Making Arrangements


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Scene Title Making Arrangements
Synopsis Ling brings Kendall to a meeting to Kaylee in the hopes of making arrangements on several fronts.
Date October 12, 2010

Staten Island, Boat Graveyard

The Boat Graveyard hadn’t been Ling first choice for a meeting like this. But in truth, it was probably the best. A place people weren’t likely to come snooping about during the meeting, a place that wasn’t too far from the Little Green House, yet just far enough… With Kendall in tow, Ling has arrived a bit earlier than the appointed time. Truthfully, in hopes that Kaylee herself will be early, as she has important places to be this evening, and while she didn’t want to seem like she was trying to get rid of the boy, she needed to make sure things were okay so that she could get moving.

“I am glad you decided to go through with this, Kendall,” Ling remarks as she peers around – perhaps as much out of paranoia as anything else. “I trust Melissa will be returning soon, and you will be able to tell her then. I’m sure she will think highly of the adult decision.” Okay, maybe it’s a little condescending, a little placating, but it’s true. She does mean it on some level.

"Well it's the smartest route to take." Kendall replies, looking around curiously. Sure, he lived on Staten for months, minus one, but he never went exploring, because, well… axe murderers or something live here. "I'm not one to avoid the truth simply because it'd be convenient. And I know common sense when I see it, unlike a lot of people, who need to be slapped by it first."

She had first taken the time to visit the Lighthouse to drop off some supplies to Doyle, before making her way to the boat grave yard. The scent of salt water in the air tends to bring back some nasty of memories of trying to drown in the icy bay. It doesn't keep her from coming down to the water, she even still enjoys it.

"Ling." Kaylee offers with a friendly tone and a small smile. "I'm sorry it took so long. I had a — job that took me away." Hands are tucked into the pockets of her jeans, as she turns her attention to the young boy.

"Who do we have here?" One hand is extracted from her pocket and offered to the teen, with a crooked smile. "I'm Kaylee."

“Kaylee.” Ling responds with an acknowledging nod, arms crossed as she takes a few steps towards the woman. “I believe you are just on time. I decided to get here early to… make sure no prying ears were about.” She glances down to Kendall, then back to Kaylee. She’ll let him introduce himself.

“I have a few things I wish to speak with you about. Many are Messiah related, as I’m sure you expected. If you are still willing to lend assistance, we are in need of it for a… few things. If you’ve been watching the news, I am sure you might be able to guess what.” Ling wrinkles her nose a bit, before looking back at Kendall. “However, I also have a personal request.”

"Very nice to meet you Kendall." The hand is shaken with with bright smile, before letting go and focusing on Ling again. The smile fades and she gives a nod.

"I don't know if Melissa bothered to tell you, but the Ferrymen council have named me liaison between them and those within Messiah that don't trust Rupert." The faint smile turns rather rueful, Kaylee's opinion of herself in that capacity really. "Of course, she wasn't happy to know that I appraised them of the situation, but… my loyalties are with the network, what affects Messiah effects them in a round about way. I hope you understand that?" Brows tick up with hope.

A glance goes to sand at her feet, only briefly, as Kaylee speaks. "They have also offered protections those within Messiah that want to leave it and want protection. Though until November 8th passes, precautions need to be taken. That part can be discussed more when compromiced people start to come to Ferry.

“I do understand,” Ling replies with slightly narrow eyes, a moment passing before she gives a nod. “I am glad to hear that you have informed the Ferrymen. While our means is different, at the moment it is perhaps best that we find ways to aid each other as we can.”

Ling turns, beginning to pace a bit, still largely keeping her gaze on Kaylee. “I have spoken with Peter. He has asked that I start taking those of us who have not sided with Rupert to you, to at least see who’s been tampered with.” She stop, turning to face Kaylee fully. “Messiah has schismed. We do not know where Rupert is, nor many of our members who were seemingly loyal to him. Several, however, have decided to stay behind Peter, for the time being. I do not know exactly what Peter’s aims will be now, but I fear what Rupert may be planning.”

A pause, and Ling gives a dismissive way of her hand. “At any rate, as I said. He wishes that I will bring those to you that you are willing to see, and that you are willing to look into. I have told him that you are unable to do anything about the mental tampering, and he seemed to understand that. In truth, one such person, Ash, was to come with me. He is recovering from injuries at the moment, unfortunately.”

Ling begins to pace back over, this tiems her eyes on Kendall. “As for my personall request, I am wondering if your network can find temporary lodging for Kendall. I’m afraid it is no longer safe for him or I to stay in Melissa’s former home.”

"It was actually suggested that I join Ferrymen." Kendall states as soon as Ling finishes speaking. "Peter's the one who suggested it, since my power would help a great deal. I can do illusions, and I can even make it so that someone appears invisible. I'm not just a kid, to be passed from one house to another. I can help."

