Love Is Blind


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Scene Title Love Is Blind
Synopsis Tartarus hosts another date auction for charity, but mixes it up with costumes and a concert.
Date April 29, 2011


Tartarus is normally filled with people dressed not quite normally, at least by most people's standards. But tonight it's odd even for a goth club. Customers and employees both are dressed in a variety of costumes, though there are some who are dressed in more conservative outfits such as jeans and tee-shirts, but they're in the minority tonight.

There is, as is usual for these events, a table set up near the door, where people can sign up to have a date auctioned off, or provide donations. The charity for the evening is something called the Symbiosis Foundation, which seems to be a pro-evolved charity. Another table is set up, this one dedicated to Robyn Quinn and her music, since tonight is a night for a concert by the woman herself as well as the date auction.

The club's manager is dressed as a goth Alice in Wonderland, her dress and shoes black, though she's wearing white tights that have hot pink and black card suits dotted on them. In addition she's wearing a simple black demi-mask, the outside edge decorated with silver glitter.

Just walking in is someone who's decided to dress more conservatively. Aimee's wearing black, but it's not really goth clothing, and certainly not a costume. She's wearing black slacks and a cream colored shirt, which makes her look highly out of place, though she doesn't show it in her bearing. There is a small hesitation when she walks in, however, before she makes her way towards the bar.

Trevor finally enters Tartarus, viewing the goth bar through his mask of shaped sheet metal. He wears a gray ninja-like jumpsuit with shoulder pads and shin guards complete with curved foam spikes. He could have gone with sheet metal for those, but a quick survey of the crowd here makes him think he made the right call. Don't want to be the guy that accidently gouged an inocent bystander. Trevor (AKA Shredder for the evening) makes his way to the desk, signs his name, and pays his fee. Funny…it's like giving part of his paycheck back. But he knows it's a good cause.

Damn, he could use a drink to calm the nerves a bit. He makes his way to the bar. "Hey pal!" Trevor says, motioning for the bartender. "Jack and coke please." As soon as the words leave his mouth, he winces. "Hey man! Just make that a Diet Coke!" Close one, Trevor. He takes a seat with his back to the bar away from the rows of bottles that just seem to be calling out to him. Hard to find familiar faces when most of the faces are covered up. Still, he sits with his soda, sipping it through a straw from under his mask as he observes everyone else's constumes.

Graeme's paused from circulating through the crowd, leaning against the edge of the bar. Some small attention is paid to the chatter from the radio headset in his ear. And although there're those employees who have taken the time to dress up, Graeme's only addition to the usual security shirt is a rainbow belt, brightly coloured against the black. His gaze flicks to Trevor, a small, friendly smile on his face, slight concern, but then Graeme's gaze sweeps over the room once again. He might be having a good time, but he is also working.

Not only a minor but also in the minority, Devon's making an appearance as well tonight. In t-shirt and jeans. He made some effort to follow the theme, his shirt of yellow sporting a familiar black zig zag. And the jeans aren't jeans so much as black board shorts. If he'd shaved his head, the effect would have been complete. He's hanging out near the doors, chatting with one of the security guards. No, not enough to get the poor guy in trouble, he's still vigilant in his duties regardless of the teenager's loitering.

The punchline of a joke is put on hold as said guard checks another entrant into the club. Devon turns away from the door slightly to watch the progress of the other party goers, or auction goers if you'd rather. Arms fold across his chest as he gives a vague farewell to security-guy and heads for the bar with a "Hey," called out for Trevor.

As the adolescent moves away from the doors, a blue furred costume makes entrance. Not to worry, it's not one of those furry kinds. However the googly eyes and bright, happy appearance might better place Cookie Monster somewhere other than the Tartarus, yet there he is showing ID for his own admittance into the establishment.

Robyn Quinn always enjoys the night of a show. HOw can she not? The air is just filled with energy on nights like this, the ind of energy that she always has and always will thrive on. And unlike where most performers, she's not hiding behind the curtain and back stage, watching from afar. No, she's been all over the place, from the DJ booth to where she stands now, down to the floor where she now stands beside the store manager.

"When do you want me to start?" she aks, looking over at her former boss. She's dessed appropriately for the occasion, in the same ong silk skirt and black and purple corset she used to wear when she first started out at Tartarus, along with a big mask. "It's a nice turn out t'night! Thank you so much for askin' me t' play."

"How could I not? You're the club's favorite DJ, and a good friend," Melissa says with a grin to Quinn as she sips on a drink, sitting on a stool, one leg crossed so the white, pink and black stockings show a little. "And you can start whenever. We'll do the auction after the first set or two, then you can close off the evening with more music."

Aimee finally makes it to the bar, having a seat just a couple of stools down from Trevor, ordering a chocolate martini. She does look the type to go for a martini, all pressed and polished. But she had to come out, since it was for charity, and her favorite musicians are playing. And it's said musicians that she looks around for now.

