Make Me Fabulous


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Scene Title Make Me Fabulous
Synopsis Melissa invites Raquelle over for pizza and booze, and asks just one request. Make me fabulous.
Date September 11, 2010

Little Green House

Pain, without love

Pain, I can't get enough

It's about dinner time when Raquelle gets a Melissa calling him. A Melissa whose southern accent is more pronounced and her words a teensy bit slurred. A plea for him to come over with chocolate and his stylist weapons. She needs to be fabulous. Or at least look like she feels fabulous. Plus, gossip. Gossip is good. She told him to just come on in when he got there, and informed him that there was pizza, but no booze until scissoring was done.

When he arrives there's music playing, loud enough to hear on the front porch. Clearly. Which could be because Mel is sitting on the front balcony, her legs dangling over the edge while she smokes and sings along. Badly. Cat screeching badly. To Three Days Grace. And loudly.

Pain, I like it rough

'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

The music is what is heard far before he /really/ notices Melissa. Raquelle has taken the black with purple detailing motorcycle this evening and he just sits there with his backpack, black leather pants, black leather jacket…purple helmet, he removes it and just stares at the porch at the woman singing there with a quirk of an eyebrow as he unstraddles the bike and tucks his helmet under an arm as he saunters towards the porch. "…if you don't shut that crap off I will turn you over mah knee and paddle them lil' cheeks til they are cherry red…" He arches an eyebrow. "That's what my Aunt Rachel used to say when my music was too loud…"

A hand is pointed back into the house and the music abruptly shuts off, just before Melissa leans over the balcony to peer down at Raquelle, and brightens. "Raquelle! You're here! Ooooh. Pretty motorcycle. I should get one of those. I'd rock the biker look! C'mon up! Grab some pizza in the kitchen if you want, but I'm upstairs in my bedroom. Last door on the left! I have booze!" Which she promptly grabs and holds up proudly.

Raquelle crooks a finger to Melissa. "Hand it over…" He points to the booze in question and smirks. "C'mon, let me walk you to your room pretty lady…" He drawls with a soft sigh. "And you can't get a motorcycle unless you know how to ride one after all, you haven't the ass to rock the biker look." He chuckles. "So we shall be…doing what exactly, just cleaning you up?"

"Hey! I totally have the ass for it! And nah, not cleaning me up. I don't need cleaning up. I just need…" Melissa shrugs helplessly. "I wanna look fabulous! Not like…No, no, no. No emo shit. I wanna look fabulous. Let's leave it at that! So c'mon up and you can work your magic!" She grins down at him and gets up, heading into the house. And more specifically, her bedroom.

Raquelle snorts and shakes his head, making his way into the house, finding a place to sit his helmet before heading up to the room in question as he sighs softly. "You always look fabulous, but are we talkin' glam or sassy here baby…c'mon, talk to me. I can wave my wand but you're the princess going to the ball here…"

"Not yet I'm not! The ball is next month sometime!" Melissa says brightly as she flops onto her bed and crosses her legs. "But I'm thinkin' something like…sexy but untouchable. Mature." Then she looks mutinous as she adds, "But the blue nailpolish is staying on my toes, dammit. I don't care what anyone thinks! Only my roomies and friends will see anyway!"

"…you want me to do your hair for an event that takes place next month? It won't hold up that long." Raquelle points out, unslinging his backpack and starting to unpack his tools, tying his little purple and black apron around his waist and tucking appropriate tools in the corresponding slots as he sighs softly. "We'll do something full and voluptuous with a bit of a wave and take you stunning blonde then?"

Melissa snickers and shakes her head. "No, silly. You're the one who mentioned the ball. You should totally come to it though. It's a Labyrinth ball! Costumes and shit. It'll be awesome." Then she's grinning and toying with a strand of hair. "Full, voluptuous with a bit of a wave? Sounds good!" A pause, then she peers over at him. "Can you make me not look fragile?" she asks hopefully. "I've been getting fragile a lot lately."

"All I can do is your hair and promise to do your make-up to make you look fierce honey. I can make you look like the fiercest bitch on the block but if you still feel fragile here…" Raquelle points towards her chest. "Then can't a weave in the world hide that. Isn't like I can make you /feel/ however I want." A loooooooooooong pause. "Cuz uh, that would be silly! Right then, go and get me some towels will you honey? I promise I won't give you a dainty hair-do whatever I do."

Arms fold over Melissa's chest and she pouts. "I don't feel fragile. Other people see me as fragile 'cause I'm small and blonde," she grumps. "Besides, plenty of people could make me feel fragile or not fragile. Telepaths or empaths or summin'," she says, hopping up off the bed to the bathroom to grab some towels.