Her expression is bland as Peter is mentioned, but it doesn't last long when Ling continues, turning into confusion and surprise. "He actually wants my help?" The telepath doesn't sound like she completely believes that. Glancing away, Kaylee sighs, hands settling on her hips while she thinks. "Yeah, shouldn't be a problem just to look. I — want to try something if someone is amendable to allowing me to experiment."

"As for you…" Kaylee's attention falls back on Kendall again, eyes narrowing as if considering if she really wants to bother. "I know the perfect place for you, not where the Ferry plan to put Messiah folks. In fact, I have a comfortable couch you can use, a large flat screen and all that. I'm sure a young man such as yourself could appreciate." Looking to Ling for confirmation that she's okay with that, the blonde also adds, "When it comes to helping the Ferry, that's up to the leadership."

“I believe his words were, ‘if there’s anyone I trust, it’s her’,” Ling replies with a nod. “If you believe that or not is up for you to decide, I’m afraid.” Ling wrinkles her nose a bit at Kaylee, stopping again. “As for an experiment, I imagine it depends on the nature of whatever it is you wish to try. Some people are rather… protective of their minds. If it does not require one to be tampered with, perhaps I can volunteer.” A sigh, and Ling looks back down to Kendall. “If you think it is safe, and Kendall is fine with it, so be it. It is his decision.”

Kendall doesn't understand half of this conversation, so he just doesn't comment on that part. "Big screen TV sounds fine by me. But I do have two jobs, although I don't go to school anymore, so I'll likely be in and out, is that a problem?"

Brows tilt upward with some unknown emotions at what Peter had said about her, it touches a part of Kaylee, but she brushes it away. No time to get sentimental over an ex.

"I live within a safe house, it's as safe as it will get." Kaylee comments with a tight lipped smile. "Going in an out is fine as long as you are careful about it. The place is supposedly condemned and being remodeled. Being an illusionist that shouldn't be too much of an issue, huh?" The smile pulls to the side a little as she addresses Kendall. "So no problem. Though I do have a dog, if that's okay. At times there will be three in the apartment."

Then she's shifting gears, turning her attention back to Ling, amusement coloring her features. "The experiment needs to be someone that is compromised and messed with by Rupert. I'm thinking of attempting to block that part of their memories, since removing it is too risky." Kaylee gives a small shrug. "It's only an idea, best I've got at the moment. Ask around and see who might be willing, just make sure Peter knows since he…" Here is an unpleasant look that slides across her face, her tone a touch bitter when when utters, "…is your leader."

Ling lets out a “Hmm” and a nod. “That sounds like a smart idea. Hopefully, it will work. As for Peter… I do not think he will be out leader for long. He knows that Rupert has tampered with him. He is smart enough, at least, not to trust himself. Soon… we will be taking measures to try and find out for sure that it was Rupert who got to him. For his benefit.”

A look back to Kendall once more, and Ling quirks an eyebrow. “I’m sure you’ll be fine, Kendall.”

"Nah, it's not a problem at all. Melissa's got a dog after all, a german shepherd puppy named Jerry. I assume since it's a safehouse and supposed to be abandoned, that they're not dogs that bark all the time?" but that conversation isn't very important. "Who's Rupert?" Kendall asks. "Oh… you mean the guy on the news?" peer. "I take it he's a 'bad guy', huh?"

"Not much barking." Kaylee offers, her fingers lift to tuck a few loose strands of hair behind her ear., but then it points in his direction. "As long as you treat her nicely, she'll be nice to you." It's a warning offered out as a precaution. The topic of Rupert she leaves to Ling, since the woman works with the man.

"Anyhow," Blue eyes shift back to Ling and Kaylee gives her a small smile. "Keep me informed, I can bring anything y'all want passed on to the council. I am your go to girl on this, I guess."

Ling grimaces as she looks down at Kendall, eyes narrowed. “Rupert is the man who was really in charge of Messiah. A man who manipulated people’s minds, Melissa included, tog et what he wanted. He was there briefly att the party Melissa threw the other month. He came with Jesse, Peter, and West.” Ling lets out a sigh, looking up. “I guess if you don’t know him, I doubt he has had the opportunity to be alone with you. It might be wise to have Kaylee check, just in case.”

A nod to Kaylee, Ling offering a somewhat forced half smile. “I am not sure how much more Kendall has to pack. Hopefully Melissa will be back in town soon, but if not, I can make sure he gets where ever you are putting him fine. As for me, I am no longer with the phone I used to posses, and am in the middle of finding new… accommodations, as best as I can given my unique status at the moment. I will, however, find ways to keep in touch.” A tendril of smoke wisps off from a pointed finger, out past Kaylee. “Even if it means having to stop by myself. Do not worry if so. I will not be seen.”

