Love, Adam



Scene Title Love, Adam
Synopsis There's a present for Abigail from ye old time sociopath. No, the other one. Yeah. That one. The one not on TV imitating her.
Date April 26, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Abigail & Alexander's Apartment.

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with decidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupies the immediate living room, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stereo, DVD player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the living room is an ornate cage on a bird stand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat tree house, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

As she'd been coming in from church, the front desk had stopped her. There was minor annoyance, worry that they were going to ask her to do something about the reporters who had badgered her as she'd come in. Considerably less after the whole oging on TV and asking to be left alone. At least Sylar was doing something productive with his freedom? She'd had to field a call from her mother as to why she was wearing so much black, and was she wearing her cross? But the tide of people wanting interviews had calmed a bit. Maybe whatever cat had planned and after she talked to SOnny they might just leave her alone.


But it wasn't about the reporters but something else. With the whole ducking out the back door to avoid the majority of reporters they hadn't been able to give her a package that had come for her. A couple of them actually. The few she didn't recognize who they came from and she wasn't expecting. The large of them though. A. Monroe it said. Her eyes narrowed and she took the packages. Heavy, slightly, but nothing she couldn't handle. Another was from her mother, likely some clothes she'd found that she'd warned Abigail she was sending.

It was a good half hour later after she had settled in, changed out of church clothes, swamp sludge in hand and in the middle of her livingroom that she had opened the package, a folded note card in hand and looking at it. Staring at it even as the bird chirps in the background and Scarlett is twining her way around and into Abigail's knee.

A bronze sculpture of Jesus, benevolent, one hand holding what is mud, the other moving to apply it to a kneeling man's eyes while the blind man lifts his hands up in thanks. All on a wooden base. There was a certificate stating its' authenticity and it's series number. 23/30.

Jesus healing the blind man.

Abigail's left brow has long since risen, glancing back down to the note that accompanied the piece. simple card stock, thick, personally written but otherwise blank and devoid of machine print. Just flowing precise script.

Love, Adam

"What kind of person gives a gift like this… after one meeting, and a short one at that. In the middle of a park. After curfew" Asked of the pitch black cat who's taken it upon herself to sniff at the sculpture. "Maybe Teo. Or even… Sonny" people who understand her and get her. Mind you maybe he'd seen the news? But still. Abigail shifts the statue this way and that way, looking at it carefully. "At least he got me something I appreciate Scarlett. Still…"

Up from the carpet the Healer rises, leaning over to pluck up the statue with care. Off to her bedroom and placed on her dresser. It'll stay there for now, until she can ask Huruma about it, and whether this is something she needs to worry about or whether it really is just… a plain old gift from someone. Or if there's strings.

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