Make Her Pay


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Scene Title Make Her Pay
Synopsis Kaylee takes a moment to call Doyle and tell him what happened with a scouting mission looking at where Joseph is being held. He asks to talk to someone in charge. Plans are discussed and the rescue crew gets another body.
Date February 05, 2010

On the Phone between Brick House and Old Dispensary

Slipping outside the Old Dispensary, Kaylee seeks a few private moments to herself. Bundled up in her jacket and scarf, she stands outside in the cold, fishing out an iphone from her pocket. A glance at the battery life, makes her lips press together thoughtfully. Fingers already turning pink from the cold, tap at the screen. This was a call she should of made the night Colette got herself stuck in the warehouse.

Lifting it to her ear, she listens to the ringing while glancing up at the dead vine leaves covering the bricks, thinking how pretty this part of the old place was in the warmer months. She'll have to try and see it.

When the line clicks on. "Eric? It's Kaylee." There is no joy in her tone, just strained with stress.

"Oh, hey…" Eric's voice is clearly tired, but there's a hint of pleasure in it at the sound of the familiar voice, "…hold on, um…" A shifting of fabric as he struggles himself to sit up in the bed, setting some finger-puppets off to one side and reaching for a glass of water, "…how're you doing?"

"I'd be lying if I said I was doing good…" Kaylee's tone is bland, even showing it's own hint of exhaustion. "How about you? How is the neck?" Feet sink into snow as she carefully makes her way down stairs and to the ground where she can just walk, unable to stand still. She pauses and cringes, "I didn't wake you did I?" Biting her lip, she squints out over the grounds listening, the one thing she hates about phones is the fact she doesn't know what people are thinking.

"No, no— I was awake, I mean, I've been doing nothing but sleeping lately," Eric admits wryly, "It's not like I couldn't use the distractiong— I mean, Andy and everyone've been great, it's just I'm getting a little restless. The neck's alright, it's healing up, I'm just— you know, the bloodloss and all…"

A pause, "Um. What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry I haven't been there to help out." And Kaylee means it too, but then she's silent for a long moment. One would think the line went dead, but then one sound can be heard. A rather tearful sniff. Is she crying?

"I.. ah… Colette and I.. and two others." The blonde telepath is suddenly having a hard time talking. Finally, thought there is tears in her voice she manages to start explaining, "We went to scout out where Pastor Sumter is being held…" One thing he would have heard of his that one of the Ferry's own has been missing and Kaylee with Colette have been trying to locate him. "and maybe try to get him out." The rustle of fabric hint to her wiping at her eyes. "We.. found out that some Company bitch has him." The mention of some one is bite off like some dirty word. "The Company is experimenting on people with Refrain and other drugs, Eric."

"And " and Colette went in there… She's in that building.. and I can't get her out. The others made me leave." The words come in a rush as she starts crying again.

"Kaylee? Are you all…" Then she's talking again, and Eric falls silent to listen, although the sound of his concern lingers past the time his words have ended.

"Wh-what? Wait. What? You went— the Company?" Between the stammered words, there's a growing anger, the bed's sheets rustling as Eric swings his legs out of the bed, pausing with a slight grimace at the tug of skin against sutures, "Wait. Tell me everything, and take your time, slowly…"

"Yes.. the Company." Kaylee hisses around her tears, but then she takes a deep shaky breath and launches into the tale of what happened, stopping only when emotions overwhelm her. She tells him everything from her trying to hear through the walls, the heavily armored guards, Colette pulling them into the building only to find how big this thing is… and her slipping out again at Colette's insistence.

"I shoulda stayed in there, Eric." She'd out of tears by then, but her voice still catches around the lump in her throat. "I shoulda stayed and made her get out of there or protected her.. but I didn't." From the sound of it, Kaylee loathes herself for it. "She… she sent us an image of the lady in charge. Teo recognized her.. said she was Company." There is a few sniffles before she adds. "And last night, I got more images from Colette. Their expanding this place.. it means that they are going to take more people." That worries her just as much as Colette's being trapped.

