Lunch Break Conversation


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Scene Title Lunch Break Conversation
Synopsis Kaylee sits down with Ygraine and asks her what she knows about the Ferrymen. The telepath surprised about what she learns and offers to bring Ygraine into the fold again.
Date December 06,2009

Summer Meadows

The low brickwork walls flanking the entrance to this subdivision pronounce it to be 'S MMER ME DOWS', black metal letters pitted by age and each tilted slightly askew by decades of weather and neglect. The rest of the subdivision echoes this theme — pavement cracked, its lines worn and faded nearly into obscurity; small lawns littered with autumn leaves and dying grass, shrubbery poorly pruned or not trimmed back at all, such flowers as there are in most cases long since grown wild. The buildings are a mix of townhouses, duplexes, and quartered apartments, most of them with paint peeling at the edges, a few boarded over and sporting jagged holes where the windows weren't quite protected enough. Feral dogs slink at the back of the streets; their feline counterparts are less commonly seen, usually visible as no more than a streak of motion disappearing into the bushes or someone's cracked-open garage door. This isn't a neighborhood where people are seen lounging on their porches as the sun sinks low in the sky; to stay out as darkness gathers is to risk unwanted attention, and the consequences thereof.

It's been a long morning of painting in the chill of the day, Kaylee's little work crew.. of… ah… two… has been hard at word on their 2nd house. Around noon, the young telepath calls a halt work. "My stomach feels like it's going to eat itself.. " She declares.

Today, she's without her crutches, but she's very careful not to keep too much weight on it. Her grey sweatshirt and ratty jeans are decorated with a rather country like blue, that matches the wall of the house. Settling on the stairs, she cleans out paint from under her fingers, her expression intense.. obviously there is more on her mind then just paint.

Motioning Ygrain to join her on the steps of the house's porch, the blonde asks after a glance around, "Been thinking about some of the stuff you said the other day…"
Wrapping an old - and now paint-spattered - scarf around her throat, Ygraine takes a perch beside Kaylee, legs pressed tightly together and elbows close against her sides as she tucks her hands in her armpits.

"I've got some soup on the bike. Whoever it was that invented the thermos deserves a sainthood", she says with a grin. "But this sounds serious, and perhaps not to be discussed while trying to swallow a hot drink. What can I do for you?"

"Yeah… I guess it kinda is.. " Kaylee states with a small amused smile. She draws her legs up to the stair below her backside and crosses arms across her middle leaning forward a bit to keep warm. She bites her lip and glances out at the worksite. "Tell me, Ygraine.. since you know Colette.. I was curious. What do you know about the Ferrymen?" Blue eyes shift over to gage the other woman's reaction.

Ygraine blinks, then laughs softly. "Other than them being a mysterious charitable organisation with a penchant for exterior decorating?"

She shrugs slightly, pursing her lips as she gazes towards the street. "Since you're apparently a telepath, you could probably find out what I know. Are you asking because you're a member, or because you want to be?"

"I don't just read minds willy nilly. So I gotta find things out like everyone else." Kaylee comments, waving a hand to dismiss it. "And I'm asking cause I am a member.. They are the ones that took me in when I was suffering from another's ability. Took me in even though I was a member of a bad man's gang.. showed me the light on him and helped me find myself again, I guess you could say." She smiles a bit, studying Ygraine. "They are more then just charity and exterior decorating.. Under all that, hidden in the shadows so to speak… They help the evolved from the government.. It's kind of like… the underground railroad in someways. We hide, protect and take care of people wrongly persecuted by the government or scared of them really."

"I just.. after talking to you… What you said kinda stuck with me." Kaylee's arms unfold and she runs hands up and down her legs to warm them some. "I thought, you might be interested in possibly helping out now and then… I mean… in a way you already are." She nods to the work site.

Ygraine cocks her head as she rather intently eyes Kaylee, then chuckles. "If I give you permission to read my thoughts, would you be able to do so? That might be safer for this sort of discussion than talking aloud in open air."

Her brows lift in surprise at the question, Kaylee's never been asked that before. There is a small nod from her. While Ygraine doesn't feel the telepath's ability invade her mind, Kaylee's mental voice floats there sounding much like she's talking in a tin can. I can do that…. In fact, that will allow us to go get food. Her stomach seems to growls as if in agreement.

"I first became aware of the Sailing Club a fair bit over a year ago", Ygraine 'says' quietly inside her mind, while rummaging in her jacket for an ipod with which to provide an excuse for sitting around while not talking. Slipping the pads into place in her ears, she rises and moves to her bike, opening up one of the panniers to withdraw a small bag. Returning to the porch with it, she fishes out a bright red thermos, which is passed to Kaylee, before she pulls out a couple of neatly-wrapped sandwiches.

"I've met a few of them, here and in the UK. My wife was a member when I met her. I was meant to be getting considered for membership, but… apparently it was felt that as a comparatively young and active individual I met be better-suited to the junior branch. That unfortunately didn't appear to be the opinion of that branch's leadership. Apparently an organisation engaged in political actions meant to bring about a particular result in an incipient conflict didn't have any need for someone who'd studied the politics of conflict and the ways in which such things unfolded."

