Loved Her Enough To Stay Away?


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Scene Title Loved Her Enough To Stay Away?
Synopsis Kaylee descends into the basement to chat with Brennan and ends up unloading her daddy issues on the poor guy.
Date May 07, 2010

The Garden

Evening rolls around and the poor safehouse is getting chillier, the boards all rattling and groaning as gust after gust blasts against the sides. With everyone crowding closer to the fireplace, Kaylee decides to slip down into the basement. Two steaming mugs in her hands, she slowly makes her way down the stairs, her thick winter coat on, but not zipped up, showing the bright red sweater she had to borrow from someone and the ratty jeans that are a touch too long in the leg for her, surprisingly.

"Dr. Brennan." She says softly in greeting, looking to where he was the last time she saw him. "I thought you could use something warm… It's hot chocolate. Coffee's all gone, so I figure this is as good as anything." Kaylee gives him a somewhat nervous smile, pausing at the bottom of the step, looking as if ready to go back up if she gets sent away. "Maybe some company?" She sounds almost uncertain.

Space heater is going full bore in the bottom, having taken a nap and let it turn off, he'd woken up not long ago and is still dealing with getting the sleep out of his eyes when Kaylee's making her way down with hot liquid. "How water is just as good, or tea. Thanks Kaylee" He's growing out a good deal of scruff, some of it silver as some threads in his hair. The Brennan curse. Only he's lasted longer than his father with regards to going silver. But this adventure is shoving more than a few in.

Up from the cot he maneuvers, booted feet hitting the floor as he decides to play fetch for his meal, hand closing around the hand with a terse but grateful nod of his head. "The answer's still no, with regards to rifling through my brain, if that's what you came down here with. Nice bribe though. Appreciate it"

"That's… not why I came down here." Kaylee says with a touch of amusement in her tone, a corner of her mouth hitching up into a crooked smile. Handing over a mug, she adds, "I just… I feel responsible for you being down here, not to mention it's gotta suck being down here by yourself." Shuffling backwards, she settles down on the bottom step again, her own mug clenched between both hands.

Her blue eyes roll upwards to the ceiling, "Plus down here it's not so loud…" one hand lets go of the warmth to roll a finger beside her head, before her gaze drops back to him. Kaylee's brows tip up with worry again, "Hope it's alright… I mean, if it'll make you feel more comfortable, go ahead and negate me." She can understand the distrust.

"I've sat through worse than being alone in a basement and listening to the people above. I've sat in a jungle, in pouring rain before I met my wife, waiting out monsoons and the like. I can take a little cold with meals and blankets and young women bringing me hot chocolate" He offers up nicely when she's stating she's not here to play mental games with him.

"Gives me a break between the counting cracks, counting voices and staring at the ceiling or sleeping. Besides, like you said, it's quieter" He lifts the cup, taking a sip of the hot beverage, making sure to not burn his mouth. "And I don't feel the need to negate you to make myself feel comfortable. I don't use my ability all the time. Just when it's necessary or to make Liette get her temper under control"

"I try not, too." Kaylee says still only clutching her mug for the moment. "Before I fell in with the Ferrymen, I wasn't so… restrained. Took getting my head messed with by someone my boss was after, running away from that same boss who turned out to be a rather bad man, and meeting Joseph to change that." She smiles a little bit.

"The whole Liette thing… I've been hearing this and that, but that's about it. Not sure what to think about it all really." Brows drops a bit, in thought… "Seems like her… I guess her surrogate father would do anything to get her back." Kaylee looks at the man on the cot, thoughtfully. "Fathers would do anything for their children?" She actually makes it a question, "Would it be enough to make them stay out of their lives?"

"Depends upon the consequences" Brennan offers up in answer to her. "It's a fathers love, more so than the father himself. If it's better for the child that they not be there, in their opinion, then yes, it would be enough. You have to weight the consequences. Is it dangerous to be around, is it less dangerous to be around. If you're edward Ray's daughter.. perhaps he had a good reason. I can tell you that when you saw him, he was likely hooked up to a machine and unresponsive. From my understanding, he was in a persistent vegetative state. People don't recover from that, normally"

The cup remains cradled between his palms, looking down into it then back up. "Fathers don't always make the best decision when it comes to their children. Love or not. Sometimes, what we think we do our of love and to protect can harm instead"

“I am his daughter.” Kaylee says, eyes drifting to her cup as Brennan lays out what her father's condition is, brows furrowing. Slowly, she sets the mug and the step and she stands, pulling something out of her back pocket as she approaches the negator. She stops at arms, length and offers an old worn photo. "This is the only photo I have of my father." Her words quiet. "My mother doesn't know I have it, she'd rather just… rather I never knew him. She won't talk about him or the fact she lied about the whole thing."

