Making Nice


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Scene Title Making Nice
Synopsis Some people dance gracefully around the issues. Some people knock them over with a bulldozer.
Date January 14, 2011

Redbird Security

"Thank you for calling Redbird Security Solutions," Jo virtually chirps into the phone headset she's wearing, sitting at the receptionist's station in a modest blouse and ankle-length skirt, her back straight and manicured fingers dancing over the keyboard of the computer in front of her, "How can I help you?"

It's just another day in the RSS building. A security guard lounges by the door more or less at attention, checking his watch now and then as if anxious for a lunch break, and the lobby is immaculate, the faint scent of cleaning agents lingering from a recent pass-through by the janitor. The only thing unusual this afternoon is the presence of Richard Cardinal in the lobby.

The man's leaning against the desk's edge rather casually, dressed in a black pinstriped suit, a fedora perched upon his head and a pair of designer shades upon his face. There's no tie to the suit, though, and the collar is a bit rumpled. 'Business casual' one supposes. He plucks a mint from a bowl on Jo's desk as he waits, peeling the wrapper off casually and popping it into his mouth.

Business casual is a theme, as Jane, despite being a DoEA agent with a shiny badge, makes her appearance in black slacks and an untucked button down shirt under a black faux-leather vest (she's a friend to the animals, most of the time). With a 'thanks' for Liz's chivalrous act of holding the door for her, Jane looks over at Cardinal and a smirk comes to her lips. "Does the Noir look come with the service or do you have to order a special package for that?" She's teasing, despite the fact that she's obviously tired. Perhaps she hasn't been sleeping well lately.

Dressed in what amounts to business wear herself, Elisabeth looks … not as soldier-like? A pair of chocolate slacks, a champagne-colored long-sleeved top, a pair of low-heeled boots. Her hair's pinned back, though — perhaps she simply changed out of the black-on-black before coming out. As she steps in the door behind Jane Pak, blue eyes seek and find the face of the man who owns and runs Redbird. "Richard," she greets with a small smile. "Meet Agent Jane Pak. Agent Pak, Richard Cardinal." She closes the door behind her, nodding slightly to Jo on the phone.

"I knew the dame was trouble from the second she stepped into my office. She was genre-savvy, she knew my look. From the way she was looking at me, I could tell she could hear my internal narration." The recitation is deadpan, before a grin curves broadly to Cardinal's lips and he pushes off from the desk's edge, "The hat was a gift from an old friend. Call it an affectation. Agent Pak, a pleasure to meet you. Shall we head back to my office?" To the side, "Jo, hold my calls."

"Security solutions and performance art, I love it. Good to meet you, Cardinal. Been looking forward to it." Jane even gives Jo a little nod, seeing as how she plans to be around for a bit. "Lead the way, by all means." She looks back to Liz, sideways smile still in place as she remarks, "Coming?" Invitation or order, it's hard to say.

As if she could get away from it. Elisabeth's lips quirk into a wry smile. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," she murmurs drily. She lets the other two lead the way, bringing up the rear so as to close the door to the office after she steps in.

A step away from the desk, and Cardinal passes by a framed picture on his way to the hall; Midtown, as seen from the top of the Deveaux Building, only covered with greenery and flowers. The tiny plaque at the bottom of the frame reads: 'HOPE'. As he leads his way along said hallway towards the office, he asks easily, "Shall I have some coffee brewed up, or are both of you good for now?"

The door to his office is pushed open, and he holds it to permit them to enter first. It's a spartan little office, little more than a black couch against one wall and a desk against the other, with chairs before and behind, an original Mendez painting hanging over the desk depicting a view of a city street.

Jane peers a little at that first painting, but the second gets a blink. Huh. "Oh, I'm good. But thanks. You have interesting artistic tastes, if you don't mind me saying so." She finds her way to a chair, pulls it back some and plops herself right down. She doesn't need the invitation to make herself at home, she just does it naturally.

"Fine, thanks," Elisabeth murmurs. She doesn't need anymore caffeine. She slants a glance back to the painting in the hallway as she steps in, her eyes sliding past Cardinal as she enters the office and settles herself in the corner of the couch, crossing her legs. She's kinda just here as a facilitator, but she's betting Jane Pak is taking mental notes on everything she sees.

The door's closed behind Cardinal, and he walks along over to claim his seat behind the desk. He wheels it forward, hands folding on the edge of the table and raising a brow slightly. "So, Agent Pak," he asks easily, "What can I help you with?"