The Briton shrugs ruefully. "It was made very clear that I was just to be a body. I hoped that I'd be able to prove my worth as more than the third spear-carrier from the left, but…." Another shrug. "The one big mission I went on, I got to see the Ferry in action - and discovered that, though the junior club had been presented as "the guys who were willing to do things when the brown stuff hit the fan", the senior branch had people who were willing to do a great deal as well. So… in a branch that actively didn't want me to use my brains, when the senior one seemed willing to do as much - and at least as competently - as the junior one."

Holding the thermos in hands, her head tilts a little, Kaylee listens to the words. Her eyes close as she processes what the other girl has to say. I haven't had much experience with the junior group… Their leader doesn't think much of me.. but then when she met me, it was when I was on the other side of things. Sighing deeply, her breath mists lightly. But then.. I've seen The Ferrymen get their hands dirty, when I helped them bring in a man named Danko. Humanis Leaders and all… I don't know.. I still think you could do good in this part of it all. Her eyes drop to the ground, seemly deep in thought.

Some of what they do is questionable.. but it's done for the greater good… Since I came into their care.. I've dealt with kids sick with Scarlet that badly needed Vaccines.. Their parents afraid that their kids will be taken from them… There is so much that needs doing and not enough people. Kaylee gives Ygrain a sheepish smile as she holds the thermos to her, I think you should give them another shot. Not the junior group.. I mean the senior group… the Ferrymen.

Ygraine permits herself a rueful little chuckle. If they're willing to take me, then I'll accept. I might be under Federal observation, though… I've not seen any sign of it for a while. I… did you hear about the Consolidated Edison… event? When the power plant got blown up? I was part of that mission. An effort to stop the Vanguard from killing virtually everyone on the planet. It succeeded, but… the big split came after that.

Ygraine's shoulders hunch a little. I was part of a team of mixed junior and senior club members. The senior ones were very impressive. That was when I discovered that they were willing to get their hands dirty, and were very good at it when they did. And… the situation, and the aftermath, persuaded me that I really didn't have a place among the juniors. Ours was the only team +not+ to lose anyone to the Feds, though most of us had our names and identities given to Federal agents on a platter. We were the only ones +not+ following a centrally-scripted plan, and we came out the best. And that's in spite of coming up against a fully-functioning tank, gunmen, a mortar crew, the enemy back-up plan with underground steam tunnels as a vector for releasing the virus….

The Briton shakes her head, gaze very distant and unfocused. I listened to someone die, bringing down the plant to stop that release. He brought it down on himself to do it. I got hit by part of the rubble, and spent three days completely out of it. But… yeah. Sorry. I'm rambling. She flashes a guilty smile at Kaylee.

It was after that, that a G-woman came up to me and asked how the other people on my team were doing. I pulled back from contact - not that I was a popular person with the juniors by then - and made sure that I kept my nose clean, since… well. How many Feds wander up and ask people how a group of officially-wanted "terrorists" are doing, and don't either want something or mean it as a warning? But… if the seniors want to take me, and think I'm a safe bet and someone worthwhile, I'm… well. I spoke to people in the UK, and they pointed me this way. So I was hopeful that I might be acceptable.

Admittedly, I haven't seem the Ferrymen do anything too… out in the open.. even this isn't a known Ferryman operation.. So… I mean keeping your head down while doing Ferry business isn't a bad thing. Kaylee gives the other woman a soft smile and shrugs her shoulder a bit. Right now, the big thing is this project. Making peoples lives better. The smile falls some at the mention of Vangard and the virus. Shanti Virus.. I know about that.. I worked for Adam Monroe.. one of the people behind it. I didn't know about it at the time.

Smiling a bit, Kaylee leans over to lightly bump Ygraine's shoulder with her own. I think you'd fit.. I'll make sure the higher ups have your name at hand. Alistair is the paperwork guy… He'll probably want to meet you.. he likes to question people, see their dedication. I'd also like to take you to meet Robin… and if he's around Joseph. There is that warmth in her tone when she mentions the pastor… More so mentally it seems.. harder to hide things, so Kaylee switched to vocals, her cheeks coloring slightly, fingers moving to tuck hair behind her ear. "Anyhow… There are a lot of really good people.."

It's a little odd to think of people acting as paper-pushers, but it makes sense, Ygraine projects with a wry smile. And sure - I'll gladly enough meet any of the senior club I should run into. And… ouch. That's some bad history there. I can see why some people might not want to trust you. Is this Munroe the old boss to whom you're now allergic?

The question gets a slow nod of her head, Kaylee looks slightly embarrassed. Yeah.. it is. He took me under his wing.. treated me like a daughter… But he went on a killing spree killing the people that locked him away.. There is a painful twists to her lip as she continues, her mental tone strained. One of those people.. he asked me to read their mind and she planted this suggestion in my brain. And being around him and trusting him.. slowly killed me.. Of course… I've learned since. But still when I discuss him. Kaylee presses a hand to her stomach and forcefully swallows, looking a bit ill.

