Lunch Break...


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Scene Title Lunch Break…
Synopsis What started as a lunch break..
Date March 17, 2011

Tahir's Apartment


WHUMP! The sound of a body hitting the wall comes from within the bedroom that belongs to Tahir Avery Dunham. There's scraping and sliding of nails that lead the way to the light being flicked on and the new brightness shows off that the owner of this room is attempting to finish hopping into his suit pants. There's a zipping up and a buttoning of the button and the shirtless hottie that is Tahir Avery Dunham happens to be looking around for something or other. "Hey! Where's my wifebeater?" Tahir is clearly yelling off towards the master bedroom's bathroom, but he's also hurling what's left of the covers off the bed to see if he can find it.

"Babe.. did I throw it out the window when I opened it last night? I think I remember biting it.." Comes the voice of a female in the bathroom, though that's nothing new for the apartment that is Tahir's. The face that peeks around the corner would be that of Lucille Ryans, her grey eyes studying the man as she continues to run a hand through her hair which has been growing back rather fast, her dark reddish brown roots peeking out now.

A pair of tight fitted black jeans are already on, her dark blue sweater top lays on the dresser. The only thing covering her chest is a nice black lace bra, which she's just put on actually. "Um.." Lucille taps her chin before she drops to her knees and looks under the bed, "Aha!" Hopping to her feet, the dark haired woman throws the top towards Tahir. "I still say we just go out naked, though.. we might get arrested.. and the government would find me.." Shaking her head, she peeks around the wall to look into the mirror one more time.

"Nevermind, that's not a good idea." She says aloud before crouching to dig into her bag for her toothbrush.
Poseorder is not enabled in this room.

"Jail is very bad for guys like me. Have you seen the first season of Oz? Yeah. Exactly." Tahir is squeezing his awesomeness of a body into the wifebeater and then he's grabbing at the button-up shirt that he's going to be sporting for this particular edition of going outside. "Besides, the place I made reservations at is Work Safe. Which means I can't be showing off my goods to the Waitresses. They'll be leaving -me- tips instead." Tahir buttons down the shirt and is moving to scoop up the stylish tie of the day. WIth that in hand, he whistles at the woman in the bathroom.

No! Not like a Dog! Or anything! Honest!

"You have such a pretty ass, the inmates wouldn't be able to resist." She laughs as she runs into the bathroom and turns the water on, holding a finger up for Tahir to wait as she brushes her teeth quickly. One more check in the mirror and she shuts the water off, pads over to her sweater top, pulling it on. It hangs off one shoulder and she flies back on the bed as she pulls her boots on.

"I'm really surprised you said yes to going out and didn't just say we'll order Chinese or something." She chuckles as she gets to her feet and pushes Tahir out of the way slightly to move through the door before him. Just because she wants him to watch her walk away. There's something about this blonde.. that makes her just want to have fun all the time. "So, where too Avery?" One hand on her hip as she waits by the door.

"Ain't tellin'. It'll spoil the surprise." In some kind of record time, Tahir has managed to shake off watching the hottie walk away and finish getting himself into his suit. He throws on the matching specs and makes sure his Chucks are in top condition before he gets his vamoose on to meet with her at the door. "All I'm gonna' say though is that you're gonna' love every minute of this place. Every inch of it. Every… it's just too epic for words." Tahir snatches up his keys and is smacking Lucille's ass to get her on out of the apartment. "Hurry up. Cab's waiting." Nobody (with any sense) drives in New York.

"Yeah yeah." Lucille teases as Tahir ushers her out the door. "Don't start anything you can't finish Avery." She says with a chuckle as she gets to the elevator. Pulling on her Ray Ban shades, she looks up at Tahir and puts a hand in her pocket. The other is just limp, does she grab for his hand.. no it'll scare him probably."

Shaking her head, she presses the button for the elevator to come. "I.. so I think it's only fair. I met your sister. You should meet mine." Well, it is only fair right? The former model looks back up at Tahir and cants her head to the side.

"Meetin' the family? Uh. That sounds like you're tryin' to get Sirius Black on me." Tahir is leaning back against the wall, waiting for the elevator to ding, whilst looking dead at the female that he's going out to lunch with. Craziness. Out to lunch with somebody he sexes on a regular basis. Weird.

"Wait. Unless I'm totally misreading this and your sister is hot and you're tryin' to let me get a piece of that too…"

Luci whirls around and punches Tahir in the chest lightly, "Uh no.. you can't 'get a piece' of my sister. Ass." She shakes her head before smirking and then entering the elevator as the dings and opens. "Fine, you don't wanna meet her.. just you wait." She says in menacing tone. "You thought the other time was bad.." just what is she speaking of? She looks over at the man she sexes and raises an eyebrow. "I just.. nevermind Avery." It's hopeless to put what she was thinking when she proposed him meeting Delia.

A quick look down at her phone shows that there are no messages, but she's looking at it just for an excuse to do something. "I haven't heard from my dad in a while." She comments lightly with a frown, the urge to call him is strong. But she's never chased after her father, it's their job to check in on their children. Not the other way around.

"Okay, Ow, Wonder Woman. Damn." Tahir is actually feeling the sting of that punch a bit. Which is not something that he wanted to be feeling. Why are girls always trying to slap or hit him or something. Totally unfair. He's a nice damn guy, dammit!

Once on the elevator with the woman of violence, he's cracking a smile and leaning against the wall to look at her. "Oh, cheer up, Emo Freak. You know I'll meet your sister if you want me to. All you gotta' do is tell me when and where and if I'm not havin' se—"

Something's wrong. Because the elevator has screeched and came to a complete halt. Lights flicker and everything. Uh oh. Not good.

"Did you plan this?" is the first words out of Lucille's mouth with a wicked grin as she crosses her arms. She wouldn't put it past him, she wouldn't put anything past this man. "Because if you did.." she inches closer, "Well.. if you didn't, I guess we're gonna die." Lucille says with a frown, totally within grabbing distance of Tahir. "Should we press the button?" You know.. the one that calls for help?

Lucille looks over her shoulder at the button with a raised eyebrow.

Tahir doesn't look scared. But he doesn't look like he planned it either. In fact, he just looks like he might be somewhere between emotions about how he feels about what is happening right now. He's definitely within grabbing distance of Lucille and that's certainly a good thing. "I think maybe I'd rather go out with a bang." Tahir's response to the button pressing is very clear, as he's already reaching out to grab Lucille and pull her even closer!

With a yelp, Lucille is pulled closer to Tahir and she grins up at him as she grazes his lips lightly, biting his lower one. "Yeah, dying of old age is for chumps." She breathes with a glint in her eyes as she places a hand on Tahir's chest. She's already ruffling her hair, giving it that pre-sex look. Because it's gonna look even worst after.

"So.." she whispers.


Somehow, the lights finish flickering and go completely out in the elevator. Something hits the floor that sounds like some random article of clothing. And it is that which cues Tahir's classic voice of Too Horny For TV as he makes the only pun worth making at this juncture:

"Going Down?"

There's the rustling of another piece of clothing dropping to the floor. "Hmm." Comes the sound of Lucille's voice, whatever is she doing? "I mean.." she doesn't say anything else.

Something else just dropped on the floor. Sunglasses?

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