Gabriel Patrick McNamara
Portrayed By Colin Farrell
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Regeneration
Age 29
Date of Birth 09-13-1980
Date of Death
Occupation Unemployed
Family Mother and Father, one brother and one sister.
Significant Other(s) Alive!
First Appearance Fear No Evil
Last Appearance

Just a man trying to live in the new American landscape.

Character History:

Gabriel Patrick McNamara. Born September 13th, 1980, to two loving parents and with two less accepting siblings. His childhood was roughly average in most respects. His brother whom he idolized fell into a trap of drugs and fast living, dropped out of high school, and eventually returned and finished. His sister turned to religion and went to college. His parents were loving, but human- they made mistakes. He was never granted any sense of super-ethics, but he learned right from wrong, and his father taught him that honor and courage were far more important than being feared or rich.

As soon as Gabriel graduated high school, he moved out of his parent's home with his girlfriend. He attended college and worked a part time job, she worked and drank mocha's at home. In two years, he graduated his two year program for fire fighting and was a certified Firefighter 1. The problem, he soon realized, was finding an opening. Eventually he took a job nearly on the other side of the country; the pay, the benefits, and the opportunity was something he couldn't pass up. After two years on the job, however, his girlfriend developed a fear of his job as a firefighter in New York City. Gabe's idea of a concession? He started going back to school in his time off to get his degree in Criminal Justice. He finished early in 2006. He had just left his firefighter company to start putting in his dues with the New York Police Department when the bomb went off.

Both he and his girlfriend were within an area where most people died instantly when it happened. She did. Gabe survived, and though badly burned, spent little time recovering. In the days shortly following he LOOKED as if he should be laying in a hospital bed awaiting death, but he did not feel near death. He could not see, and he was ill, but not like he should be. Then in a matter of days he started to feel better; his vision began to return. Doctors couldn't believe it, but in the aftermath of the bomb, they had better things to do than worry about a patient who SHOULD be dying getting better. He had no idea why; if he had, its no safe bet whether or not it would have made him any more comfortable. Whatever the trigger, Gabriel's genetics revealed a key difference between he and most of the rest of the world in the days, weeks, months, and years following.

Within a month, his vision and health were good enough that he joined in the search efforts. He dug through rubble, searched buildings, and walked the streets looking for other survivors. His skin was still badly disfigured, but nobody complained much. As time went on, he continued to look more and more normal. His vision got better. He began his work in the New York City vice squad, and then transferred to homicide. Two years on the force paying his dues, and then the promotion. Detective.

When the registry came into existence, he went to register. He didn't know, but he assumed. He was right. Regenerator was the word for it, but he somehow felt no different for having a nifty card to show what he was. He kept working. His skin still bears reminders of the day his whole world got turned upside down, and he still has a hard time seeing in odd lighting. Bright lights? Instant mind-bending headache. Otherwise? He's the same Gabriel McNamara he was in August of '06.


Evolved Human Ability:

Gabriel heals. Quickly. Small cuts or burns generally heal within minutes or hours, whereas more serious injuries don't fare much better. Whereas a normal person might need a month to heal; he's better in a day or two. Only the most serious of injuries would last more than a few weeks. It clearly isn't a perfect power, however- years after his exposure to the bomb, he still feels permanent effects, and not just cosmetic ones.

Major injuries are somewhat of a conundrum. Whereas his skin has mostly healed in the time since the bomb, his eyes have only regained partial functionality. They may fully heal someday, but its likely to be a matter of years, not months. If he were to lose a limb, the stump would heal over within days but the limb itself would never regenerate.


Being nearly radiated to death slightly affected Gabe's mood for the negative. Usually he's quiet and straight forward, looking to get whatever he's after done and thats about it. He can fake it well enough when speaking with witnesses, informants, or suspects, but some part of his humanity seems to have been burned out of him. Every once in a while, though, something will trigger a good mood and he'll be more like his old shit-talking, fun-loving, life-loving self.



Memorable Quotes:

  • "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,"

Trivia and Notes:

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