Sanderson's Travel Log
Day 1 Arrival at Analalava. Plane lost, supplies lost. No sign of Cpl.Dixon or Ruskin. Need to find plane. The only easy day… was yesterday.
Day 2 We found the plane and commandeered a river ferry. Sat says bad storm is coming. Found Copeland's body. No sign of Ruskin or Dixon. Low on food and ammo. I think my wound is infected. We have to keep moving. Locals have the briefcase…
Day 3 Found Lt. from Bravo-One, survived extermination of team. Ambushed by riverboat patrol, no casualties. Vanguard has developed aerosol neurotoxin. En-route through bay, should hit the river by midnight. Still no sign of Dixon or Ruskin. Don't feel safe.
Day 4 Nothing unusual to report. Long stretches of water. Arm hurts more now, sore all the time. I have a headache that won't go away. I'm worried I'm coming down with something. Talked to Bennet and Huruma, it made me feel better. Lt.Danko left at night, wants to scout the land away from river. Will meet back up with at river terminus.
Day 5 Encounter with militia on road patrol, discovered Ruskin alive with medical supplies. She's tougher than I am, I think. Most of the crew is sick with Malaria. Gray says my wound is septic. Allard was badly injured, she might not make it. We're going to be a day late.
Day 6 Slept almost all day. Headache is unbearable. Muscles ache everywhere, can't feel the pain in my arm anymore, that worries me. Feel like I am dying.
Day 7 Can't move much, having trouble staying hydrated. Team members have a plan to secure a truck. We reached the end of the river apparently. I would welcome being shot by militia at this point. We're never going to make it.
Day 8 I hear we found a member of the MLF in with the militia. A mole. He took us to Mandritsara. CIA contact from Bravo-One is there. No sign of Danko. Just want to sleep.
Day 9 «No Entry»
Day 10 «No Entry»
Day 11 «No Entry»
Day 12 «No Entry»
Day 13 «No Entry»
Day 14 «No Entry»
Day 15 «No Entry»
Day 16 «No Entry»
Day 17 «No Entry»
Day 18 «No Entry»
Day 19 this thing sucks. i hate using the touch keys. fingers too big. sanderson is gone, kidnapped. so is bennet and allard. i tore my own fucking eye out. awesome. danko is back. piece of shit survived somehow. might shoot him in his sleep. probably shouldn't write that.
Day 20 worms in people, like what was in my eye. controls them like puppets. fucking zombies. we have truck now. hate this country. can't wait to watch it burn.
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