Magnes vs Magnes, The Plan


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Scene Title Magnes vs Magnes, The Plan
Synopsis Magnes returns the stolen virus to Yana and delivers news of his evil self. Yana, offers a solution to trap and interrogate this new version.
Date April 21

Yana's Apartment


At around noon Magnes shows up at Yana's apartment, having called prior to ask if she'd mind a private meeting, meaning without Christopher. He's in a black blazer with a white buttoned up shirt, blue jeans, and black Chucks, taking a seat on the couch. He looks up at her momentarily, then reaches into said blazer to hold up the vial of rabies. "I have news."

Yana is busy, and not having Christopher around is inconvenient, which makes for more stress ontop of her already stressed out mode. There are an impossible number of papers strewn about on the table in front of her with various chemical equations written out on them. It's not that she doesn't know where to begin, it is the frustration of having to do what she is doing, using this method. The subject is obviously viral, so going about it the long way is something she can do, but the fact that she can't quite force her power to come up with the result in the way she wants makes her a bit vexed. With her fingers over her face, pressing into stress points, she looks up from her seat at the vial. "You have the virus. I was certain you wouldn't fail." Because failure would mean…

She stands and moves over to take it from him, promptly removing the top to the vial, and drinking it down like a shot. The fact that it is a deadly viral cocktail makes the action possibly a little unnerving, even knowing her ability. Just like that.. the virus is taken in without worry. After which, she returns to her seat. "What news?"

"There's a second me running around the city, but he seems to be very covert about it and he thinks in a much more subtle way than I do. He tried to kill me and he was the reason for the boat explosion in the news. I plan to stop him, but I wanted to warn you." Magnes watches her for a long moment, then hunches over slightly. "And I have a French roommate for a while, very refined like you are. Would you say there are essentials a person like you needs every day to live comfortably?"

Her natural response to his story is to believe he is playing a joke on her. Especially since he gave her that contract. Just as her face begins to turn into looking like she does not find it funny in the lest bit, Yana's brow arches as she peers at him. She waits for several moments for a punchline that isn't coming. "You're.. serious? A second you. An.. evil twin? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? An evil clone or twin or whatever it is sounds utterly preposterous. I can only assume he is "evil" because you want to stop him." She uses her fingers to make quotation marks with the word evil. And clearly she has a pretty solid opinion of Magnes, given what she just said. "Do you have any idea what it is he wants to accomplish? Or are you blindly trying to destroy him on some sense of justice or personal issue?" As a scientist, her curiosity is well placed. Lightly rapping her fingers against the table, her face resting propped on the other hand.

"As for your roommate. It all depends on how sophisticated she is. Mind your manners, remember to be a perfect gentleman and respect her privacy. Just think of things that I might disapprove of, and don't do them."

"I'll keep that in mind." Magnes says on her advice of keeping things in mind. But then they're of course still on his double… "I don't know what his motivation is, but he says he comes from an alternate timeline where Vanguard rules the world, I'd say that's pretty evil, considering they wanted to destroy all Evolved."

"Mm. I can see the merit behind destroying one side or the other. However, it isn't likely, nor is it logical for the stronger of the species to be wiped out. The key word in this game is Evolved. Evolution is our ultimate goal, so the fact that the Throwbacks want to destroy us out of their jealousy for not being chosen, is laughable." Yana begins to ponder and plot, focusing on a goal that she has already set into motion. "Perhaps.." Yana rises, "This alternate you isn't Evolved. Because it wouldn't make sense for an Evolved to be fighting on the side of this Vanguard. Then again.. history has it's traitors, which would indicate that this Magnes you speak of has little common sense."

She pauses, and she rethinks that thought for a moment, "Actually.. he probably hasn't encountered me in his world, so that sounds pretty accurate. Before you started picking up qualities from me, you rather lacked common sense yourself on some level. Not your fault, but it is true. You're a bit better now, though you still struggle with a few things. Like picking up on hints." She holds up a finger, shaking it back and forth, "Don't get me wrong. You have your merits, it's just that you had flaws as well. Anyways.. since you don't know his exact motivation, it would be irrational for you to go all heroic with him."

Yana sighs, "See, self-righteous heroes tend to stick their noses in where they have no real business. I abhor those types of people. Perhaps, a little more investigation is in order. Invite him to tea, or perhaps dinner or some such, and get to know what he is all about. A cease fire, meeting of nemesi."