"You wouldn't have done any good there," Doyle replies flatly, "You should have gotten out of there, to spread the word, to let people know… fuck." A swear tumbles past his lips, "…who's in charge of this whole— thing— this Teo guy? I want to talk to him."

"I think It was kind of Teo and Raith actually.. Eileen was a bird." Glancing at the house, Kaylee shakes her head. "Not sure what they are planning yet… I'm staying with them while we figure this out.. but I can't say where." She explains with an apologetic tone. "But people are going to know. Cause those guards.. They're packing for elephant. There was no way the four of us, with what he had could go in." Jacket rustling Kaylee is walking again. "I — their busy… it's why I came outside to call you. This whole thing Eric…" Her head shakes slowly. "It's so overwhelming.. I've been trying to walk dreams again.. get into Joseph's dream and warn him.. but.. I'm not a dreamwalker.. even with this Hokuto's help.. it's not easy."

Sniffling, Kaylee tilts her head against the phone. "I'm feeling helpless.. and useless, Eric.. All I can think about is what I want to do to this Sheridan and her fucking building when I see her." The ice in her tone, could almost be scary. Kaylee doesn't usually sound like that. "I will lock her in her head with her worst nightmare, for hurting Joseph.. and if I find out she's hurt Colette…." The words whisper over the phone, sounding almost distant.

"I don't care if they're busy," Eric replies loudly in the small room, his voice flat and sharp as a butcher's knife, "When they're not busy, you have them get in touch with me. I am not— I'm not letting them do this, not again. Not these bastards. Not to Colette."

There's silence for a few moments, and then he growls, "Trust me, they'll be lucky if you get to them first, Kaylee."

He can see the cold smile that curls up the corners of Kaylee's lips, but there is a touch of it in her voice, "I can always count on you having my back, Puppet Master. I want her to pay, Eric." She whispers as she moves towards the door. "What she's doing… it's inexcusable. I want that building destroyed and all this experimentation with it." Teeth clench, the tears no long gone with her fresh wave of anger. "I'll have them call you as soon as I can." She promises finally. "Till then, you rest. Keep your strength. Actually… let me see if I can find them."

Pausing, hand on the railing she looks thoughtful, "Colette mentioned talking to a guy named Mr. Caliban, who I've met before, and a guy named John.. they work for the Linderman Group… Said they'd maybe help… Maybe.." Kaylee trails off… "Maybe I should talk to them too…"

"I told you, Kaylee," Eric says in quiet, dark tones, "I told you, they don't change. This is what they do, and your new friends are a part of it. Fuck. I am— I am not letting them keep that kid, she doesn't deserve it, not like— she didn't do anything, damn it!"

"I know… I'm sorry, Eric." Kaylee murmurs, her eyes closing for a moment. "I know… they are bad. I don't deny that." There is the squeak of hinges as she carefully lets herself back inside, glancing around. "I… may ask Mrs. Petrelli about it as well." She murmurs, keeping her voice down as she searches for bodies within the Dispensary building.

"…" There's silence on the other end of the line, aside from some vaguely incoherent noises, followed by Eric Doyle's voice bellowing over the phone, "Are you OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND, woman?! That must be it, you must— you've got to be FUCKING CRAZY or just STUPID because what— what the HELL are you THINKING?"

Anticipating the blustering of hurricane Eric, Kaylee holds the cellphone at arms length away from her ear, one eye closed against the sound and yet he's still clearly and loudly heard. "Eric.. " She says loud enough to reach the phone. "Calm down before you pop a damn stitch."

Still searching for the two men, Kaylee frowns a bit, finally carefully bringing the phone back to her ear, her voice lowering back to a whisper. "Look, puppet man. After the other night.. I'm not sure what would help or not help at this point. She's a founder.. who better would know?"