"…you know most small blondes in the media are actually real bad asses or have some type of super power that make 'em bad assed." Raquelle chuckles softly, testing the sharpness of a blade against a finger tip before just blinking owlishly. "I doubt fragile is a real feeling anyways. Vulnerable and alone maybe…but who'd want to do that! I'll do you right baby, you'll have all the people asking 'oh mah gawd, what happened to ya haiiiiir'."

"But I have a super power," Melissa whines a little as she sits back on the bed. "And the ones who say I'm fragile know I have a super power! I may not fly or cause fires, but it's cool, dammit. And useful. And…yes. I want oh mah gawd. I want guys drooling but afraid to even think about asking me out. 'Cause they can't have me," she says, chin lifting stubbornly.

Raquelle blinks and blinks again. "…most people these days have a super power but even if you didn't little lady…" Raquelle shakes out his usual sparkly purple cape to drape around Melissa. "You still are pretty badassed, whatever the power might be. And if you want boys to be scared of asking you out, have you considered carrying a piece? Or a broadsword strapped to your back?" He teases before running his fingers through her hair.

Melissa blinks at him for a moment. "I carry a gun. You kidding? A woman walk alone in this city without a gun? I'm crazy but I'm not batshit insane! And since I've gotten shot a coupla times, I consider that a damn good policy," she says, rubbing her left shoulder at the memory.

Raquelle is quiet as he sighs softly. "Thank you for reminding me why I had to send my girls away…" He chuckles and shakes his head. "I was kidding, I'm sure you are packin' most of the time to keep yourself safe. You need it washed or did you already do that?" He asks, starting to pull on his gloves so he can start mixing together some type of dye.

Melissa winces and looks up at him. "I'm sorry, Raquelle. I didn't mean to. I was just…Uh, no, it's clean. I'm OCD about clean, and nothing more than myself. I'd go nuts if I had to go a day without washing my hair." While he mixes, she grabs the stuffed tiger from the bed, cuddling it and watching him.

"Don't be sorry. I did it…for their own good honestly. You know all about how they were kidnapped right? Freaky lady with a power that resembled tossing about cocaine and then…Dank-well another person soon after that. Kinda decided after things started getting even /more/ crazy around here with attacks and warnings and crazy news reports…well it might be for the best. For now." Raquelle shrugs as he mixes the dye and eyes the shade for a moment before nodding and moving to start working on Melissa's head. "Now sit still as you cuddle your striped pussy."

"Oh god don't call it that or I won't be able to cuddle it! It's bad enough that one of my roomies came downstairs for dinner earlier with a tampon up his nose, saying how it'd be great for broken noses! No more making me see things in new disturbing ways!" Melissa says, squeezing her eyes shut and just holding the stuffed animal tighter.

"…what? Don't tell me the name of the tiger is Miss Cooter or anything like that! That would be silly." Raquelle bahs and continues his dye work, despite his jesting his hands remain professional and exact. "…tampon up his-okay honey, that's just nasty! He is however right but that's still nasty, goodness." He leans over with his bowl and brush as if speaking to the tiger. "Tell her that's nasty Pussywillow, or is it Tony? Either way, it's not guuuhhhreeeaaat."

"What? No!" Melissa says with a wrinkle of her nose. "And it was an unused tampon, so it wasn't that nasty. And the tiger doesn't have a name. And god, not Tony. One of my roomies is named Tony, and he'd think I named the damn thing after him. He has an ego the size of freakin' Asia."

"Oh thank god, I don't think I could continue doing your hair if you had named your plushie after your lady parts." Raquelle does sound oh so relieved but he's also laughing softly to himself as he works. "Fiiine, Nameless the Tiger, goodness gracious." He snorts and then sighs softly. "You know I was an only child?"

"So was I. Though it was nice to have Kendall as a brother," Melissa says, sighing softly and cuddling the tiger a bit more fiercely. "Wish my dad had been an only child. Would make things a hell of a lot simpler. Why do you mention it though?"

"Well…you all are like my younger or older siblings, the people I meet…wait, are you over or under 28 honey?" Raquelle eyes Melissa thoughtfully. "It just came to mind, that with the drinking and the music and the…screeching, I mean singing about pain and so on, that you don't have to feel shitty alone though, what you focus on expands and you need to be listening to stuff about the candy man and singing and being happy and stuff…or I'm going to go white headed with worry."

Melissa wrinkles her nose. "Raquelle. Dear. My super power is pain. Like, literally. Pain manipulation. That's why I was singing that song. But I have Aqua. They have that song about a candy man. I could put that on? As for the other…Eh. I'm alone. It's destined to be. I've decided to stop focusing on getting a guy. Or even a date. It's safer this way. And I don't have time for a guy. Oh, and I'm twenty-six."

