Making Muffins


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Scene Title Making Muffins
Synopsis Liz checks in on Abby.
Date Sept 20, 2010

Abby's Apartment

When the door is answered, Elisabeth's blue eyes are worried on her friend. "I only just heard. God, Abby… you're okay?" She always forgets the proprieties when she gets the word that Abby's been hurt. There's a brief hug and a press of lips to the other blonde's hair, and then Liz steps in carefully keeping the dog from escaping the apartment as she closes the door behind her. "You have an amazing talent, my friend — I'd swear if I didn't know better that your Evo talent was being a trouble magnet," she says with a tiny smile.

"Gentle, careful, She's still tender and burned, but endures the affection from one of the few she'd willingly endure it from. "I'm trying to not collect more scars, but the world dictates otherwise. There was an empath, in the diner, or so the person handling the investigation states. I'm inclined to believe them. I got electrocuted by Elle Bishop when I bolted in fear." The door is closed behind Liz when she's entered the apartment, heading away from it and her, the dog trailing at her feet. "I'll heal" She assures Liz. "I always heal. Fried my monitor and I need to give it to you, see if whomever fixed the watch can maybe fix that too, because I really don't want to have to go to cat and ask for her to procure a new one"

There's a quick nod and Liz is very very gentle. "Christ, Abigail," she sighs. "And yeah, sure. I'll see what they can do about repairing it." She pauses and asks softly, worriedly, "How much trouble are you in?" Because she knows it could run the gamut and possibly be very bad.

"I am… out on bail, pending a bunch of stuff, charged with willfully subverting registration. I have GPS anklet, I'm re-registered, with an undefined tier and… just waiting now. Detective Nash, Liz, he's gonna be in trouble. I don't know if you can warn him at all or not. But I wouldn't send anyone else to him. I tried to work it that I went to him on my own, that no one tipped me off to him" Abigail shuffles into the kitchen and there is indeed, something attached around her left ankle.

Elisabeth nods just a bit. "I've already sent him a text. I'm on my way to meet him after I check up on you," she says quietly. "I don't know what we're going to do, but he flat out warned us he wouldn't cover if shit hit the fan, so I just need to see where we stand. Because it's you, we might get away with a bit of a simpler explanation and a slap on the wrist with the idea that Nash, as my partner, already knew you and knew you'd been unRegistered as having no ability or something so he didn't bother to check it. Maybe. I don't know." She sighs. "Don't worry about that right now. Worst case, Abby, I was already prepared to take the hit for it. He'll give me up. It's okay. You worry about you, okay?"

"Liz, if what I said, doesn't match up with what he says, then I am in more trouble. I told them that I had known him through someone else and I played on the fact that I had healed officers and such to convince him to register me falsely. I didn't talk much. Wasn't really feeling up to talking much. So.." So pass that along, if she can, without him getting nailed further.

"I don't know if because it's me Liz, that he'll get away with a slap on the wrist. He didn't know what I could do, I think he didn't. Maybe if he had known, he might have rethought, I don't know." Abigail starts to set about making coffee and getting cups out. "I'm going to be moving soon Liz, going to move in with Robert. I haven't told Peter yet, he's probably going to go back to his place at the Dorchester"

Elisabeth listens closely to what Abby told them about her situation, nodding as she files away the information. "We'll make sure it matches. We'll work it out, Abby, I promise." Her hand on her friend's shoulder is light. "I promise, okay? You worry more about you." And then she pauses, looking startled at the news that Abby's moving in with Robert. "Wow…. things are getting serious, then?" she asks, moving to rest her elbows on the high counter as she stays out of the way of Abby's puttering. She knows better than to try to keep Abby from doing it, she'll simply offer an extra hand if needed.

"Possibly" Likely. They haven't been married yet, the complications that have come from the hospital stay and wanting Joseph to officiate instead of some person who's not a Baptist minister to do it. The mug is slid over to Liz and Abigail shuffles around to come take a seat beside the frontline officer. "Elle Bishop visited me in the hospital. To apologize for hitting me, she looked actually, pretty torn up about it. She's heading the investigation as well, was asking me about it and then at the end, offered to meet me for dinner sometime. She's under the auspices of Homeland Security"

"I know she is…." Elisabeth pauses and says quietly, "She's Institute, so be careful with her." There's a moment where she considers what to say next, and she toys with her mug as she does it. "It's possible that you'll get away with quite a lot on her recommendation, honestly. If she feels guilty about what happened, she may be inclined to help you get a lighter penalty." She looks up at Abby. "Anything I can do? Besides just come and check on you, see if you're still in one piece?" She smiles.

"She doesn't know me from Jack Liz. I doubt that her shooting me up with her ability is going to make her petition that I get away with the minimum that they can give me. Only reason she might, is that she might think she can get something out of it. I don't know. I know she's institute. I think it was Veronica who sent a note out, with a list of names. If you don't have it, I can write it down for you" Abigail wrinkles her nose, hands cupping the coffee mug. "I'm a unique case Liz, I think they're not gonna know what to do with me, and I don't think this is the last of any questioning and I"m sure there will be prodding and poking. I played dumb, dumb as I could be. I todl them I manifested two months ago." Abigail shrugs her shoulders, then regrets it a few seconds later with a wince.