"Check?" Kendall regards Kaylee thoughtfully. "So what is it, exactly, that you can do, if you don't mind me asking? Because this Rupert guy sounds like a screwball." pause. "I don't have much to pack, just my video games and systems, and those I can bring without anyone noticing at all." he's pretty paranoid about his game systems, after all, since they're practically his life.

"Alright." Kaylee says with a short nod of her head, "I live at Gun Hill, apartment 202. Go in unnoticed if you can. Don't tell anyone where it is, if you can. Since it is a safehouse." Normally, she wouldn't be so amendable, but with her jaunts through time… "I'll let Lynette know he will be joining us, if I happen to not be home at the time, she should be able to let Kendall into the apartment."

That worked out, Kaylee turns her attention to the teenager himself "I am a telepath." A finger points at the middle of his forehead and wiggles her finger about, "What Ling wants me to do, is get in your head and see if Rupert stuck anything in there."

“Secrecy, in this issue, is not something you will have to worry about,” Ling remarks with a nod. “Nor is slipping in unnoticed. As Kendall may be able to attest to… at night, no one really notices a thin haze of smoke caught on the wind.” A thin smile spreads across her lips. “I will bring him by Friday, if that isn’t too soon.” A look down for Kendall. “Does this work for you?” A nod is given as Kaylee explains what you do. “Peter is willing to trust her, Kendall, and so am I. You will be fine.”

Kendall blinks uncertainly at Kaylee. "Isn't that kinda… I dunno, embarrassing? I mean, what if you do that, and people happen to be thinking of stuff like…" he hesitates. "Ah, nevermind." hastily he tries to change the subject. "I don't think I've ever met anyone named Rupert. I tend not to talk to people I don't know unless they introduce themselves, like you did." he nods at Ling. "Well I imagine if she weren't trustworthy, she wouldn't run a safehouse or be involved with the Ferrymen." he points out. "Logically, if she couldn't be trusted, she wouldn't be, y'know?"

"As far as I know yes, Friday should be fine." Unfortunately, Kaylee can't give a definite answer, since she's at the beck and call of a certain time traveler.

"I don't run a safehouse, I live in one." Is corrected quickly enough, with a small smile, shoulders lifting slightly. "One day maybe they'll ask me to take over one, but right now, my involvement means running around a lot. Everyone wants a telepath. They need more people that can stick around their homes more.

"And trust me, Kendall, I doubt what is in there is any worse then a lot I have seen. And I am not looking at your memories, so much as looking for bumps in them." For once her hand doesn't lift, he doesn't even feel the pressure of the woman in his head. The lingering effects of Amp hum through her veins still and that makes her more effective. "I can already tell he's clean." Eyes focusing on the teenager, her smile says, see no harm!

“Excellent,” Ling replies, giving a bit of a nod. “It is good to know that Rupert wasn’t willing – or able – to violate all of us.” Ling’s arms close, foot tapping as she eyes Kaylee. “I will be in to see you soon, I am sure. I know who among us is supposedly aligned with Peter. I hope to begin bringing them to see you early next week, be it here, or another discreet location.”

"Violated, huh?" Kendall eyes Kaylee thoughtfully. "Have you checked yourself, or is that possible? I'm not sure what it is he does, exactly, but if he could mess with your head, couldn't he prevent you from figuring out other peoples' heads were messed with as well?"

"I can't check myself, or any other telepaths, but then I've never been near Rupert. I can tell what has been done and can tell the difference between one person's work or another." Shoulders lift in a shrug, Kaylee doesn't seem overly concerned for the moment. "So far as I know, he can't do that too me, unless he throws one of his suggestions at me."

Attention turns to Ling now and there is a short, firm nod of her head, "Alright, so I'll let you two go and I'll be waiting to hear from you." Kaylee states plainly, before taking a step back. A smile is given to Kendall, "It was nice to meet you, young man. I'll be seeing you soon."

She has things to do and with time to prepare, Kaylee should be able to find a cot for the teenager to use even. Means a trip to Grand Central again.

“Rupert isn’t a telepath, Kendall. He is a persuader. If I understand correctly, all he has to do is speak, and…” Her eyes close, Ling shaking her head. “Thank you, Kaylee. I will see who I can get together, and get in contact with you however I can. And I will speak to Peter soon. I am sure he will appreciate your help.”

"Oh." Kendall shrugs his shoulders. "Well my power has to do with the minds of those around me too, so I guess my power is somewhat related to yours, only I fool peoples' minds by making them think something is there that isn't, or vice versa. But I did come up with an idea to fool the registration test, I just haven't tried it yet. Nice to meet you as well, and Friday it is." he nods at both women. "I guess I'll go continue packing then."

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