"Right," Jane says, sitting forward, her hands clapping softly together as her elbows settle on her knees. "I just ask for cooperation while I do a little investigating around the place a bit. I'll tell you what I told Harrison, I'm not here to ruffle your feathers, Cardinal," she says, amusement in that expression. She thinks she's funny anyway. "Myself and an intern will be talking with your employees, getting a feel for the place, conducting interviews, the like. In the immediate, I'm going to need a list of your employees, past and present and, hey, if you know a precog, toss in future employees, too." That's a joke.


"And… Is Monica Dawson still considered a current employee? Not that it's likely she'd be coming back to work after disappearing, but on the chance that she does… a phone call would be nice. I'd like to get her interviewed as well." Before she's totally arrested, of course.

"Of course," Cardinal replies without missing a beat, "I'm happy to cooperate, Agent Pak. I believe that Miss Dawson is still technically considered to be on leave for the moment since her probation spent on Roosevelt, but I should have a current address on file. I can't promise you that I can get a hold of her, but I'll make an attempt…"

A pause, and he arches one brow, "Of course, before you or any of your people do any roaming around or interviews I'm going to need to confirm your security clearances. So if you'll leave the information for you and your intern at the front desk today, we'll run that through as soon as possible."

"That very way may be a permanent leave of absence, I'm afraid, seeing as she didn't actually finish her probation time. And was involved in a violent riot. And escaped custody. So if you do find her, it's really better for her if she turns herself in." Jane frowns, though, as if some unpleasantness crossed her thought.

"Oh, yeah, doable. Wouldn't want to get your business into any more hot water, huh?" She is ever helpful, of course. "Jo was her name? I'll make sure Jo gets the paperwork as soon as I get back to the office."

She has to hide her amusement. Elisabeth doesn't want the agent to note the twitch of her lips when Cardinal whips out the security clearances. In truth, she has no idea what Jane's clearances are or what she knows about anything. Tilting her head, she gives every impression of listening intently.

"Oh? I wasn't informed…" Cardinal leans back slightly, looking thoughtful, "…well, I imagine that she won't be returning my calls, then." He scratches under his chin for a moment, then shrugs one shoulder, hands clasping back together on his chest before offering Jane an easy smile.

"So what's the status of my CIO's own legal difficulties, Agent Pak?"

"Unfortunately so. It's a long shot, but just in case." Jane tilts her head a bit at his question, though, and she shakes her head a little bit. "All I can tell you is that she's currently in DoEA custody, Mister Cardinal. I suspect she'll tell you herself, when that changes." An optimist, perhaps. Or a smart aleck.
ORDER: Elisabeth has skipped their turn.

"Of that I have no doubt, Agent Pak," Cardinal raises a brow ever so slightly, "I would appreciate it if you would pass on a request to speak with her while still in custody, however. We may be under martial law, but this is still America, the last I checked…" The smile turns a little more sharp at the edges, "…and although she may have committed an offense, and I'm certainly not advocating that - registration is mandatory amongst our employees - I still take care of my people, Agent Pak. And anything done now will have to be answered for once habeas corpus is restored."

Jane blinks there, an odd sort of look crossing her expression. It might even boarder on offense! "I hadn't planned on having anything questionable to answer for when things get back to normal. You'll find most of us are still playing nice." If there's an unspoken threat there, it's tempered by a rather easy manner and casual tone. But the agent stands up to her feet then, pulling a card from her vest pocket to set on the desk and tapping a finger against it. "If you need to get ahold of me. I hope it isn't too much of a hassle for me to get that employee list before I go, though. And I'll pass along your request."

There's a soft sigh as Elisabeth moves to stand up. She's already apologized to Cardinal for what happened… can't do more than that. She does say quietly, "I appreciate you making time for us this afternoon, Richard." Her tone is easy, friendly.

"Of course, of course," Cardinal replies easily, pushing himself up to his feet and reaching over to pluck a card of his own from the holder to offer it back over with a too-casual smile, "It isn't as if I'm worried that she's just going to vanish without a trace in the night, after all. I'm sure all those stories are just tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories. Just like Moab Penitentiary." Which the government denied the existance of, up until a large chunk of it fell on a farmhouse somewhere.

"Don't mention it. I'm always willing to make time for my friends in the government."

"Wouldn't expect a man like you to be the type for tinfoil. Saran wrap, maybe." Jane's return volley would usually have more joviality to it, but this time, it's a little flat. Not that these two are familiar with her usual banter. For a moment, it looks like she is going to say more, but a second thought keeps her quiet. For a moment, anyway.

"Oh good. Next time, I'll bring a parcheesi board, make it a party."

Cardinal's smile curves all the wider as he steps around the desk to show the pair out. "I've never been one for parchessi, Agent Pak," he admits freely.

"How are you at chess?"

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