Shredder raises his glass to the security guy, the same type of guy who has tossed him out on his ass from places like this on more than one occassion. Best to play nice. He waves to Devon with a hand with extended foam claws attached to a wrist guard. "Over here, Devon!" He takes a sip of the Coke as Devon makes his approach. Trevor smiles from under his mask. "It's just Coke. Who are you suppose to be?"

Hey, everyone. Sam Flynn just walked in the door in all his glowy Tron glory. The ID he shows is waved in, although the guard appears confused. Seems like the ID is showing a completely different person. He looks around, notices a few people he knows, and… many he doesn't. And then he hears a familiar name, and looks over to who that person is talking to. It's…. Cookie Monster. Snicker.

Elaine was back checking on things, mostly that the instruments were all set up. Paranoia, really. She wants things to be ready. Idly twisting her ring around her finger, the leggy redhead is dressed in jeans, heels, a green corset, and a mask with a peacock feather right at the center. Satisfied that everything's in place, she makes her way back over towards Quinn. "I'm pretty sure everything's in place. I think I quadruple checked everything."

Rich lady in the corner. The dress is nothing short of extravagant, custom made from fine fabrics and stones. Yana is wearing a gothic Victorian style dress, the kind that makes her look like a rather large bell, complete with a corset. A majority of the dress and it's frill are black, but there is a secondary dark purple splashed as a secondary color. The dress is lined with white stones which give it a starry effect, while her skin is much whiter than normal, diamond glitter splashed about her bare parts. Her hair is done in large curly spirals and elaborate jewelry hangs about her neck and ears. She sits in place, while a 6'7" lady's attendant, matching the period in which Yana is dressed in, with a black suit and a dark wig with a ponytail.

She hides behind a black foldable fan, with her dark eyes scanning the crowd dangerously.

"Good grief," Devon says as he slides onto a stool beside the programmer gone Shredder. "It's disheartening when a guy almost twice my age has to ask who I'm suppose to be." He doesn't face the bar, and arms remain crossed over his chest while eyes roam over the crowd. "Who're you suppose to be?" The question is posed with a shadow of a grin, almost taunting in quality, the teen's eyes slanting toward Trevor.

Meanwhile, Cookie Monster has moved into the crowd to chat with a couple of costumed folk. Friends, from the animated gestures.

The dye is temporary. It'll wash out in the shower. No more permanant hair changes, not for a while at least. The electrokinetic, who has just recently rediscovered the ability she's had for most of her life, has decided to go to this date auction dressed in a really nice costume. What, pray tell, is Elle dressed in tonight? Why, only her favorite geek character.

Arriving wearing a trenchcoat, her now correct registration is shown at the door, before Elle Bishop slinks in. Her trench coat is quickly shed, tucked under one arm to reveal…a lovely Slave Leia costume, as accurate as she could get it. The dark makeup, and different hair style all make it somewhat difficult to determine who she actually is. It also helps that she added a golden mask that matches the rest of her costume. Sure, it's a bit off character, but a girl's gotta make sure she isn't too recognizable.

Especially when she's the former Company Princess. She's not sure how well she's liked by the Ferry these days.

Really, Graeme has no actual intention of tossing anyone out. If nothing else, because that's not within his job for tonight in the slightest. Gracious smiles are offered to those he passes, before Graeme makes his way back to the bar, a deferential nod given as he makes his way past Melissa and Quinn as well. There's a much more genuine smile offered to Devon, as Graeme leans on the counter, accepting a cup of water that he'd asked for earlier and entirely forgotten about while he looks out over everything again. There's a raised eyebrow given to the glowing costume, really, but nothing more than that. It's not trouble, really. "Heya Devon." There's a nod given to Trevor, as well. "Evening."

Not immediately spotting Quinn or Elaine in the crowd, Aimee finds it easy to turn her attention back to the bar as her martini is set on the bar. She smiles and murmurs a thanks, getting money for the drink on the bar, along with a generous tip. She takes a sip before turning on her stool to face outward, giving those around her friendly smiles as well.

Trevor smiles underneath his mask. "A badass who hates turtles." He takes another sip of his coke. He nods to Graeme. "Sup man! Interesting crowd tonight." His eyes survey the costumes as people come in, until someone at the bar next to him catches his eye. Trevor walks over to Aimee. "Evening!" He says cheerfully and loud enough to be heard over the droning conversations taking place. Man, he's nervous. He's been away from the dating game for too long. Maybe this auction might be better suited for him. "You here for the auction?"

Kendall decides to go mingle, so he joins Cookie Monster. "Hey." he greets him, acting all cool. Yes, he looks exactly like the character from Tron. Actually, he looks like he fits in perfectly with the usual crowd to this place. He takes a look around and raises an eyebrow right back at Graeme.

Yana's registration is as correct as it is going to get. She is still believed to be able to detect sickness in things, which is a bit far from the actual truth. Events such as these make for opportunities to sneak it in, such as now, as she is on the move. Christopher stays behind as to keep her seat, while Yana starts her way through people. She places herself directly in line to where she needs to get by or through individuals, lightly placing her hand on them and politely excusing herself by with a soft and charming smile from behind the immaculately made up eyes. She is pardoned, and for their cooperation, she leaves along a passenger from the grace of her touch. She has so much joy to spread, and plenty of people to welcome into the world of H5N10.