"Yes and I can fart butterflies and piss lemon sherbert honey…just because your super power /is/ something doesn't mean you have to concentrate on it when you're meant to be relaxing." Raquelle folds a bit of foil as he works on separating certain strands from other certain strands of hair and he shakes his head slowly. "Don't mind me, I'm just fussy about the folks I care about." Then he cringes. "26? Twenty six? That's it? And you're giving up already? God, you make me feel old…"

Melissa shrugs. "Yeah, well, I'm twenty-six, have never had a boyfriend, or even been on a date. One guy I fell for pushed me away for my own good and won't even give me a chance. First guy to bring me flowers is doing the same thing. Second guy is the one who put the tampon up his nose. So my track record so far isn't so hot. And hell, I don't wanna get anyone caught up in my life. It'd be selfish of me."

"Oh for fucks sake, pull yourself together. It isn't over yet. You don't have to go looking for a lover…I'll give you that, but don't close yourself off okay? Cuz then the one for you'll whiz by and you'll miss him because you're too busy not being selfish." Raquelle checks a foil after a few minutes before pointing towards the rest room. "Gonna rinse it out baby, don't want it to damage your hair, it would be like slapping one of my babies…"

The tiger is put aside and Melissa rises to head into the bathroom. "Lovers are easy. I could find lovers. And I'm not feeling sorry for myself or anything like that. Or, well, not much, just being realistic. Trust me, there are plenty of people out there who would say I'm making the right decision. And I've got the tiger to cuddle with at night, and Jerry to greet me when I come home."

Raquelle follows after Melissa with a tilt of his head. "You /do/ have a cute little ass don't you honey?" He tsks, going through the motions to prep the sink for rinsing out all the hair-dye he's had sitting. "There's a difference between being realistic and being negative honey…but if you believe you're making the right decision, then hey…more power to ya. You still have to agree to be one of my groomsmen or bridesmaids if I ever get married."

Glancing over her shoulder, Melissa tosses a smirk at him. "Told ya so. I would totally rock bicycle leather. Maybe I'll get some tomorrow then get a cheap bike to learn how to ride on." The shower head is pulled down and the water turned on as she nods. "I'll totally be a groomsman or bridesmaid. I'd look hot in a tux or a dress. I make a tie look sexy," she says before flipping over and getting to work rinsing.

"Bah, no bikes…you're too classy for that." Raquelle is there to help with the rinsing, towel at the ready for drying and comb out soon after that to start combing through the locks, untangling as he points back to the bedroom, staying quiet as quiet can be for some reason, just humming softly.

"You think I'm classy? Man have I got you fooled," Melissa says with a grin, but she follows orders and heads back to the bedroom, again sitting on the bed and grabbing Mr. Tiger. "So you're gonna come to the Tartarus ball, right? You gotta get a costume though. Something Labyrinthy."

"I think that with the hairstyle I shall be giving you…you sure as hell better be classy for at least a /day/, but yes, you will always be one of my little women. Duh." Raquelle, runs that comb through the hair, checking the ends and with a flash of silver he's snipping off any dead-ends with a flick of a wrist before he's back to combing and testing, taking his time. "When will it be and what /kind/ of costume honey? It all depends on the type of costume and when it will take place, naturally."

"Well, don't get me wrong, I can be classy. I grew up in a house where nothing else was allowed," Melissa says with a small shrug. "And it'll be in October. Haven't set a definite date yet. You seen the movie Labyrinth though? David Bowie and all that? It's based on the ball in that movie. So sort of old Italian. Like the nobility thing. Only with a faerie type twist to it. Fae and goblins. I'd watch the movie to get an idea. Oh, and masks are mandatory. Can just be a half mask, like those domino things, or a full one. Either way."

"Mmhmmmm…/that/ Labyrinth. Well that should be interesting. Very interesting indeed." Raquelle drawls with faint amusement. "I do love to dress up! So we'll see honey, we'll see. As long as you don't let anybody else do your hair for it, I'll be happy." He pulls a face. "What are you wearing tomorrow?" He has to ask, starting to twist and braid up certain parts of the hair. "Don't worry, I'm not giving you braids…I just want the waves to look natural…"

"Yep. that Labyrinth. And no one does my hair but you, darlin'," Melissa says, grinning. "And tomorrow…No work, so probably…Skirt and corset, I think. It'll make me feel better. You can't feel bad while wearing a corset. They're too fucking awesome."

"Very well…very well, but try to liven it up again. I am giving you sexy hair after all." Raquelle points out, securing another braid and then braiding that one into a thicker braid as he works quickly, spritzing something fruity smelling as he goes. "Corsets are rather awesome aren't they? I remember my corset wearing days…ended not long after I had my first baby. Good times."

Melissa snickers softly. "Hey, corsets are lively. And I gotta look awesome but casual for the barbeque anyway. That should be fun and interesting." She glances back to him, briefly. "Thanks, by the way. This is totally awesome. Makes me feel better."

Raquelle leans in to give the woman a peck on the cheek as he smiles softly. "Don't thank me honey…after all, its just what I do." He winks and gets back to the hair. Raawr.

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