Love Hurts, Then You Declare War


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Scene Title Love Hurts, Then You Declare War
Synopsis Mortimer breaks into Cassidy's Apartment changing the locks and using her shower. He's there to declare his affection and make her a few offers, all of which she refuses. Unfortunately, her refusal is not taken well.
Date May 11, 2009

Chinatown — Cassidy's Apartment

Afternoon in Chinatown, it wasn't very hard to get into the apartment building, waiting for someone to go in first, then following behind them. Mortimer has been following and watching Cassidy, trying to figure out where exactly she lives, and now he knows. He's broken into her apartment, though there's no sign of forced entry, and her locks have been modified from the inside; as soon as she walks in, they'll lock right back into the door after a series of clockwork ticks, only this time they wont unlock again.

Inside her apartment, all seems fine, except for one little thing: her shower is on. If she approaches the bathroom door, she'll start to hear singing, a male voice, muffled behind the door. "The dream police, they live inside of my head. The dream police, they come to me in my bed. The dream police, they're coming to arrest me, oh no!"

The small one room apartment, with it's rather rustic Americana charm has more then enough room for Cassidy and is as close to the PD as she could afford. The couches are comfy, the TV is HD, and her computer is only a few years old. Cassidy, is looking forward to those couches as she moves up the stairs to her apartment. It's been a very long couple of days and she's finally allowed her partner to convince her to head home and actually sleep. She is only half awake as her keys slip into the locks. And maybe that's why she didn't notice, maybe it's why her gut feelings didn't kick in.

Cassidy slips into the apartment and shuts the door behind her, a normal routine. What isn't normal is when she hears her locks click into place. She turns back to her door and frowns slightly. Testing the locks, there is a sudden thrill of fear that goes through her. She wrenches on the locks, trying to keep calm. Maybe it's nothing. Of course, even as she hears that, the sound of the shower and the singing reaches her ears. "Oh shit." She whispers to herself. She reaches behind her to slowly pull out her off duty firearm, as she moves towards the door of the bathroom. She's quiet as she approaches, stopping just beyond the doorway. After taking a deep breath, her gun comes up and she steps in front of the door ways, gun sweeping the room.

The shower is suddenly turned off, then the rustling of fabric is heard. The singing stops, and the door opens, with Mortimer, hair still damp and smelling like her shampoo, steps out with an SMG pointed at her. "Don't worry, I won't kill you, I don't think I'd be able to get over it if I killed a woman as beautiful as you." he compliments with a slight grin, sounding incredibly sane at the moment, well, as sane as one can sound when they've just broken into your apartment and taken a shower.

"To be perfectly honest, I didn't think cops could look like you. I mean, yeah, on TV, but a full blown natural red head? Man. If you put your gun down and kick it over, I'll put mine away." he says, sounding rather sincere about his offer, and it feels sincere too, if she's sensing such a thing.

It's not everyday a woman finds a naked madman in her shower. Of course, in light of the fact she has a rather nasty weapon pointed at her makes the fact that he is naked moot. The sight of the SMG, makes her catch her breath expecting him to blow her away. His compliment makes her glance up at his face, with an odd look. "You obviously need glasses." She comments blandly, she lowers her gun, considering the circumstances there isn't much choice. "I'm going to guess by that SMG your holding.. Your either Mortimer… or one of his flunkies." She leans down, avoiding looking lower then his chest and drops the gun. when she straightens she pushes the gun over with her toe.

Mortimer puts his foot on the gun, then starts getting dressed, his clothing not having the sword or the grenades, though there is a second SMG strapped to the back of his shirt. He slides the first one into the holster behind him, then pulls on his jacket and straps up his boots, nodding in agreement at her assumption. "Mortimer, that'd be me." He bends down and grabs her gun, his eyes turning completely silver as he starts to take it apart, casually throwing pieces of it around the apartment, just in case she got any ideas. It's not broken, it can be put back together when she finds the pieces again. He doesn't look at her with his eyes, instead, he shifts them back and walks closer to her.