The sweet scent of her perfume fills the general area of where Devon stands, and a single moment later, she is there almost next to him, her fan unfolded, covering her face from the nose down. "I wouldn't think that someone such as you would have a difficult time finding a date, as to see you here at this event. Though, you could be here for the sake of charity, like me. In any event, it is nice to see a familiar face.

"Wait." QUinn quirk an eye at Melissa. "So, two small sets, one before and one after?" She sounds a bit surprised at this, and after a moment a hand dips into the front of her corset, pulling out a folded piece of paper - that night's setlist, whichsets to looking over almost immediately. "…Alright! We can definitely manage that! I guess that means we should get up there soon…"

Which is why Elaine's arrival is such good timing. When she reaches the pair of them, an arm snackes around her waist, a smile on Quinn's ace as she adjusts her ather large mask with the other. It's not Gaga-esque, but it's pretty big. Also brightly coloured. In fact, the colour seems to shift and glow at times. "So, everythin's set up so that we can just get up an' play? Good, sounds like we need t' go up soon."

When Trevor speaks Aimee gives him her attention, smiling again. "I am, yes. I don't think I'll be going up for auction though," she admits. "But I may be bidding. It's for a good cause, after all, right?" She offers her hand. "I'm Aimee."

Melissa notices the entrance of one of her brothers, since the other is being his usual, sneaky self. She grins and looks back to Quinn, nodding. "Yeah, exactly. So you're the first and last thing people hear. So get your butts up there and blow some minds. And excuse me, I need to go poke at Devon." But before she goes she gives both Quinn and Elaine a hug, before wandering towards Devon

Elaine smiles at Melissa as she heads off, the redhead looking back to Quinn as she settles an arm around the other woman's waist. "Just tell me when. I'm ready to go at any time. Like I said… quadruple checked."

"Watch out for magnets," Devon calls after Trevor before nodding to Graeme. "Hey, Graeme," he answers with a nod. "Working hard or—" The rest is cut off when Yana appears, announced by her perfume. "Doctor Blite," he replies with a grin. "Pleasure to see you, as always. And this," a nod toward Graeme, "is a friend of mine. Graeme, this is Doctor Blite." Ah the manners. "Normally I'd have a date, but…" A shrug follows. Like he's going to admit to his lameness at finding a woman.

Cookie Monster waves to one of the two he'd been speaking with as the fellow walks away. The other remains, attention grasped like the blue furred monster by the approach of a glowing man. Both stare speechless, trying to make heads or tails of the costume and its authenticity.

"Trevor," Shredder says, taking Aimee's hand in a firm but certainly not crippling hand shake. "Yeah, the Symbiosis Foundation is looking to do some good work. It just needs donations to get things going, you know? Do you come here often?" Ugh, if he could just have a drink to loosen himself up a bit this would go so much smoother.

"Yes, working. What's it look like, hm?" Graeme's teasing Devon, and shaking his head slightly, when Yana arrives. High society types. Graeme doesn't like them, in general, and there's no more attention paid to Yana than a cursory glance, before he steps back and out of the way, though on the second glance over, he's almost certain he recognises the voice as the woman who was with Magnes back on the night of the ball. "Dr. Blite, pleasure."

There's a gracious nod, a polite but tightlipped smile, and Graeme steps back another pace, fingers tapping idly on the black pantleg as he goes to fiddle with the volume of the radio headset, then fiddle with the earpiece and the clip that clips it to his collar. There's a much more genuine smile for Melissa when she approaches, though. "Hey there boss." Another glance spared for Trevor, a little further down the bar, but it's out of genuine concern rather than anything else.

Her trenchcoat tucked under her arm, the tiny Slave Leia makes her way up to the bar, leaning against it and quietly ordering a rum and coke, a smile on her dark painted lips. Blue eyes glance around the area with raised brows, searching for faces. She doesn't know very many people here. Oh, hey, it's that bitchy lady whose phone she shot back when she was still radioactive. For now, the temporarily brunette woman keeps to herself. Hopefully, that lady won't bid on her.

"Nice costume." Kendall tells Devon with a smirk. "Make it yourself?" yes, he's teasing Devon, but they had a talk and are technically adopted brothers so it's allowed. Of course, he doesn't look like Kendall right now, but whatever.

Aimee laughs and shakes her head. "No, I've never been in here before. It's…not really my type of club. I'm more the linen tablecloths, piano and harp type of girl," she says with a wry smile. "But I like helping when I can, where I can, so it's worth spending a few hours in a place that I'm not entirely comfortable in."

Melissa grins at Devon and Graeme. "How's the shoulder?" she asks of the latter, before giving Tron Boy a curious look. "Nice costume. You might just win the contest." Devon gets an arm slung around his shoulders, and a quick hug. "Having fun, Chuck?" She gets the costume!

