Major Power Shifts In Chinatown Gangs

Rumors have spread fast and hard over the last several days that notorious crime boss Chang Ye, leader of the Chinese Triad gang the Flying Dragons. In the wake of his death at the hands of NYPD and Homeland Security officers, a power vacuum amongst the rival faction heads was quickly and bloodlessly resolved this Thursday when Chang Ye's son Liu Ye announced his ascendancy to the position of Triad head.

This marks the first familial succession of the Flying Dragons in decades, and a monumental shift in power in the underworld. It is no secret in Chinatown that Liu Ye and his sister Song are both Evolved, and they are already beginning preparations to promote Evolved members of the Flying Dragons to higher stations. Between their tenuous connections with the Linderman Group and their presence on Staten Island, this once crippled branch of the Chinese mafia is slowly expanding to fill the void left by the Civella crime family which collapsed late last year.

It is uncertain to what extent further changes under Liu Ye's leadership will mean, but his strong pro-evolved stance is in stark contrast to the paranoid fear his father Chang exhibited about the Evolved.

Most ears in the criminal underworld have their ears to the ground to see what will happen next with this organization on the rise.

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