Finally, she sighs and stops, taking the phone from her ear and pressing it to her chest, muffling the sound. "Teo!? Raith?! You in here somewhere?"

"That's like saying 'Hey, these terrorists need to be stopped, but it's cool, I'll go ask my pal, OSAMA BIN LADEN'!" She might be holding the phone to her chest, but Doyle's voice is still dimly audible even there, "What the hell are you thinking? Hello? Kaylee!"

"Ffff," Teo says helpfully to the book that is tented over his face. He pulls it aside by a corner, blinks until his eyes are closer to the same size in his head. He was taking a nap on the first floor until about— twelve seconds ago, when the girl telepath's voice came zithering through the glass pane to his right like a deranged insect of some sort, only to awaken to all tangible evidence that his body was catching up on hundreds of hours of lost sleep.

Dehydrated, discombobulated, and privvy to a peculiar mix of fact and recently-digested fiction tangling in his sense of reality, he rubs his face. "Raith," he croaks. "Raith, are you going to fuckin'…" Get that? Teo sits up, finally. Yells back at Kaylee, "What's going on?"

While Teo, on the first floor, replies back to Kaylee, Raith likewise replies with a shouted, "Basement!" And while Teo is digesting fiction, Raith is busy with what he feels is more immediately important.

Downstairs is what might be the centerpiece of the structure, given that the only one still actively occupying it is Jensen Raith: the combined machine shop and armory, and Raith is putting it to good use. Several compact assault rifles are laid out on one of the tables- M4 carbines- alongside several handguns, and Raith is busying himself on another nearby table loading bullets from metal containers into magazines, several of which look like they're already set to go. Rounding out the picture is a simple metal box, painted a dark green with two rows of bright, caution-yellow letters printed on it: '40x46mm H381,' and 'DANGER: EXPLOSIVE.' He said they'd go back for Colette with more guns (and hopefully, more people), and he meant every word of it. Caution: Nutjob working.

"Yeah.. I'm here… I'll make sure to tell her she was compared to the top most wanted terrorist." Kaylee offers in a fierce whisper, when she lifts the phone to her ear again. She has no intention of doing as she threatens, but she's a bit irritated about getting yelled at like that and the fact that two men are somehow avoiding her notice in the big ass place.

She prepares to start mentally searching for them, when she hears it. "Oh thank god.." She says in an exasperated tone of annoyance. "Hold on." She mutters at Doyle, moving in the direction she heard Teo, her a ability stretching out to find him a little quick. "I have a friend on the phone." She calls out, motioning Teo to follow…Waiting for him to do so, before she moves to head downstairs. "He wants to talk to you guys."

"Holy shit…" Kaylee says with a blink at the stuff laid out. "I'm impressed Raith." Kaylee compliments, her eyes red from recent crying, not to mention tired looking. Of course, the yellowing bruise on one side of her face stands out since she hasn't been able to cover it in a few days.

"Anyhow… " Pulling the phone from her ear, she thumb taps on the screen. "Eric Doyle.. Meet Teo and… well you remember Raith from the Halloween party at the Lighthouse." Loud enough for Doyle to hear, Kaylee says, "Alright Puppet Master.. say what you need to say." She even makes sure to turn up the volume, before setting the iphone on the table so the speakers are not muffled.

Teodoro's shadow falls through the basement doorframe, and he blinks at the calvacade of dangerous weapons that his… coworker has spent his time assembling while he was brushing up on his literature and seeing to his sleep deficit. A brow goes up under his rumpled hair, and he expels a sigh that balloons visibly in his cheeks before fissuring too soon out of the raggedly scarred hole split into the side of his mouth.

Doyle's fury sounds oddly squirrelly from the phone, as far as Teo is from it right now. "Don't worry about it, Doyle. We're going to get her out," he calls across the room. "Sumter, too. As many of the captives as we can. It's pretty fucking obvious these weren't all IRB-approved volunteers."