It's not often that the newest arrival does anything that could be called dramatic… but tonight is all about making an exception. The flowing black cape and Guy Fawkes mask are a step in that direction. The quality of the materials - no flimsy plastic Halloween leftovers here - are another.

One arm tucked in front of his stomach, the other behind his back, he makes his way through the crowd. A nod here and there, acknowledging the nicer costumes on display, as well as those few voices that he recognizes. One or two of the bandmates up on stage; Exercise Boy over there near the host. And the young woman at the bar, who seems familiar and yet not. "Aren't you a little short for that outfit?" Evan says, leaning down some to make up for the difference.

"A friend?" Yana chimes with an investigative interest in Graeme. No handshake? That's.. really too bad. Yana likes hand to hand greetings. Especially tonight. "How charming. It's nice to meet you." As Graeme is making something of a retreat. She'll not pursue, there are plenty of others. And for the time being, she is paused in her spreading in order to interact. "Tell me, are you up on the chopping block, as they say?" The woman smirks from behind her fan, shifting her eyes towards Devon. "Or are you here to purchase?"

"Uh…" Devon watches Graeme wander off, slightly confused, then shoots a grin up at Melissa. He frees an arm just enough to return the hug. "Always fun if it isn't work. And since I'm not working…" His head shakes to answer Yana's question next. "Naw, here to listen to the band and enjoy the costumes. You? Buying or selling?"

Poor Cookie Monster stares at Flynn, utterly lost confused through his big googly eyes. "Of course I made it myself," he replies, in a voice that doesn't belong to Devon. "Nothing in the rulebook says it's got to be store bought."

Blue eyes turn up toward the Guy Fawkes fwllow, brows raising behind that eye mask of hers. After a moment, her dark-painted lips split into a faint smirk. "Wrong character there, Anon." Elle laughs softly, turning to the bar as her drink arrives. She lifts it, sipping at t, before she peers up at the fellow, tilting her head to one side. "Has Anonymous come to get me tonight?"

Trevor nods at Aimee. "Yeah, this place isn't my usual scene either. But now, it's kind of like…home, I guess. People are weird in general, no matter where you go. Here, well, they just congragate." He takes a sip of his Coke, as he looks out over the crowd. His eyes catch Sam Flynn. "Aw, now that's just awesome. I loved Tron when I was a kid." He toasts his glass of soda in Kendall's direction. "Sam Flynn! Awesome costume, bro!"

"Thanks." 'Tron Boy' replies deadpan to Melissa. "Don't think I'll go up for auction though, Quorra might object. Programs, you know, what can you do?" he's joking, right? Then the Cookie Monster proves not to be Devon. Oh, ahaha. "I didn't buy mine in a store either." and with that he goes to find the REAL Devon. Oh there he is. Ahem. Good thing he doesn't look like him right now. "Thanks, yours isn't too bad yourself." he replies with a grin in Trevor's direction. "Shredder always was cooler than the Turtles."

Yana closes up her fan, setting it hang about her wrist, "I was considering on making a purchase. We will see how the night goes. Though I suppose I have accomplished at least part of what I came here for." Her last remark is a little absentminded, leaving no real indication as to what she meant. Her arms are folding themselves over each other, resting at her midsection, her hands taking hold of her upper arms.

Hugging Elaine tight, Quinn manuevers around the mask wel enough to kiss her on the cheek - something that's interrupted by a tap on Quinn's shoulder. A bit of a start, QUinn looking over and blining with surprise as she spots Royce - not really costume dup, but he wasn't planning on getting to involved in the auction or anything anyway. "I don't think I'd bank on goin' out right away, there's a problem at the sound board."

Which gets a grimace from QUinn. That's not something Elaine or her could've check on, unfortunately. A nod and a frown over to Elaine, and QUinn sighs. "Alright. I guess I have t' go tell Melissa, then…" Taking ELaine by the hand, Quinn makes her way over to Melissa, pulling Elaine by the hand. "Melissa. I'd get the auction going, sounds like there's a technical hiccup."

"Home?" Aimee asks curiously, before she looks towards Kendall "Sam Flynn?" she asks, just as curiously as the first question, when she looks back to Trevor. "Are you volunteering to go up for auction?"

Melissa gives Kendall a curious look. He hadn't told her he was coming, but it is a good costume. Almost too good. She gets distracted though by Quinn and she nods. "Sure thing. You'll have it fixed by the end of the auction?" she asks, already starting towards the stage.

"Shoot, well, okay," Elaine murmurs, moving after Quinn. She lets the other woman lead her as she looks towards Melissa. "I think Royce can get it going by the end. It shouldn't be that bad, I think we just need a bit more time. The auction should likely be long enough."

"Shoulder's good," Graeme says to Melissa, a bit of a grin. "Really, it is. Better than it's been in a while, or something, now that I'm not taking it easy anymore." Whatever residual soreness there is, it's not enough for Graeme to even consciously notice it. "Sorry, work an' all." There's a polite excuse to Devon and Yana both as he walks further off. But then Graeme's looking back over at Yana, frowning faintly. There's just something he doesn't like, moreso when she speaks. "What she came here for?" It's muttered to himself absently, though by now he's well within the crowd and mingling once again.