"I've got a few offers for you, but you're safe, so hear me out." He starts walking to the couch, where the HDTV is, then motions for her to follow. "Come on, sit with me, we'll watch TV while we discuss my offers. Any questions before we start?"

There is a heavy sigh as Cassidy's thoughts are confirmed, or maybe it's the fact that he's dressed again. "Oh great." She sounds less then thrilled. "Just great." She murmurs to herself. Coren is so going to kill Dutch, is her first thought. She studies him as he dresses and moves to follow. "Offers? What makes you think I'm going to make a deal with a madman?" She asks calmly as she moves, straight backed to the couch. She puts herself as far from him on the couch as possible. "Questions? You have no idea how many are going through my head. Why come to me? All I did was find the body you had dumped at the PD." Not the total truth. Cassidy spreads her hands a bit and says simply. "I delivered your message to the Agent as I imagine you wanted."

"Oh yeah, this isn't about the message. One of my men took a picture of you, he was hiding nearby." Mortimer motions for her to come closer, grabbing her remote to turn the TV on. "I thought you were beautiful, had to meet you. Sure, I could have just walked up to you and asked you out, but I don't think that'd have worked very well. But there's one good reason you'd wanna make a deal with me: I never break my word. Well, with a few tactical exceptions…"

He stops the TV on a theoretical physics documentary, putting the remote down next to him. "Let's just say you're a tactical exception, I'd do things for you that I wouldn't for other people, mostly because my hormones and testosterone are going nuts. But I have three offers." He reaches into his jacket, then pulls out a simple smooth metallic ring that looks to possibly be some highly advanced piece of equipment. "You wear this, and give Dutch a letter for me. Option number two, you sleep with me and I give you one request, and trust me, I'd sell out Linderman to get a piece of you, but I won't let you arrest me. Or, third option, you get my guns back and we go on a date. Any of these options also get you complete immunity in this game." he offers, quite casually, and if her empathy is feeling anything, he's serious.

Surprise is the first look that Mortimer get's from Cassidy, not what she was expecting. "Good to know madmen keep their sights set low." She shakes her head a bit, the movement slow. "You don't even know me, only seen a photgraph of me…" She moves to cross her legs and rests her hands, folded on her knee. ".. yet your sitting here telling me you'd do things for me." This actually amuses her for some reason. She purses her lips as he goes over the options, her mind going over the implications of all of them. The ring get's an odd look though.

The options laid out, Cassidy is quiet for a moment. "And.. If I don't like my options?" She asks finally arching a brow at him. If she get out of any of those options, she will. Sleep with him? Eww.

"I didn't think that far ahead, I was sure you'd have picked option two and we'd be getting to know each other by now." Mortimer crosses his arms, since he really didn't think that far, scrunching his face slightly in thought. The ring is still in his hand, and he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to explain what it is. "Hey, I might be a mad man, but I can have a perfectly healthy crush on a woman who isn't a serial killer or anything. I don't know you, really, so I guess this is mostly a physical thing."

He shrugs, talking as if they're in a perfectly normal situation, and except a few things that he says, he really does seem particularly sane today. "Alright, fine, I'll just get my guns from that Dutch bastard myself, but if you absolutely won't do those other options, just go on a date with me? Anywhere you want."

"Wow.. well you know what they says about the assuming something." Cassidy offers with a bit of a humorless smile. It drops away quickly as she adds. "And as I don't feel anything physical towards you. So I'm going to have to pass on the date as well." There is a little lift of her chin as she says that. "I've already turned down Dutch once, why would I want to go out with the crazy gun smuggler he's after." Her eyes narrow a bit as she says. "And while I am at it. If it came down between a date with either of you. Sorry.. Ego or not. Gonna go with Dutch." She motions at her door. "You are more then welcome to just walk out that door since by time I could call anyone, you would be long gone." Yes, she just dismissed him.

"I'm not a gun smuggler." Mortimer corrects, then stands up, looking hurt and discouraged. "Fine, that's how it's gonna be then? You wont even get to know me a little?" He seems to be getting increasingly angry, then walks to the door and pushes the lock in before turning it, that apparently being the trick to opening it. "I wasn't gonna kill Dutch before, but now it's personal. One of the most beautiful women I ever met chose him over me, oh yeah, he's gonna die."