"Will say this, though," Raith adds to Teo's statement, pausing until after the 'rattle-rattle' of a stack of ammunition being pushed inside a magazine subsides, "If you happen to know where we can get some more people, it would really help us out. It's only three of us going in there as it stands, and that's not exactly a number I'm comfortable with." He decides to not mention the fact that their main opposition will be private military; Doyle sounds angry enough as it is. "You want blondie smacked, you're on your own, chum."

Gives the phone a flat look as Doyle tattles on her, "Yeah.. Thanks, buddy." Sarcasm dripping from her voice. Raith does get an amused look though. "Four…" Kaylee comments nodding to the phone. "That is if he wants in.. His ability is amazing.."She doesn't hesitate to admit it. ".. and in this situation it would be perfect." There is a wicked twist of her lips as she glances at them both.

It falls away quick enough. "Either or… we might not have much time to act. I got more pictures from Colette." She starts deciding now is as good a time as any. Pacing around the table looking at the weapons she says. "Their in the process of expanding the facility. Which means.. "

A hand lifts as she ticks off the reasons it's bad. "More guards, more victims… more people we'll need for going in." The blonde telepath does not sound happy at all.

"You're damned right I want in, I'm not leaving her there," Doyle replies flatly to Kaylee's words, "I'm not— I'm not just going to hide from those bastards. Not anymore. I'm not letting them do to her what they did to me. She doesn't deserve it. She's a good kid." More quietly, "A good kid."

A breath's taken in, exhaled, "I might be able to dig some more people up to lend a hand."

When the existing odds have been depicted in such a manner, having a psychotic puppeteer teddy bear on their side is actually a comfort. Teo grins faintly, scratching his fingers through his over-long hair before he thumbs along the hole in his cheek to surreptitiously clean off stray spit or anything gross like that. "I'm sure you can.

"A lot of your fellow Ferrymen have gone to war for Joseph before. And they'd do as much for the Demsky girl. Kaylee will send you the layout. The prisoners are kept in a center cluster of— cubicles, I guess, a hundred feet within the building and surrounded by concrete and guards, so we should be able to take out an outer wall— maybe with controlled demolitions— without hurting anybody we don't want to.

"After the element of surprise, though, we're pre-tty fucking well outnumbered." Teo is needlessly quizzical on the subject. He tips his head against the doorframe and squints at Kaylee, a wordless question. The Petrellis?

Unsurprisingly, Raith has an apparent solution to the problem of numbers. "Overwhelming force, Teo," he says, "If we break their back as soon as we get inside, we'll be fine. Grenades'll do that trick. CS grenades if anyone's feeling squeamish. Thermite for their equipment, although maybe we want to try and get data out first. If we have to breach the concrete… well, we'll burn that bridge when we get to it."

"I have enough hardware to outfit an entire platoon, but if anyone wants to bring there own, that'd really help me out." He pauses in thought for an additional moment, before it occurs to him. "Maybe five," he concludes, "If Eileen thinks she can get away with it." A risky proposition, for sure.

Long story. Kaylee respond telepathically to the unvoiced question, a finger points at the phone and her brows give a little lift, course that's all Raith would see, as he's left out of that part of the conversation. But.. short version… He doesn't like Peter Petrelli and his mom. An image of both developing in Teo's head, the young woman obviously very familiar with them. He'd probably freak if he found out I been camping out on Peter's couch, till I find a new place.

Picking up the phone again, the sound of it reaching Doyle's ear. Great thing about the phone is the ability to do stuff, while on it. "Between Eric and I, we might be able to get a few of their's on our side." She comments as if it is an everyday thing, as she thumbs through pictures. The image of work crews in their jumpers bringing in prefab concrete walls is shown to both. There is a couple of them. "But yeah.. I'll make sure he gets the pictures, especially the one of that Company woman." Pressing her lips together at the battery life of her phone as it dwindles, she declares, "I need to get to my stuff. I am going to need to charge this damn thing.. and my laptop to download it too." Eyes focus on Raith first and then Teo. "If that is alright?"