"Accomplished something? Here?" Devon waves absently to Graeme while he regards Yana for a moment. A brow raises slightly in thought but the question doesn't go beyond what's already posed. As well, when Quinn appears to talk to Melissa, the intern gives her a grin and a nod for hello.

Cookie Monster stares after Kendall from Tron for a moment then shakes his head dismissively. It's a club, after all, weird things are bound to happen.

"Sam Flynn is one of the characters in the movie Tron. It's a geek cult classic." He finishes off his Coke, setting the galss on the bar. "Yup, shamelessly selling myself off to the highest bidder," Trevor says with a chuckle. "Hopefully you can help drive up my price a bit. And if you get stuck with me…well, I don't see that as being a bad thing either. It was very nice meeting you, Aimee!" Trevor offers the lady a nice wave and wanders back over to Devon, catching sight of Melissa in the process. "Sup guys! So are we starting soon?"

'Anonymous' shakes his head - "Not unless you're planning to start a cult. Why, is there something I should know about?" - while pointing out a bottle to the bartender. A Scotch, ironically enough. "Are you up on the block tonight? Does the five-hundred-pound guy with the speech impediment know about it?"

"My costume." Yana smiles as she drifts right out of her thoughtful expression, letting the deceit spill from her lips easily. "So rarely do I get an occasion to showcase it, after having it made to custom specifications. Once, maybe twice a year or so. Unlike most of higher standing, I like to wear things more than one time before it is discarded." Yana smiles softly. "It is a bit out of 'season'.. you know, to be playing dressup, so an event like this is perfect." Perfect for spreading pestilence. It is only a shame that the virus doesn't really take hold and become communicable for at least several hours. A few coughs here and there from some of the people she touched, and it could circulate just a bit faster. Hmm.. perhaps she should work on making that a goal. At least look into it.

Aimee smiles and nods to Trevor. "It was nice to meet you too." And with her company gone, she turns her attention back to her martini and looking around. Spotting Quinn and Elaine she brightens and lifts a hand, waving at the duo.

Melissa nods to Trevor, but she doesn't stop once she gets Elaine's reassurance. It's right up onto the stage and picking up a microphone for her. The music cuts off at a signal from her, then she grins out at the crowd.

"Welcome to another auction at Tartarus! This is your last chance to volunteer if you want to auction off a date. And for those of you who have been here before, we're going to do things a little big differently this time. You won't know who you're bidding on, not until you've bought them. That's right, you're buying the dates, not the one you'll be going on a date with. But just remember, this date benefits charity! Tonight we're supporting the Symbiosis Foundation, a charity that's dedicated to helping the Evolved. Donations are more than welcome, and can be made at the table near the door.

"After the auction, we'll be hearing from a former Tartarus employee, Robyn Quinn! She'll be playing until we close tonight, but don't think that you can use that as a date. That's just cheating!"

"Not particularly." Slave Leia Elle smiles charmingly up at 'Anonymous', sipping t her Rum and Coke. Gotta love Captain Morgan. "But I might be 'up on the block' this evening. You'll just have to wait and see." She chuckles softly, hopping up into a bar seat and crossing her legs. Alcohol is nice when your home has recently exploded and the most prominent male figure in your life has disappeared. Alcohol and hair dye. And apparently, an outfit that shows a lot of skin.

Quinn leans against Elaine, looking over at her with a smirk. "Did you put your name in to be put up for auction? I could use a god reason t' give money to charity," she remarks with a smile as she watches Melissa. "…or should we buy someone?" she adds in a bit more amused fashion, giggling a bit. "Oh, I love these things. I think this is the first time I haven't gone up! It's so weird t' be sitting out here without worryin' about going up."

"Tron: Legacy anyway." Kendall adds to Trevor. "Which just came out this past year. Have to say, the costumes are a lot nicer in this one since they've got better technology now." he'd say more, but Alice is talking now. And he can't help it if his gaze is drawn to Leia over there.

Trevor listens and nods at Melissa's announcement. "They made another Tron movie? Oh, God…please tell me it didn't suck ass." He follows Kendall's gaze to Slave Leia. "Now there's a geeks wet dream if there ever was one! Damn!"

"Just because Halloween only comes once a year is no reason to not dress up on occasion," Devon states with a shrug. His arms fold over his chest again, giving a nod to Trevor on his return. "Besides," he continues with a glance toward Yana. "You could always just make a donation, even if you don't see someone up there you'd care to bid on."

A minute is given for people to grab drinks, finish conversations, or do whatever they need to before the auction officially begins. Then Melissa is grinning as she draws a small stack of cards from the pocket of her apron (because what's Alice without an apron?) and getting things rolling. "Our first date is a man! He's offered to take the lovely lady who wins him to Montauk Point for a day of fun and relaxation! Lots of stuff to do there, ladies. Who will buy this stud? Let's start the bidding at one hundred dollars!"