"He's definitely Evolved, a lot of the Vanguard leaders and members were. It was a complicated group. And I don't plan to kill him, I'm not sure what to do about him yet, but I can't have him running around the city destroying what bit of a good reputation I have left." Magnes crosses his arms, sounding very serious about that. "And I'd rather not call for a ceasefire, he's very cunning, he'd definitely kill me if I let my guard down."

"Then don't let your guard down. Go into it with a plan, measures, countermeasure and have a contingency. Begin with the end in mind." Yana instructs, pulling an empty note pad up from the table with a pen and sets it on the coffee table in front of him. "What is your goal? Start with that in mind and then work your way to the things that you can do to achieve it. If he is cunning, he will no doubt let his guard down should you show him respect. He no doubt knows he is cunning. So plan for arrogance, and use it to your advantage. Perhaps take someone with you, as a feign that you are possibly afraid." As she begins to pace, she turns to peer at him, "You're writing this all down, of course?" With a bit of consideration, Yana moves over to a drawer and slides it open, "A gift. Suitable gift. How does he dress? Think of something that perhaps you might enjoy that would compliment him. But it has to be something useful, and useful in this world, in case he is stuck. Practical. None of those silly comics and things you're so fond of."

"I'm writing." Magnes states as he scribbles things down on the paper, only occasionally looking up at her. "I guess my goal would be to figure out what he wants, then to figure out what to do with him. Figuring out a gift is the hard part… he doesn't seem like me at all. He's the one who stole the virus and Kazimir's copy of 'The Art of War'. Kazimir was the former leader of Vanguard, I kind of worked with him before he died to save the world."

This is where Yana's attention to detail comes into play. "Kazimir's copy?" she narrows her eyes, "Why so specific? He could obtain a copy of that book at any bookstore." To make her point, she picks up a copy of it off of her own table and holds it up. "Assuming it isn't to fulfill some kind of fanatical desire, he could have taken the book because there was something in it. Something Kazimir left behind, so take that into account as well." she holds up a finger, "Don't however put much into it. Just consider it a possibility, not an actuality." she crosses her arms over her torso and moves to pace, "Also, realize that while you're figuring out what to do with him, he is also likely figuring out what to do with you. If you would like, I can give you a sample of the latest H5N10 to infect him with. Not only will it knock out his ability, but there is no vaccine for this strain as of yet.. Well.. there is, but only I have it. Which would leave me the only alternative to remove the virus from him. He'll be too sickly to cause any real threat, and you can interrogate him with the promise to have him cleansed if he cooperates."

"I could use that. And if he's from a Vanguard world, maybe it means they're close, not just that it could have something inside." Magne continues to write, eyes constantly shifting from her and to the paper now. "Will you have trouble telling me from him? And to answer your earlier question, he dresses a lot like you want me to dress, but with more denim."

"No. I won't." Yana states plainly, taking the same vial she swallowed the virus from, and walking over to the kitchen sink with it. "If he is as sinister as you make him out to be, I'll know him when I see him." After all, they tend to recognize their own. She turns on the water, and rinses out the vial, filling it up and putting a squirt of hand sanitizer inside of it before capping it. "Take this." she turns and takes it over to him, setting it on the table. "This is your virus. This is what you are going to reveal to infect him with. It is a decoy. In reality, you are going to use your ability to do what we intended to do before. Sneak and gravity the virus directly into his system. It will of course take me a small amount of time to get you a culture, and do be careful with this one." she ponders that a moment later, "Actually.. it would be beneficial to my research if you let this one get free, so go ahead and go wild with it."

Yana starts to move towards her office, "Return to me once you have done the deed. You will be exposing yourself to the virus as well, and I'll need to remove it." On a second thought, Yana pauses, "Hm. Actually, just to be sure, I'm going to introduce particles of the H1N1 into you, but I'll make it inactive and dormant so you aren't actually infected. That way, I'll know which is which if he comes trying to pretend to be you." It sounds like a solid plan to her, and more than likely, she has other factors in it she isn't speaking about. "That's it for now. When you come back the next time, I'll have it ready, and we'll start the plan. You'll have to let yourself out, Christopher isn't back yet."

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