Lysette Olivia Harvard
Lysette Olivia Harvard
Portrayed By Ashley Greene
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Hydrokinesis
Age 28
Date of Birth October 29, 1980
Date of Death Still Breathing
Occupation Dancer/Freelance Photographer
Family Marie Harvard (mother), Johnathan Harvard (father), Paul Harvard (brother - deceased), William Harvard (brother), Kassidy Harvard (niece)
Significant Other Currently Single
First Appearance Mistaken Insanity
Last Appearance

"Life is an adventure, for better or worse. You can sit back and watch it pass you by, wasting a lifetime of 'what ifs' or you can grab it by the horns and hold on through the series of ups and downs. Give me the horns anyday because a life wasted by regret is a life not worth living."

Character summary:

A fount of creative energy, Lys is a registered evolved that has spent the last few years touring with the Royal Ballet of London. When not dancing, she is often found with a camera-in-hand dedicating the downtime to her photography or at the latest and trendiest gathering spots about town. Rumored to be quite the social butterfly and somehow always in the heart of chaos, she has recently arrived in NYC to spend some quality time with her big brother, William. For how long is anyone's real guess.

Character History:

Like her brothers and sisters before her, Lysette was destined for something better than the humble beginnings of her childhood. Born and bred in Omaha, she took her place as the fifth and final of the Harvard born children complete with all the trimmings and overbearing protectiveness of her elder brothers.

While life in Omaha may have been simple, Lysette appeared to have a distinct knack for finding fun and entertainment wherever she went. Easily the most colorful and creative of the children, she developed finesse for the finer arts of dancing at an early age. Her passions had a tendency to run hot and deep, more often than not launching her head first into a heap of trouble before she was even aware of the dangers. Perhaps it is by no great surprise that she should spend a great deal of time around her older brother, William. Some speculate it was for a want of keeping him socialized and less 'nerdy' - though others suggest it was William who was more compelled to play the hero for his baby sister. Whatever the case, the two seemed to frequently be found nearby. While she drove her father to great lengths of exasperation, her mother attributed her youngest daughter's mistakes to 'creative genius' and something she was not entirely certain she wished to stifle.

In an effort to try and channel their youngest child's creativity, the Harvards enrolled little Lysette into several afterschool dance programs throughout her earlier years. By the time she reached her teens, Lys was afforded an opportunity to study at an alternative high school for the performing arts. While money was tight, a partial scholarship combined with countless hours spent working at the family restaurant helped to provide her with the tuition necessary to further her studies.

Her teen years soared by swiftly amid a stream of parties, social events, and far too many boyfriends much to the chagrin of her father and older brothers. Lysette had a way of charming smiles and laughter out of even the worst of people - often times selecting those of 'damaged' reputations for her pet projects of redemption. With the end of her high school career, she traded the cornfields of Nebraska for the bright lights and big city life of New York. She began working nights in order to pay her way through Julliard. She never quite finished her degree in Dance, leaving with only one semester left, to instead accept an offer to dance with the Royal Ballet of London.

Over the next six years she toured through Europe throughout Europe, visiting many of the exciting places and venues she all too often dreamed of as a child — eventually obtaining recognition as a principle dancer within the company. During those years she picked up a passion for trying to capture the beauty of the world and all within it, around her. As her life and career continued to advance along the fast track of success, Lysette started to contact her siblings less and less - sometimes going an excess of six months without any correspondence at all.

Yet despite the success of her career, her personal life seemed to carry with it a series of downward spirals - most of which she took great pains to hide from the outside world. The bombing of New York acted as a wake-up call for the world, for the first time the darkness of her own personal struggles of the past few years crashing through to taint the beauty of the outside world around her. Though she was nowhere near the States when the act occurred, she felt the ripples just the same. Over the course of the next year, Lysette tried to once more lose herself within the creative and carefree world she had built for herself, but it was never the same. Slowly her passions for the company began to dim and by the summer of 2008 had cooled to a near dismal level. Knowing well enough it was time to move on, she finally decided to leave the company and return home to the states in search of some sort of purpose.

For the first time in her life, Lysette was not certain she wanted to be at the center of the latest trend of coming-out evolved. Still, she finally forced herself to register upon her re-entry into the United States, like the rest of her siblings, as just one more among the growing masses of evolved that seemed to be crawling out of the woodwork in troves. They slapped her with the label of a Tier 2, casting everything she had worked so hard to keep hidden for the past few years for any and all to see.

With nowhere to go and no 'real' job of her own to support herself, Lysette decided to hunt down her brother, William, and see if she could not insert herself into his life - for better or worse. Accomplished dancer, budding photographer, and social butterfly extraordinaire, whatever the case, Lysette Harvard has returned to New York but for how long is anyone's guess.

Evolved Human Ability:



Lysette can rearrange the molecules within water to support her weight as she walks or moves upon it for undertermined lengths of time. The water, itself, does not change as it is still entirely possible for someone to be in the water beside her while she is atop of it with the exception of those she chooses to join her.


Lysette can allow one other to join her upon the water providing that she maintains physical contact with her target and concentrates. However, extending this ability to anyone other than herself does lower her guard to defend against any outside attack.



Jonathan and Marie Harvard

Lysette's parents are stills somewhere in the midwest, though she has distanced herself a little more from them over the past few years than she would have liked. She knows her lifestyle causes them undue concern and therefore goes to great lengths to shield them from the details as a means of soothing things. It is a running joke among the family that Lysette was the reason their parents stopped at five children instead of eight.

Paul Harvard (Deceased)

The oldest Harvard son who perished in the bomb. Paul had the ability to know when people were lying, a gift he used often in his line of work. She misses her brother a great deal, even if they did often clash over the choices in her life.


William Harvard

Lysette's older brother and eternal social 'project'. He is a brave and dedicated member of SCOUT and desperately in need of a good carefree night on the town.


Kassidy Harvard

Lysette's niece and the daughter of her oldest brother, Paul. Less than ten years apart in age, Lys admires her young niece and sees a lot of herself in the spirited woman. Unlike her older sister, Lys tries to maintain the role of the 'cool' Aunt to her brother's daughter.




Trivia and Notes:

  • Lysette really does have no direction sense and is prone to getting lost /a lot/. Once she has been somewhere several times, she does fine, but expect her to get lost the first few times when trying to find a new place. Consequently, this tends to explain why she is rarely on time for anything.
  • Lysette has an intense fear of confinement and will go to great lengths to avoid prolonged periods of time in small spaces.
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