"Afraid not," Elaine says to Quinn, leaning against her. "I think I already reached my peak in date auctions. She slings an arm over Quinn's shoulder. "We could always buy someone, but you never know who you'll end up with. Could be anyone!" She glances around.

Yana chuckles, "You weren't raised in the house that I was raised in. We were taught at a very early age that there is a time and place for everything. Costumes and dressing up were reserved for events that called for it. I suppose that is a little uptight, but that is just how we were raised." With a lift of her fan, she pushes one of her curly bangs off to the side. "And yes, I plan on making a donation regardless as to whether I participate or not." She is watching the proceedings a second later, her face giving a small twist of disinterest as she hears about the date. Not what she would call suitable, really. She has very high standards.

"I agree with that, Doctor Blite," Devon replies with a nod of assent. "I was raised differently. And I grew up participating in theater. Costumes are… rather normal." He shrugs, then casts a grin over to Yana. "To each their own, and thank you. For your donation." It isn't really his place to say, but he does so anyway. Turning toward the stage, he settles in to watch the events.

One can imagine Anonymous raising a brow at Elle's non-answer, but with the mask covering his entire face, only he knows for sure. Picking up his drink, he wanders back the other way, settling down into an open seat not too far from Devon and Yana. "But this is an event that calls for it, isn't it?" he asks the latter, lowering his voice to let the bidders be heard more clearly. "That's the problem with making a rule out of something, someone else can come along and bend it."

Smirking quietly after Anonymous, Slave Leia Elle turns back to her drink, brows raising as she hears of the date. Not very interesting, but perhaps worth a shot. She turns back to her drink, a shrug rolling off of her shoulders. For right now, she's happy to drink and be kind of secretive. She'll save the spotlighting for later, or something.

The bidding begins, at 100 just as 'Alice' asked, and they rise from there, by ten or twenty-five. Finally though, Melissa's pointing towards Elle. "And the winner, at two hundred and fifty dollars! You've won a date with Evan at Montauk Point! Evan, go make nice with the lovely Leia!" she says, grinning.

Trevor claps. "There went our hottie," he says to Kendall. "Should be plenty more where she came from though." He continues paying attention to the next date to be called.

"Are you offering yourself up for bid?" Kendall asks Devon casually. "After all, who wouldn't want to date Charlie Brown?" now that he's got the right person, a dig is inevitable. "Oh that's right. You're underage, aren't you?" well so is Kendall, technically. "Yeah they did. And its storyline wasn't great but one thing it certainly was is eyecandy. Actually, I've heard it referred to as an 'eyegasm', especially since it was in 3D. And yeah, how do you figure? She's the one who bet on him. From what I remember, you can bid and put yourself up for auction as well."

As the bidding begins, Graeme makes his way over towards both Quinn and Elaine, waving a subdued, quiet greeting. He is working, after all. But there's a smile on his face. "Hey. Aside from technical errors, how's it going?" Thumbs hook against the bright rainbow of his belt, and Graeme grins, easily, looking at the two while he waits for Melissa to read off the next card.

"Well, that's good it turned out ok. I'll definitely check it out." Trevor glances at Kendall. "Huh, I didn't realize you could do both. It make sense though." He chuckles as he glances toward Devon. "Don't let his boyish good looks fool you. Charlie Brown is a party animal."

When Trevor speaks about missing the hottie, despite the distance, Aimee's glancing towards him, picking up the words without too much difficulty. Then she's looking back towards the stage, again sipping at her martini.

Melissa waits until things settle again before she speaks. "Our next date is another man, eager to be bought by one of you sexy ladies! He's offering dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, followed by drinks at a comedy club! Can't beat good food and good laughs, now can you? Who'll start us off!"

"Damn straight," Devon states with a look toward Trevor. Then to Kendall, "Am I underage?" A single brow lifts, just enough to give doubt to those who might not know him about his age. "As I told the good doctor, no. I'm not participating beyond watching and enjoying myself."

Dinner at an Italian restaurant and a comedy club? Yana is suddenly a little concerned that Magnes has followed her here, and he is putting himself up for auction in hopes that she'd bid on him. Nope. She isn't bidding on that either. She is a bit fed up with Italian, and she doesn't desire to laugh unless it is faked. The auction is looking a little less like she is going to purchase, and a little more like she will just donate. Which means… She needs to circulate a little more. "Pardon me, Devon." Yana excuses herself and starts making her way back over to where Christopher is waiting, passing on infection here and there as she goes.

Trevor listens intently to the bidding proceedings, getting a little nervous. This is when a Jack and Coke would have came in handy. But he manages to calm himself down somewhat. It's all for charity and it's just one date. No biggie. Right?

This date has Aimee considering, a finger tapping lightly against her glass, then she calls out a bid before falling silent. It's upped a few times, right up until Melissa calls out…

"Sold! To the lady at the bar for one thousand dollars! You have won a date with Trevor to eat Italian and listen to potentially bad jokes!" she calls out with a grin. "Trevor, go say hi, treat her nice. And ladies and gentlemen, we're down to just one date remaining. Open up those wallets and purses, and remember, even if you don't win a date, you can still make a donation!"

