Lunch Date


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Scene Title Lunch Date
Synopsis Toru eats all the pizza.
Date March 22, 2011

Prospect Park

Off in a less populated corner of Prospect Park, Toru finds Amadeus's van; a sight he pretty much hasn't seen for quite some time now. Shortly after the Dome fell, he tracked it down only long enough to remove his stuff from the back, so since then, it's been completely Toru-free. Whether this is a good thing or not, he really has no idea, but he's starting to get bored with everyone else he hangs out being off doing their own thing, or just generally not wanting to hang out with them to begin with. It happens.

In any case, he'd spotted the van a bit earlier when passing by, and has returned with a small mountain of food. Two pizza boxes loaded up in his arms, with a couple smaller boxes on top, and a bag with a couple two-litres of soda hanging in the crook of his arm, he kicks on the side of the vehicle and yells, "Yo, Wolfgang!" Kick, kick.

Grunting as he sits up in his black Chucks, AC/DC shirt and blue jeans, Amadeus opens the back door with an unlit joint hanging from his mouth. "What the fuck do you want?" he asks in a particularly angry tone, crossing his arms.

Toru stumbles in mid-kick as the door is opened abruptly, hopping backwards a few steps and managing to regain his balance. But it looks silly, and that's what's important. He's dressed up a bit more nicely than usual - wool peacoat and scarf over black jeans - and he's gotten a haircut and fresh bleach-job since the last time his former roommate's seen him. He doesn't invite himself into the van, instead just getting close enough to set his offering down on its floor. "Jeez, spaz, I just was out walkin' and figured I'd bring some food. Pizza and fries, yo. You look like shit," he adds, as politely as possible.

"I ain't hungry." Amadeus pulls his joint out and tosses it into his small unlocked metallic box, then just lays back on the small bed and closes his eyes. "I don't want people buggin' me in my van."

"What the hell is this, dude? I move out and you turn into a lump?" He strolls off-camera for a moment, dragging back a barrel, which he promptly sits on. Wiping his hands off on his pantlegs, he digs through the boxes to pull out a slice of pepperoni pizza, soft and fluffy, and starts munching on it. "I'm not even in your friggin' van, anyway, I'm way the hell out here. You can have the leftovers, you'll get hungry later. What's your problem?"

"I don't have a problem, I've just got shit to do. Can't make money worryin' about every fucker who wants to hang out with me." Amadeus reaches over for his joint again, placing it between his lips before grabbing his metallic lighter with the black paw print on the side, lighting up.

"Right." Toru crosses one leg over the other, and, after some thought, pulls open a fry box, taking a small handful out and peppering them along the top of his pizza slice. Nom. "You been sittin' here at least the hour it took me to see you were around and to go get food and come back, dog. Seriously, dude, what's goin' on?" Thoughtful bite of his pizza slice, complete with longterm chewing before eventual swallow. "Gay me up with details of your lifestyle."

"I've been scammin' people out of their money and leavin' women the fuck alone. Fuck women, all they're good for is bendin' over." Amadeus sits up and hunches over, closing his eyes again. "Why the fuck are you gettin' all in my business?"

Toru shrugs. "Bored and I ain't got nothin' better to do. Don't figure the job market's bitin' for high-tier escaped cons, so in between under-the-tablework I got shit, right? And I figured I ain't seen you in awhile so I figured I'd figure I go get some food. Talk some shit. See how you been, seein' as how it's been a while."

"Keira sedated me and left me on a park bench after breakin' up. Fuck women." Amadeus lays back and rolls over on his side as ashes fall to his bed, barely making any eye contact. "It's Delia's fuckin' fault for makin' me like chicks for somethin' other than fuckin'."

Long silence there. Toru kind of looks awkward, glancing off to the side for a minute, coughs into his hand and takes a bite of pizza to give himself a minute. "Well, I ain't into the whole fuckin' women thing," he finally segues with a joke, "but I dunno as how— friggin'— I guess I can't really say anything to that." He scratches the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Makes y'feel any better my ex got me shot, once."

"Bitches don't know what the fuck they want. I ain't got any time for them unless I just wanna blow my fuckin' load." Amadeus crawls up to the driver's seat, placing a hand on the wheel. He's not starting the engine yet, he just shakes his head. "I'm gonna go to Eltingville and mooch off the fuckin' government."

It's hard to tell just what, but something about that suggestion seems to set Toru off a bit. 'Seems' in the sense that once the idea is mentioned, he throws the remainder of his pizza to the ground, standing up and almost knocking his barrel over in the process. "Yeah, that's a fuggin' great idea! You gonna just walk in and volunteer to get a tag around your neck? Or maybe they give you some sweet ink to make things all permanent, like? Where the hell do you get it in your head that that's a good fucking idea?"

"I'm fuckin' bored. Since I got out of jail I've just been tryin' to survive. Dome was kinda fun until I got shot. I wanna see what the fuck the government's doin' on Staten. It ain't like I'm gonna die." Amadeus looks back at Toru, shaking his head. "Don't be such a pussy."

"Dude, did you goddamn drop out of school before they covered fucking World War II?" Toru kicks the side of the van in frustration, but finally calms himself down. "You'd be a frigging pussy too if your ancestors were— fuck it." Sighing, he shakes his head, sits back down on the barrel, takes a fry box and starts grazing. "Fuck, you're bored. I'm bored, everyone's goddamn bored, start a gang or something. You can wear little pawprint pins."

"I don't do gang shit, I'm a freelancer. And World War II was the Japanese not the Chinese, dumbass." Amadeus pulls his keys out, twirling them around on his finger. "I've gotta go see a cop and ask how gettin' sent to Eltingville works. And stop worryin' so much, shit's just gonna blow over after a while anyway."

"You really are a complete dumbass." Toru stands back up, shuts the fry box, sets it on top of the pizza again. He hooks the soda bag back onto his elbow, pulls the pizza boxes back into his arms. "Fine, what the fuck ever, shit'll blow over just like the curfew's blown over and like the Linderman Act blew over. Everything fuckin' blows over and— and I'm takin' my pizza back."

"Take your fuckin' pizza. Either come with me or don't, I'm gonna see what the fuck is goin' on." Amadeus starts the ignition, reving the engine while waiting to see if Toru's gonna leave or not.

"If I go out there they'll run my creds and put me in prison, dude," Toru notes with a quiet shrug. A little regretful in tone, he looks up at Amadeus, shrugs again. "It'd be great goin' back to Staten but a Staten under government rule ain't a Staten I wanna be a part of. Don't get your ass killed, I guess."

"Yeah whatever, just close the door." Amadeus starts driving shortly after, honking his horn loudly before he's off and away from the park.

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