Ygraine looks immediately apologetic. "I'm sorry", she says aloud, reaching over to try to touch Kaylee's hand with her fingertips. I should have realised that it wouldn't be a good topic of conversation, at the very least. So… bunnies! Flowers? What serves to distract you?

"It's okay really… Its something I'm use too.. I can't avoid the subject, it just makes me nauseous." Kaylee sounds amused by that explanation. //He's the past.. He's not the great person I thought he was. So this.. is a penalty I'll take… What I'm doing now.. I like this, it's worth the occasional sour stomach. //

Ygraine cocks her head, once again studying Kaylee rather intently. I like that attitude, she projects with a gentle smile. If you're typical of the newer members of the Ferry, then I could see myself liking it rather a lot. Though I admit I hope that most of them have better taste in past employers!

That gets a short bark of laughter from Kaylee, her hand quickly moving to press over her mouth. "Sorry…" She murmurs past her hand. "I would hope most of them are smarter then me." She agrees softly, her hand lowering slowly. // I can't speak for the rest.. this is just my own twisted tale. I like what I've seen. I think you will too.. // "Now…" Her eyes drop to the sandwiches.. and she points to one of them. "Gonna eat all of that?" She asks with a chuckle.

Ygraine giggles. "I can offer you tomato soup, too, if you want", she says, gesturing to the thermos. "The sandwich is just cheese, ham, and tomato." Naturally, the last word is pronounced British-fashion. And you don't seem too stupid to me.

"I'll bring the lunch tomorrow.. if I can snitch a little lunch today. The place I live has a fantastic cook." Kaylee offers with a bright smile, even though it fades a little as she mentally adds. Well.. I obviously have my moments of it. I'm getting smarter though. The smile returns slowly as she says that.

Ygraine flashes a swift grin. "Sounds like a good deal to me", she says warmly, before adding a mental query. Are you in one of the safehouses? I spent some time in a couple, after the ConEd mission. Most of it while totally spaced out on drugs and concussion, admittedly.

I am.. it's a place out on Staten. I stay there with a lot of Moab detainees that were freed. Taking one of the sandwiches with a thankful look, Kaylee continues. You heard me talk about Jason? He was in a place called Level 5.. He knew Monroe.. But he was also at Moab.. Somehow he got caught up in everything… He's one of my house mates. // She takes a bite, chewing slowly as her stomach is still a bit off. //Working here, you'll meet him. He's great with all the kids in the network.

He's your lazy co-worker who enjoys clowning around for the kids?, Ygraine enquires, one side of her mouth lifting into a smile. I never found out much about any of what you've just mentioned, to be honest. Only even found out by accident that my official "job" title in the club had changed. So… I confess to ignorance, to be honest./

// That's him… // Kaylee affirms taking another bite. I admit, I don't know a lot myself… just that it was really bad.. a prison for evolved… and that Jason.. my ex-boss and others were in that place… some without any real reason.

Ygraine nods morosely. There've been rumours about that sort of place for some time, but…. She shrugs. One of the basic traits of a conflictual situation is that people start to seek out voices that agree with what they already believe. It's a form of reassurance, of making you feel that you're not alone in your plight. It's all too easy to simply end up hearing what you would like to hear or what you expect to hear, and to not actually critique anything nearly as much as you should. After all, the one time that people have +most+ to gain from lying is when they're trying to martial people for action. So… at exactly the point when people are narrowing their sources of input, they're most likely to get lied to.

I know that Helena mentioned "Moab Federal Prison" - or something like that - in the interview she gave back in the Summer, but…. That didn't exactly reveal a lot.

Kaylee is quiet, verbally and mentally as she lets the other woman talk. Well.. I live with a house full of them… though, I wouldn't go asking about it right away. Like Jason is a rather private person.. He's slow to trust… that much I know.

Ygraine offers Kaylee a rather sheepish look. I hope that I've not pried too much. I… know that I'm not exactly the best socially. Bikes and books, I can handle. People, I'm much worse with.

Grinning, Kaylee shakes her head. "Not at all.." Always good to know what you can. Her gaze moves over to the bike. "I had a sportster before I got sick.. It was towed while I was sick. One day when I feel more settled, I'll have to look into buying a new motorcycle.. I kind of miss it."

"Mostly, I've been a pedal-pusher", Ygraine says with another swift grin, before somewhat ruefully adding, "hence the size of my thighs…. But I'm getting increasingly fond of a bike that propels itself. For getting around the city, or for sheer personal exhilaration I'd still pick a bicycle over a beast like that one… but I have to admit that taking a ride on the autobahn in Germany was something else. No speed limit, open road…"

"I bet." Kaylee says sounding a touch jealous. "I bought my first motorcycle just to kinda get back at my dad.. course he got blown up in midtown." There is no emotions at the mention of her dad. "Either way." She pops the last of the sandwich in her mouth. "Better get back to work.." She says around the food. She brushes hands on her legs and offers one to her. "Business concluded.. with hope things will work better for you this time around, huh?"

Ygraine winces at Kaylee's reference to her father. "I'm glad I was the only member of my family in the city that day", she says gently, before rising to her feet. "But… you're right. We should get more of this done before the weather gets any colder. Then we can hide indoors somewhere while the snow falls, eh?"

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