Kendall snorts in response to that. "Because I know you're not old enough." hint hint. As Trevor is bought, the Tron-garbed man laughs. "Good for you, sounds like someone liked your idea of a night out."

"Technical errors aren't too bad. Royce should have us up and running soon," Elaine says, offering a nod to Graeme. "I'm pretty excited about the concert… Robyn and I practiced quite a bit." She looks to Graeme. "We're doing pretty good. How are you doing?"

What's worse about inducing nervousness than a blind date? A not-quite-blind date, that's what. Evan rises from his seat and makes his way back over toward Elle— at least his face is still covered, but there's a hitch in his body language that wasn't there before. "So. Not exactly the Corinthian, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? Changing things up."

Trevor glances over his shoulder to Aimee with a grin underneath his mask. "Apparently!" He says in response to Kendall before walking over to her. "Now, I'm sure the foundation appreciates the high bid as much as I do, but now your stuck with me. At least for one date. I hope that doesn't bother you."

Oh. She just won a date with Anonymous. Fancy that! Elle turns, peering quietly over to the man with a faint smirk, before lifting her glass toward him, brows raised. She better get some spa treatment for two hundred and fifty bucks. Slave Leia Elle isn't the most generous type, but hey, who knows what's behind that mask. She'll probably determine that later on. For now, her imagination runs wild with crazy things that could be under Evan's mask, while blue eyes turn toward the stage to await the last date. "So what's out in Montauk?"

"Good," Graeme says. "I'm glad to hear that." Someone needs to be doing well, he figures. "I'm looking forward to hearing the set." There's a grin, and then Graeme as well is looking to the stage, moving back to mingle once more.

Aimee looks amused and shakes her head to Trevor. "Not at all. I would've been fine with whoever I won, but someone nice enough to say hi is a definite bonus," she admits. "I suppose I should give you my number, so that we can schedule that date at some point, hmm?" she asks, even as she's pulling out the cash to hand over to the guy collecting such things.

Up on stage Melissa's flipping to her last card. "This is one for the gentlemen in the audience! This lady is offering a trip to an amusement park! Any one you chose. And to top it off, this one has never been on a roller coaster, so you'll get to accompany her on her first ever! Start the bidding, guys!"

Whether he realizes it or not, Evan does have a leg up on Elle in one sense: the hair color and the outfit may be throwing him, but at least he can see and hear her, while the face-covering mask continues to muffle his voice. "Oceanside property, mostly. Hiking trails. Good restaurant, I hear." And some other things as well, but let's face it, there's no good way to ask your date whether she has a thing for swing sets, is there?

"Absolutley," Trevor says, perhaps a bit more enthusiastic than he intended. But hey, this is first date in years. "So I'm wondering, do you like Italian and comedy clubs? The comedians are a bit up in the air, mostly amateurs. We can always make fun of them after the show."

Devon frowns at Kendall-Flynn, trying to see past that mask. "Yeah. Sure you do." Shaking his head, and affecting an oh so dubious look for the Tron charading man, he returns his attention to the stage.

Aimee laughs and nods to Trevor, slipping into Italian. "I love Italian. The language, the food, the people…" Then back to English as she grabs a napkin and borrows a pen so she can scribble her name and cell number down on it. "If I didn't like the idea of the date, I wouldn't have bid on it, now would I?" she asks, smiling at Trevor as she offers the napkin to him.

"Heh, maybe I'll tell you when you're older." Kendall replies to Devon, and starts moving off. He's broke, so no auctions for him.

At the description of the date, Graeme raises a finger, visible up above the crowd of heads, before then moving to a clearer area that he can be seen. Rainbow bracelet that matches his belt around his wrist, too, and he keeps bidding. There's a smile on his face. He likes rollercoasters.

Shredder cocks his head in amusement as Aimee speaks a bit of Italian. This girl is beautiful /and/ smart. A deadly combonation, to be sure. "Well, no I guess not. Then I'm glad I chose well enough to nab a date with you." Now don't screw it up and you might nab another without the aid of an auction. Trevor accepts the slip of paper with Aimee's number on it, folds it up and puts it in a pocket in his ninja pants. Who knew ninja pants had pockets? "Care for another martini?"

Aimee laughs, the sound bright and happy. "I'm glad you chose it as well. And I would love another martini, thank you," she says, relaxing the longer she's in the club, despite it being totally not her scene.

The bids start going, starting at a hundred, but rising quickly. Maybe it's the roller coasters, maybe it's the fact that it's the one woman being auctioned off. But finally Melissa's pointing to Graeme. "And sold! For fifteen hundred dollars to Graeme! You've bought a date with the lovely Elle! Go make nice, and be very good to her for that amount of money!"