There is a moment, as she considers something, shifting from one foot to the other nervously… with a grimace, she says, "Teo or even you Eric… You guys might think about talking to Grace and Scott. They can put out a call for bodies as well.. but it's gonna be a.. 'we need bodies yesterday' kinda thing." Kaylee is too afraid to face them after the other night, not to mention the McRae stuff. "Beyond that… I don't know a lot of people."

"I'll talk to some people back home…" Home, of course, meaning McRae's safehouse, "…see if any of them are willing to come along, I don't know. I might…" A pause, as if Eric's considering something, "…know another person or two. I don't know if they'd trust me, but, I can try."

Overwhelming force' sounds in line enough with 'controlled demolitions' that Teo actually just looks at the new equipment for a moment, instead of at Raith, before replying: "Si." Teo stuffs his hands into his pockets and considers what puppeteer and telepath want to do with the skills or contacts they have between them. Nods.

"Eileen—" Raith mentioned little girl lime again, and Teo isn't wont to forget it even if she isn't here to represent herself in any shape or form. "Should be able to get a small bird into the building. There were some broken points in the ventilation system. She can see how Colette and the pastor are doing. It's been too many hours without new words or pictures from little lucenta, and now she's on the inside, maybe she can tell us what's beyond the concrete."

"Good thinking," is all Raith has to say about Teo's recommendation, but not all that he has to say, "We need to move fast. Colette's alone in there, and if they find her out, odds are pretty good she'll be leaving there in a body bag. If the people you know aren't on the island, it'll be faster to meet them there. Just tell me how many guns I need to bring. In, out, and home before they even know what hit 'em."

A glance at the phone, Kaylee frowns a bit. "If it's who I think, Eric.. Let me talk to her. Though I doubt she trusts me anymore then she does you. But me she won't try to incinerate right away." The phone is set on the table again, softly.

"If she gets found out.. yeah.. or we might have more then Joseph to help through detox." The words are said softly, eyes closing for a moment as her head slowly shake. Clearing her throat, Kaylee continues, eyes opening again, though they focus on the arsenal on the table. "Needs to be about the time we went last time maybe.. that way she is there." There is an edge to her voice. "Not sure I want to give her the same opportunity as we did Danko… Seen how that turned out." She's heard those rumors and she's not happy about it.

"I'm not stupid enough to try and call Meredith, blondie, I know that she doesn't want to hear from me…" A hint of wistful bitterness threaded through Eric's voice, "…no, I was thinking about someone else. Anyway. I should go— get dressed, and, you know, get out of here, head back to the island and see who I can find."

It seems that the meeting is adjourned. Teo glances — just a little furtively — left and right, for a moment, and determines it's about safe to get back to reading, or sleeping, or whatever he'd been doing as a function of sulking miserably at the world between bouts of exercise, tactical violence, and biological functions. "Fantastico," he concludes, slapping his palm on the doorframe. With that, he briskly about-faces and trots for the stairs.

Sounds like everyone is on the island already, then. "Hope you all have a boat, or it's going to be a long drive through Jersey City," Raith says. Without waiting for a reply, he immediately goes back to his bullets. He still has a lot of empty magazines to fill.

The phone on the table gives that first sharp beep, "Good timing, Puppet Master. Battery needs recharging.. so I better get moving if I want to get back here as soon as possible." She moves to pick up the phone. "Don't pull your stitches out… You got my number, and.. give them all my best over there okay?" She sounds almost sad, before she clicks off the phone.

Glancing at the weapons on the table, Kaylee frowns a bit, "You know.. starting to wish Ethan hadn't up and disappeared on me.. I'm gonna be next to useless when it comes to shooting." A little shake of her head, she turns to leave Raith to his fun. "And trust me.." She says sweetly. "I've got a rather persuasive way with the boat men." And she's up the stairs quickly.

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