Makeover For Three


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Scene Title Makeover For Three
Synopsis Months at Staten will do damage to your hair. Time to get it taken care of courtesy of the flamboyant hairstylist.
Date June 13, 2009

Apartment of Abby Beauchamp

A message left for Raquelle gives forth the southern woman he's come to know. She's got someone at her place, a dear friend, and said dear friend realy needs Raquelle's magic touch with his hairstyling skills. Probalby a change in color and a good trim or style. Abigail's offered to pay for his babysitting, and a decent goodly amount of money for him to mosey on over at some point today.

While waiting for a call, and making good on what she had promised to GRace and the Ferryman, Abigail's parked at her kitchen table with the paper, looking over at Niki. Ad's for used cars open, a red marker out to circle what looks cheap and might run effeciently enough that it won't burn too bad a hole in her pocket on gas when she has to use it. Or the insurance. She's got a chunk of change, thanks to a call to her parents and explaining why she needs a car in the city. School of course. She didn't tell them it 's so she can do stuff for the Ferryman. "Here's an old VW beetle" Abigail points out. Not at all conducive to shuffling people around. "It's cute" maybe some day.

Taking the Kia, Raquelle would've turned down any payment offers for babysitting to help out a friend. While he usually takes on private clients on his Saturdays, friends come first so that's why he's at Abby's place, knocking on the door with a rhythmic rapping and standing there. One hand rests on the handle of the suitcase he's tugged along with him and the other is held up at the door. He wears a pair of fingerless black gloves, a fitted black t-shirt, dark jeans, black docs, and a black leather jacket, hair styled as usual and he just waits, humming softly. Baby blues hidden behind dark shades.

The Ferrymen were briefly addressed in Niki's initial reentry into Abby's life. Thankful for a place to stay, she otherwise stays out of all that Abby has gotten herself into. Hiding out mostly due to the fact that she's in no condition to be seen out in public — not that she hasn't already been, but those who know her? She has a little more pride than that. Abby says she has a friend who can help and Niki has no reason not to trust her friend on this.

It has actually been good sleeping on something more comfortable than a blanket on the floor somewhere, and all she has to do now is wait for the hairdresser and then she can at least start working. Perhaps find a place where she's not in Abby's way. Jessica has remained rather quiet in the last 24 hours or so, which has been somewhat of a blessing for the woman. Hopefully, that trend will continue. She hears the knock on the door that startles her, as she turns her head to glance over at Abby.

"He's on the list of people who can come up" Abby points out. "Those not on the list, get called up" The paper is folded and left on the table as the powerless healer bounds up from her kitchen table and out the dining area towards the door. Peephole confirmation, the blonde - courtesy of Raquelle a week before - Is smiled at as the door's opened and he's ushered in. "Oh thank the good lord. She can go outside once you're done with her. You can come out Niki, it's just Raquelle. Raquelle, this is Niki. She's a friend, good friend. Saved my life and my sanity a few times" Well she had. "She's in need of your wonderful fingers to make her not look like herself too much"

Raquelle reaches out with an arm to one-arm hug Abby on his way in, tugging his bag of tricks with him. "Hey beautiful." He drawls before those eyeliner rimmed eyes peek over his shades to scan the room to see the emergency. "When you called, I was puttin' the finishing touches on Princess Di's new pair of rhinstone studded boots you realize, she's never gonna forgive you." He winks and flashes a charming smile. "Ahh, friend of a friend is my friend too I suppose. C'mon out, I don't biiiite." He sing songs and chuckles.

Niki does indeed come out and a second glances it given to Abby as she spies the hairdresser. It takes quite a bit of facial control to stop a grin from coming across her face at the sight before her now. "Abby recommended you very highly, and since I obviously trust her with my life — I guess I can trust you with my hair." It's something that has been the least of her concerns when she was at Staten, but now. Things are different. Niki reaches her hand over, offering to shake Raquelle's hand with a smile. "So, where do we do you want me?" Well, now.

"She doesn't forgive me for denying her a longer time with her hot pink cast" Abby points out. "I have brownies. That will make it up for her" It's a good feeling, when you can do something good. It's not the same as knowing you're literally saving a life, but it's something. Better than nothing. "You uhh, gotta keep this quiet Raquelle. I know, I should explain, but I can't. But, you were never here, you never saw niki. Understand?" A glance to the flamboyant gay man. "Promise?"