Elisabeth makes a mental note of that too. It could be important later. "All right. Well, I guess like anythign else, we'll just ride it out. See what happens, you know?" She looks sympathetic. "We knew it'd be a risk."

"Everyone did" A deep breath, she lifts the cup to her lips. "Niklaus… is going to work for me. Baking." on to nicer topics of conversation. "Him, Delilah, I need to approach Elaine still, try and get her to talk ot me and see if she's willing. I heard through the grapevine she's a good baker too. Soon, the new place will be open"

Niklaus? Elisabeth laughs softly. "Congratulations, Abby. He's an incredible baker," she says. "I think you've got a good chance of making that work out well." If she's surprised the man would take the job, she doesn't say so or show it. He does, after all, need to eat and make money. Good a way as any to do it. "When do you expect to open?"

"Soon. Barring my butt landing in a jail. but I'm hoping Cat can somehow wrangle it that I don't" She's not too hopeful though. "You around for a bit or.. were you just passing through?"

"I can stick around a little while if you want me to," Elisabeth replies easily. "I have to see Nash in a while, but I haven't had a chance to see you in ages. I was… wondering what was going on with you. You know… the dirt." She grins a little. "Dish, girlie. How serious is this thing with Robert anyway? You're moving in without a wedding ring, so it's gotta be more than friends with benefits, right?" Abby didn't move in with Deckard, after all.

"Liz, I get nervous and Is pike a temperature. What makes you think that Robert and I are sleeping with each other? Last I knew, he was still in one uncharcoled piece" She points out. Abby wasn't dating Deckard as well, so much as the two of them were… to some degree, friends with benefits. Well, they would claim that. "Are we not allowed to see if we… can live with each other first? What are you, my dad?" The latter is obviously teasing tone.

Well, now there's a thought that hadn't occured to Elisabeth, clearly. Cuz wow, she winces majorly and says, "Well, now that sucks. And of course you're allowed — geez, I was just surprised that you would move in, that's all." She rolls her eyes. "I wasn't judging, Abby. I just … can't quite get out of the habit of looking out for you and stuff, so … you know… seeing you move in with a guy just… sorta makes me feel wierd. Like a little worried, you know? Cuz well… never mind, it'll come out sounding stupid. Do what makes you happy, and as long as you're happy, that's great. Who'm I to cast stones?"

"Because he's..? Because he's Robert Caliban? What if I married him Liz. If this was a precursor to tying the knot say.. a year down the road? I know who he is, I know what he does, I know that he's not a saint. The man smuggled weapons for us to Russia" All quietly spoken, the blonde regardng the other blonde. "I really would like to know:

Elisabeth ffffts. She rolls her eyes. "Abby. I'd worry if you moved in with any guy, cuz you've always struck me as a woman who wants forever. For always. With all that comes with it," she says gently. "I don't get to choose your men. I wouldn't want to! You're old enough to make up your own mind, I just wouldn't count myself your friend if I didn't say 'hey, you're sure?' Not because of who he is — though yeah, the fact that he works for Linderman does make me just a little leery, of course." She grins. "But because I want you to be happy. So if you say you're sure, you're sure. And that's the end of it."

"I'm happy, with him Liz. And if he ends up being the man that I'm happy with, then… not even my parents can dissuade me. He's good for me Liz, he's good to me" Barring that whole incident of the ankle. "I'd say that I could do worse, but that's an insult to him, and I love him Liz. I love him and… I'm not back home in Butte la Rose and it's not uncommon for people to move in with each other before marriage." Another shrug of her shulders, more careful adn gentle this time.

She reaches out to ruffle Abby's hair lightly in an affectionate gesture. "That's all I wanted to know, Abigail," Elisabeth replies with a bit of a grin. "I'm the last person to tell you who to love or how to live, you know." Heck, she was even okay with Deckard! Abby's propensity for trouble, however, will likely always spark her protective instincts. "You're always welcome to tell me to butt out," she adds on a laugh. "I mean, you know, if I give you too much crap, you've got Richard and Felix to hold over my head, right?"

Abby says, "And Trask and…" The list could go on. Abigail smiles. "Make some muffins with me, before you go. Don't know if they have someone watching my place to see who all comes and goes. Could use the hand though, want to try out some recipe's for the bar" She pleads. "Get another bakers view. IF you have any recipe's to donate too, to use, I'd be more than thrilled.""

Elisabeth giggles. "And Trask, and Conrad, and Jason Granger, and …. " She rolls her eyes. "My little black book is positively tiny these days," she admits. "I heard through the grapevine that Granger got married." She slides off her chair and heads for the kitchen with the invitation. "You know I can't resist muffins. Sure, I'll help you! Grandmama had a really incredible pumpkin cranberry muffin I'll drop you in email, too."

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