Cassidy doesn't move from her spot on the couch, giving him slightly amused look. "What are you then? An Entrepreneur? A Simple businessman making a living?" She makes the options sound absurd. "I don't date the one's I arrest. Tends to be a career killer. And I am a career girl." She offers him a polite smile. "I'm sorry Mortimer. I'm not at all interested in getting to know you. We're on two separate sides of the railroad tracks." His threat to kill Dutch causes her lip to twitch up a bit more. "I have no doubt you'll /try/, as you said. You keep your word."

Mortimer turns around to face her, not opening the door yet. He still has a disappointed look on his face, it's clear she's crushed him, and he'll be eating ice cream and watching action movies with his men for days. That and trying to kill Dutch. "I don't sell guns, I don't commit crime for profit, I'm not some thug. If any of my men steal, or sell drugs, or make money from crime at all, it's punishable by death. My deal with Linderman has nothing to do with money."

He moves to unlock the second lock, sighing softly. "But you don't need to know anything about that, since you wont even bother to get to know me. I thought you were nice, reminded me of my girlfriend from high school. Cheerleader, I was a chess club guy, soccer jock, honor student in the top of my class, and a girl like you takes a guy back. Fuck!" He slams his fist against the door, laying his forehead against it. "You're really not gonna give me a chance at all, are you?" he asks, sounding about ten notches less crazy than a few minutes ago. His question is dead serious, and something inside him seems close to crumbling.

Cassidy feels the first touch of doubt watching him, they don't teach you how to deal with bad guys who seem like they are going to start crying cause you reject them. She uncrosses her legs and rubs her hands on her legs thoughtfully. She takes a deep breath and let's it out slowly. "Yet, you killed a man to give a message. You know they make paper and pen for that." She shakes her head slowly. "I'm sorry Mortimer. Your a murderer." She holds up a hand and adds. "Even if he does those kind of things you told me. I just can't." Her expression is apologetic. "Besides. I'm sure there are plenty of other women that would fall all over your offer that would be a much better choice." Something about a crushed man, makes you feel like you have to make them feel better, even if they are crazy. "Not the end of the world."

"I'm usually only into women like me, I don't even know why I came here. And judging people is a bad habit, it's a very hurtful habit. You're judging me just because I kill people? There's more to me than my interests, I'm a person too. I thought, for once, looking at a woman beyond her interests might be a little healthy, but no, you just start judging and judging. So if all you see is a murderer, and not a nice guy who likes to build things, read books, and sometimes watch 37's kids on Saturdays, then maybe you're just not such a good person. It's people like you who drive me to date cannibals and bang stock girls." Mortimer opens the door now, meaning every single word he says, despite how strange it may sound.

"Maybe you could have changed me, maybe I would have just gotten laid, I don't know, but you should really be ashamed of yourself. And I'm still gonna kill Dutch, because you've just stepped all over my heart." Then, out the door he goes, slamming it, and storming out of the building. She'll definitely be right about him leaving before anyone else gets there, and she might find one of her pictures missing. He's gone, to brood and kill Dutch.

Cassidy actually looks a bit guilty about what he says, but it doesn't change the fact. Even if down deep he's a good guy, she's a cop… he's a bad guy. She has to keep it in context. When the door opens, Cassidy holds her breath waiting. She almost misses what he says as her desire for him to leave is foremost on her mind. When she realizes he's still talking she glances at his face for a moment before he slams the door.

As soon as she's sure she doesn't hear him anymore she slumps, dropping her head in her hands. She sits there for a moment, letting herself calm and go over what just happened in her head. She leans back so that she can fish a cellphone out of her pocket with badly shaking hands. She quickly dials dispatch, telling them briefly what happened and that she needs units down there immediately. After she's done with that, she dials another number. When the other end picks up, Cassidy says with a voice as shaky has her hands. "Shelby?"

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