Making Plans


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Scene Title Making Plans
Synopsis Cardinal and Fedor start getting the plan down to brass tacks. Hit 'em hard; hit 'em fast.
Date March 3, 2009

Abandoned Store

Years ago, this had actually been a bowling supply and accessory store. It had never been a particularly profitable store, it barely paid for itself on the good months so really it didnt need a whole bunch to go over the edge. Now it was, well mostly empty. Shelving units were stacked neatly in rows, save for a narrow passage down the very middle. Fedor had been careful to stack barrels behind the backdoor, and place a few more empty ones on the inside to ensure that door was atleast somewhat secure. That left one avenue of approach, through the front door that he'd propped open from a brick.

Inside, Fedor sat on an old barstool, feet resting comfortable on the skateboard he left laying at his feet. A cut down Entry shotgun layed across his lap, with a cargo pocket full of 3" buckshot. He didnt know who cardinal was, and he wasnt entirely confident in Teo's capability to tell a rat from one of the good guys. So there he sat, the headphones pulled round his neck thrumming softly with a little MF Doom.

A shadow slips through the crack beneath the back door, spilling beneath the barrels and along the shadows that cling to the edges of the walls as it moves towards one corner — flowing almost like liquid, barely discernable as a darker patch in the shadows. Once there, the subtle presence of Cardinal watches for a few moments.
Then he speaks. The voice is hollow, echoing and raspy, originating from no human voicebox but instead a sort of vibration. "You would be the man I spoke to, then," he observes, "I presume."

Damnit. Fedor doesnt turn, nor does he startle, if Cardinal was going to do something he wouldnt have heard a word. "Your pretty sneaky, and yeah I'm Fedor."Slowly he rises, stepping over his board before deftly popping it up under one arm as the Mossberg rests against his opposite shoulder. "So, I guess your Mr. Shadow. I really didnt think Teo was speaking literally when he told me about you, but it appears as though I should take the boy at his word. "Says Fedor, the wiry sixteen year old kid with a skateboard and a pump action.
"So, what do you know about the situation. I've been laying some groundwork, and got roped into this sort've at the last moment so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a touch behind the curve on this one."He reaches back, stuffing his board into one of those tailor made sleeves on his backpack before bothering to flick off his MP3 player an draw the room into relative silence.

The shadow spreads across the wall, a crouching form of a man against it in the dim light of the converted store without anything to cast it. A hollow chuckle stirs to that statement, allowing rather dryly, "Don't let him hear you call him a boy… he takes offense to it, though personally I think it's a good description." A pause. "Call me Cardinal."
That said, there's a rasp as of a breath being indrawn, then a slow, grinding sigh, "The site's a warehouse; reinforced, heavily guarded. The captives are being held in shipping containers, cut in half, guarded by electrified gates. Uncertain if there's Evolved protecting the site on a daily basis, but it's likely."

"Yeah one of the men they took, negates other evolved. I forget his name, I want to say Sergei?"Fedor pauses, looking upwards intensely for a moment. "Yes, its Sergei. Anyway we seem to have a teleporter at our disposal, so I was thinking we could just teleport something like a sleeping agent or maybe just a ton of riflemen directly infront of the container. Arm a gasoline bomb, fight out and blow the bomb to confuse any attempts to come after us."
Fedor shrugs, curious for a moment if he isnt giving away too much. "Alternatively, I'm very well armed and a shooter the equal of which you shall never find. I could just set up shop outside and start picking them off, to peel security away. I'm pretty comfortable with cleaning the building off from a thousand yards."

"It seems he goes by many names… Sergei, Gerard is the one he uses now, I understand," the shadow observes with a slight, irritable grunt, "I'm not going to risk getting in too close to him, of course, so I can't be certain he's there. Abigail says that he is, though."
As the other man's plan is considered, Cardinal remains silent, before allowing, "I'm rather fond of your first plan - it's similar to what I suggested to Teo. Hit them hard, hit them fast, leave no doubt that we've got serious firepower but leave them ignorant of what, exactly, we can do."

Fedor nods softly "That leaves us with a single problem then, transport. While I have no doubt we could teleport in, how do we get back out. Do we delegate an element to fight their way, with Sergei or Gerard or whomever the fuck he is outside and to safety whilst the rest teleport to safety? In which case, we may still need me to stay at distance with a highpower rifle. to cover the escape. "

"I'm not terribly comfortable relying on these teleporters in the first place," admits Cardinal's shadowy form, even as it bleeds out over the wall into a darksome outline - a rough map of the warehouse, if very rough indeed. "They might have their own nullifiers - Logan could, if he was there, and there may be others. Teleport in, perhaps, but have someone meet us outside to get us the fuck away from there."

Fedor has to think about that for a moment, teleporters were indeed somewhat worrisome. "A getaway van if we cant teleport out, with sniper coverage and somone providing supressive fire. I have another guy I work with, I'm very confident we can keep them inside the building. Do you feel comfortable with making entry, and I'll be in charge of perimeter security and the getaway. If you like the sound of that, I can start work immediately on my end and supply you with a list of routes from the warehouse to the getaway vehicle before the op goes down. Its best, that we dont put the vehicle directly outside for any number of reasons you understand?"

"Of course," agrees the other man, "I can make entry effortlessly, of course; hell, I can get into Abigail's cell and blow the fucking gate from the inside if I have to. So long as I have people that can get in with me, with that teleporter or whoever, I can take care of shit in there, if you can set up the perimeter and getaway, then. That works for me."

Fedor extends a hand, and a smile. "So tell me Cardinal, how do you feel about aviation? I hear Chicago Air is always hiring, they seem to have a soft spot for evolved and in general folks who're worth something in a pinch."So what if he's recruiting off the clock, he did own the fucking company right? "I'll have a perimeter plan for you in a day or so, does that sound good to you Cardinal?"

A low, hollow chuckle stirs through the air at that. "I'll have to give it some thought, Fedor," he allows casually, "Aviation doesn't exactly fit my skill-set but I suppose we can… discuss the possibilities if you think there are some. You have my number; let me know when you have something."
The shadow bleeds, down the wall, flitting through the room's natural shadows towards the door, difficult to follow even with the eye.

Fedor just smirks for a moment, before turning to toss down his skateboard. Slowly only yo nudge the front door open as he skates smoothly from the shop onto city streets, sort've casually slipping his shotgun into that backpack. In the dark, and considering this is Staten he doesnt really give much thought to trying to hide the entire thing mind you. Not that anyone cares.

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