Pressing her lips together and nodding to the picture she adds. "Except for a memory that the Nightmare Man drug up and that photo is all I have of him." Kaylee's shoulder shrugs. "Didn't know a thing about him til the Nightmare Man.

"What I can't figure out… is why take me to the Institute in regards to my father… then wipe something like him being a vegetable from my head." Kaylee's expression is slightly pained, it hurt to wake up and find she had her memories erased.

“It's the institute. Maybe they just wanted some DNA, or to compare some things" Brennan points out. "You might have been asleep for most of the time. I have a feeling I spent time in the tanks there. I was sopping wet when they woke me up with a shot of adrenaline. Harper, the one who did most of the talking in the suit. Not exactly the most friendly guy." Brennan shrugs, taking the picture from her to look at it then pass it back. "I never saw him. I didn't see anything while I was there. I only know about him from Liette"

Glancing at the photo, Kaylee moves to sit back on her step again, "He was confirmed when the memory surfaced… seems he wronged a lot of people." There is a bit of an uncertain look on her face. "The memory… he was telling my mother to pack up and move, to get me out of Boston — seems I wasn't even born in New York — because I was going to hurt someone."

Kaylee gives Brennan a a slightly resigned look. "Ray… is a probability predictor." Her head shakes slowly. "I guess it's something like a pre-cog… I dunno… but I guess he predicted I would hurt someone. I figure he saw something in his predictions and decided to keep away and keep me in the dark as to who my siblings are too."

Shrugging, the telepath tucks the photo away and picks up her mug taking a sip from it finally, before she does, Kaylee says over the rim,"Sorry… last thing you need to hear are my daddy issues." Her tone bland and colorless.

"Probability predictors are different from pre-cogs. Precognitives, see the future, possible futures, the roads which a person will take. Probability predictors.. well, they see the possibilities, and the chances of something coming true, like a percentage of success if a certain action is taken. If that's what he is. I've come across quite a broad spectrum of evolveds in my time."

"If he saw the chance of something happening and the strong possibility of it happening, maybe he did that for a reason. You can't know unless you talked to him, face to face and if he was coherent. You can only hypothesize. Even your mother wouldn't know what he truly knew and what purpose he had to getting you out of boston." There's no comment made about hearing people's daddy issues. It beats staring at walls.

"Didn't stop it though." The words tumble out of her mouth, irritation evident, but clearly not at him. With a heavy sigh, Kaylee continues. "I — killed a boy when my ability manifested. His buddies had me pinned, he was…" She trails off clearly uncomfortable with continuing that sentence. "I made him drown himself. Not my proudest moment."

Another sip is taken of her drink, her eyes on the concrete floor. "So he was wrong… " The words taste bitter in her mouth, words rough. "If he is in a coma… I guess I won't get any answers." Kaylee has to close her eyes for a moment, brows furrowed as she fights with emotions, hands clenched tightly around the mug. When they open again, she blinks a few times.

"Maybe once the weather clears, I'll see if I can hunt down my siblings, see if he didn't the same thing to them." Brows furrow slightly. "If not, maybe… I can get a few answers that way."

"When the snow clears" Brennan nods his head. "Lets hope, that something is done soon, I don't know how much the city can take" It won't be pretty or nice. "If you don't mind Kaylee, thank you for the hot chocolate but I think I would like to try and sleep some more" INquired politely, which is a change from things of late.

"When the snow clears" Brennan nods his head. "Lets hope, that something is done soon, I don't know how much the city can take" It won't be pretty or nice. "If you don't mind Kaylee, thank you for the hot chocolate but I think I would like to try and sleep some more" Inquired politely, which is a change from things of late.

"Hmm?" The young woman almost seems distracted for a moment in her thoughts, but then her brows go up. "Oh… yes. Sorry." Kaylee murmurs, climbing to her feet, her own mug in hand.

"Once…" Kaylee stops herself, and corrects her phrasing, "If this storm blows over, I'll make an attempt to get to the city and talk to Scott." Her hand goes to the rail and she starts up. "Hopefully, we can get you out of here and back to your own family." She sounds cautiously optimistic.

"I'd rather not keep you from your own daughters." The telepath offers, booted feet thump lightly on the boards. "I am sorry I got you stuck down here, doctor." She knocks on the door at the top of the stairs.

It's on the tip of his tongue to tell her, assure her that it wasn't her that got him down here, but himself, a while back. But he doesn't. Just nods his head and goes back to his drink at hand.

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