Lunar Eclipse For New Years

Associated Press (A.P.) — Much of the world will be seeing a dark New Years eve this year as the December 31st 2009 total lunar eclipse approaches. The total lunar eclipse of new year's eve is expected to be visible all across the east coast of the United States and be viewed as a partial eclipse in South America. Portions of the eclipse will be visible as far east as Egypt.

With just ten days remaining until the end of the year, celebrations around the world for the end of the first decade in the new millennium are amping up. New York City's new years celebration set to take Wall Street by storm is going to be the largest new years celebration the city has seen since Times Square was destroyed in 2006

With the moon going black on new year's eve, the city of New York has planned to drop the ball for the new year from the roof of the Linderman Building, visible across all of Wall Street where festivities have been moved since 2006. New Yorkers are expecting a record turn out for the celebration and New York City Mayor Harry Bianco is hoping that in the next decade the troubles New York City and the United States have faced in the last ten years will become a thing of the past, washed away by tides of change.

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