Lullaby! O Lullaby!





Scene Title Lullaby! O Lullaby!
Synopsis Kaylee takes time to reconnect with Emily. Just a little moment in the chaos of life.
Date May 28, 2011

Grand Central Terminal

Lullaby! O lullaby!

Baby, hush that little cry!

Soft singing floats out from the room that Kaylee and Joseph share, heard by those passing along outside through dimly lit corridors. Many are starting to settle in for the evening, tucking children in their beds and telling them stories about good versus evil. Many still young enough to believe in light triumphing over the dark, even if the grownups didn't. Holding hope for something that seems so impossible.

While the singing is not bad, it's not a voice that would win awards. It was never her strong point, that was dancing. Within the candle lit room, Kaylee Thatcher sits on the large cot with the orphaned toddler Emily on her lap. Retrieved from the Bay House that morning for a little one on one time.

The little girls thoughts are drowsy, thanks to an active day with the telepath, that included the park. As they sit there, Kaylee's voice soothing the young child, she gently pulls a brush through silky hair a much lighter shade of blond then her own.

Light is dying,

Bats are flying,

Bees to-day with work have done;

It was a very old song she sang to another little girl a hundred years into the countries past. Her hair had been just as silky but a darker shade of gold. A richer color unlike Emily's lighter blonde, but just as full of life and smiles.

Emma had been the daughter of one of Margaret's friends. A woman who had lost her husband and was left to have the baby on her own. So when she worked, the women of Smith Inn volunteered to watch the darling little girl. That child pulled Kaylee out of her depression every time she visited, by curling a tiny fist into the bulky skirt the woman wore and following her around.

Of course, she might have done it for the cookies, too.

So, till comes the morrow’s sun,

Let sleep kiss those bright eyes dry!

Lullaby! O lullaby!

Lullaby! O lullaby!

The tiny head bobs a little, eyes heavy. Unable to keep them open. Kaylee can't help but smile, it is after all cute. Brush set on the edge of the table, she wraps arms around the tiny toddler, letting her lean back and get comfortable. The telepath allows herself to rest her head on the top of the child's head, cheek pressing lightly against the pale straw of it, eyes focused on a point on the wall. She listens to the soft mental murmurs and non-vocal attempts to try and sing the words..

Kaylee, of course, doesn't stop singing, gently rocking side to side to help lull the little girl into a deeper slumber. It works. The tiny body relaxing, feeling safe there. Innocent security. Clearly, no one can hurt her there.

Hushed are all things far and nigh;

Flowers are closing,

Birds reposing,

Thoughts surface slowly, teasing her as she cradles her little ward. Images of a golden haired boy with a smile that seemed to light up everything. She felt silly for not noticing. Should have seen it.

Wouldn't a mother know her child?

Even if it was a child she hadn't given birth to yet? She didn't know that answer, tho' she doubted it. There wasn't that bond there that came from that first moment you hold that tiny infant in your arms. But there were other questions swirling around in her head. Did she sing him or little Hannah that very lullaby? Or any of the others she learned? Were there stories read at bed time? Or lessons on dancing?

More importantly, did she manage to be a better parent then her own?

All sweet things with life have done;

Sweet, till dawns the morning sun,

Sleep then kiss those blue eyes dry!

There is no answer for all those questions, not unless maybe she had the courage to ask Hannah. If she could even find the woman. Did she even want to know? She had to admit to herself that she did.

The desire for her own family strengthened when she found out about Hannah. When she realized that Eli was her child. A child she carried and brought into the world. Even now the thought made her heart skip a bit at the prospect. To know she'll have a chance to hear that embryonic mind, much like she did with Delilah's Walter.

Shifting so that she can stand and move Emily to the make shift bed, Kaylee finds herself hoping for that life now. It may be different, she may never get to hold Eli in her arms, but maybe one day she'll get to hold a child of hers, be it boy or girl. Could she see herself with more? Maybe.

Of course, she hopes Joseph will be the father like any woman in love with a man would.

Lullaby! O lullaby!

Baby, hush that little cry!

Kaylee silently watches the tiny toddler sleep for a long moment, lost in reflection and thought. Pondering those things for a while longer. When she does finally turn to her own preparation for bed, it's with a little smile and humming the lullaby.

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