in… public," Gillian says in a rather serious manner. "I wanted to help you figure that stuff out," she says, still being rather vague, but hoping the woman gets the idea. "And you're welcome, Del."

Adelaide nods. "Right. I understand. I just think we need to talk about other things. So we're not so 'focused' on it."

"I guess we could talk about some stuff," Gillian says, though from the sound of her voice she seems to be skeptical. Her last few months have been wracked with unpleasant things, that things like that are really all she has to talk about. "I'll give you a call sometime. Bye."

Adelaide nods. "Bye." She pauses a moment listening before hanging up and closing her phone. She settles back on the couch to look at the ceiling a moment.

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