"Oh honey, aren't you just gorgeous wrapped up in darling wrapping!" Raquelle coos, finding a chair to drag near a socket so he can open his suitcase and pulling out his stuff to work with, eyeing Niki's hair with a grimace and then freezing where he was going to plug up his hair dryer to just stare at Abby and look back to Niki and then back to Abby and he sobers up really quickly.

"Mmmhmmm. Who am I going to tell? Honestly honey, you know me better than that." He reaches out to take Niki's hand, squeezing it gently, and raising it to his lips to kiss the back of it before releasing it. "Just don't ask me to hide no bodies…you can sit wherever you are most comfortable, I'll figure out something."

Casting a glance over at Abby, Niki wrinkles her nose up. "It's okay. I'm going to be out here soon anyway. It's not like people aren't going to know I'm around. I just.." She walks over and sits down in one of the kitchen chairs, closest to the outlet Raquelle wants to use. "I am not sure how involved I want to get in everything that seems to be happening. You know?" Conflicted is this one. In more ways than one, it seems.

"We'll get you ID and then we'll get you a job. We can hunker you down someplace with an honest to god bed and not just my couch" Abigail points out. Her own blonde hair back in a ponytail and dressed as she is normally dressed. Conservative. She's the flip side of a coin to Raquelle. "Raquelle and I go to church together. Like I said, I gave his spider back a leg and helped him with his daughter" With that though, the former healer moves away from the pair to go settle herself down on the red couch in question so she can watch.

Raquelle runs his fingers through Niki's hair testingly, frowning and looking thoughtful. "How different are we talking here? You have beautiful bone structure, I'd hate to take away from that." That's all he's got to say as he studies Niki's head and shrugs his shoulders. He's here for hair.

Roots have at least grown out two months worth, so there's an obvious start there. Niki shrugs. "Abby says to trust you. Obviously there's some cutting to be done and some coloring, but otherwise — I leave it in your hands, Raquelle." Niki's eyes move to Abby, though she keeps her head straight and upright so the hairdresser can go over Niki's mess of hair. Homeless for a couple months will do that to you, it seems and hair was the least of her worries. "That all sounds good, Abby. It'll be nice to be useful again, at least." And for the moment, Niki actually offers a smile. Things are starting to come into place here. "Church huh?" For some reason she finds it humorous to imagine Raquelle and Abby sitting next to each other on a church pew during a rather intense sermon.
They don't actually sit together. Because Princess Di and BJ in the second to front row? Right. No. "Work your magic Raquelle" ABby smiles, giving the man permission to get to it. Make Niki look… lieks he hasn't spent the last few months in Moab and then in the future. Time travel is hell on split ends, doncha know?

The master at work would have his own montage, he's good with his dying and all the razoring he does. He takes his time and works on turning the mess of a hair-do into a masterpiece. This is what Raquelle does for a living and he puts his all into it…by the time he's finished though, he's wiping off his hands and offering a small mirror.

Blue eyes fall on Abby as Niki takes the mirror in her hand. It's been a while. And really, looking into the mirror, she knows who's going to be looking back at her. And sure enough, with a bite at her lip, she brings up the mirror and takes a look. There's a small gasp as she smiles, even though the reflection doesn't smile back, but rather smirks at her.

Not bad, eh?

The voice in her head — Jessica says to her from within the reflection.

Make sure you tip nicely.

There's a small roll of the eyes as Niki sets the mirror down and smiles up at Raquelle. "I guess it's unanimous. It's wonderful." Abby would probably know exactly what that means. "Thank you so much."

Jessica is appeased. That's a big thing to accomplish and it brings a smile to the lips of the younger blonde. "Praise the lord, I did another thing right!" Abigail's kept cookies and fudge and drinks of any requested kind flowing while the makeover was being done.

Raquelle looks between the two women and just chuckles to himself, taking his mirror back and working on packing everything back up. His jacket has been removed since he started working, and he retrieves it as he cleans up all his messes.

She doesn't bother to look into the mirror again. She seems to be rather pleased with the results. She actually takes a cookie and takes a bite. "Oh.. if you'll excuse me. Thank you again, Raquelle. It's amazing." She is very thankful for what he's done for her as she slips into on of the other unoccupied rooms and pulls out her cell phone and has to think for a moment to recall the number she wants to call. When she dials, she brings the phone up to her ear and gets voice mail.

"I just wanted you to know that I'm back. We probably should talk." Whether the caller was Niki or Jessica, she'll leave that to the receiver's own speculation.

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