Graeme grins. He'll have to go get the actual money in a little from his bag in the back, but first, there's a glance to Elle, and a wide, winning smile. If a little sheepish. Obviously, saying hi to his date is worthy of taking some time and not paying attention to work. The radio on his belt is turned nearly all the way down. "Trust me, boss, I will," he says, then turning to Elle. "Hi there." Awkward. "You must be Elle?" Then his brow furrows a little. Aric had mentioned an 'Elle'. No matter. Graeme is entirely smiles and slightly flustered.

A smile is cast to Evan; it appears that Slave Leia / Elle is a popular woman tonight. After a moment, the woman slips over a little closer to Graeme, offering him an enigmatic smile from behind that golden eye mask. "That would be me, yes. So you're the guy I get to go on my first roller coaster ride with?" She smiles up at the guy. Hey, he's cute. She could cling to his arm on a roller coaster any day. "Nice to meet you, Graeme."

Trevor orders Aimee another martini and himself another Diet Coke. He hands Aimee her drink and takes a sip of his with a straw underneath his mask. The events on stage are lost to him as he takes a seat next to her to get comfortable. "So when I mentioned that this place is like home, it's because I know Melissa. I actually work for her, designing the website for this place. I also got some other work lined up, but I'll leave that as a surprise for our date. I'm entitled to an air of mystery right? Afterall, I'm the one in the mask." He says teasingly.

As the auctioning winds down and the last item (person?) is sold off, Devon turns to face the bar and order himself a usual root beer. Cash for the drink is pulled from a pocket and placed on the bar, fingers staying on it 'til it's actually time to pay.

For a moment Aimee looks clueless. "Melissa? Oh, I see," she says, smiling when she figures it out. "And yes, I suppose you are. Besides, you're right, part of going on a date is learning about the other person. It wouldn't be as much fun if I learned all about you tonight. I think because of that I'll save everything else about me until our date."

With the auction done, Melissa slips off the stage, heading towards Quinn and Elaine, smiling. "Anytime you're ready, hon, the stage is all yours."

"Huh? Oh!" Quinn brightens up, looking over to Elaine. "Fantastic! I'll go bug Royce an see if everything's ready!" Stepping forward, Quinn takes Elaine's hand and begins to drag her towards back stahe, a look over to the other woman as she tugs. "What song should we play first…" Apparetly she's already forgotten about the awkwardly palced setlist she has.

"That'd be me, yep," Graeme echoes, a soft southwestern drawl that more than anything betrays that he's still not a local, despite that he's been back a while. Finally, with a glance to Melissa, he steps back, holding up a finger to Elle as he murmurs into the radio that he's going off for a short while. And then it's turned off, all his attention back on the pretty woman. He may be gay, but there are some things Graeme is not blind to. "Sorry about that," he murmurs, resuming the distance Elle had set. "But, so. Pleasure to meet you, Elle. And yeah. I've always kinda loved rollercoasters." It's admitted with a shy grin. "It was the greatest thing when the home I was in at the time," and Graeme pauses, awkward, then continues, "would take us out to the theme parks. Didn't happen very often. So it was always special."

"Sounds fair," Trevor says, taking a sip of his soda. He glances around the club, taking notice of the DJs getting things set up. "Well, what we can do is dance if you're up for it. I have to warn you, I've been out of the dance club scene for years. So my once-sweet moves are probably not-so-sweet anymore." He lets out a chuckle from under his mask.

"Right, sounds like a plan!" Elaine agrees, hurrying towards back stage as she's dragged by Quinn. "Robyn, your setlist…" She teases. "Isn't that the first song we're starting with?" She kisses Quinn's cheek. "We'll be fantastic."

Melissa grins and nods as Quinn and Elaine head off, and she moves back to her spot at the bar, to sit and get another drink, content, it seems, with the night and way it's progressed. And the donations can't be discounted, either!

Aimee smiles brightly and nods. "Dancing sounds lovely, though I don't think I do the sort of dancing that they normally do in a club like this," she admits, sipping at her drink before she sets it down.

Somewhere in the midst of this, Evan has quietly headed back to the bar for a refill, mask still firmly in place. A glance back toward Elle and her other anonymous partner— hanging back and leaving them some time to get acquainted, especially since now it's her own idea being discussed. There'll be time enough after the concert to leave his number and all that.

It takes several minutes, before the lights in the club dim, and the music on the speakers suddenly cuts out. Which is the signal, at least to most people, that it's time for the other attraction of the evening to start - the concert! From behind the curtain on stage, the droning sound of a finger holding down a key on a keyboard rings out, a deep, droning note.

The curtain opens to darkness, a circle of light swirling at the feet of the keyboardist holding down that note, until it columns upwards into a spot light, Robyn Quinn looking out at the audience with an excited smile on her face. "Hello everybody!" she announces, waving with her free hand as the sound of guitar driven static joins teh single droning note. "Thank you everyone for coming out tonight, on behalf of myself, Melissa, teh club, and the charities the money goes to tonight! Your donations have all been appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the show!"

With that, bass and drums kick in as the song picks up, Quinn's fingers dancing across the keyboard. It's time to get this show on the road.

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